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revan4559 03-06-15 08:44 PM

So how are everyones character sheets coming along?

VAZ: ???
Santaire: ???
Box: I know about yours.
Komanko: ???

Necross: ? ? ? ? ?

LordNecross 03-06-15 09:04 PM

Now, I have to say this. We seem to have some freedom to world build in this to a degree. Can I bring in my own race from another game? They were Orcs of a specific culture and society, I think they would fit well, just about anywhere. It was from the one Kingdom RP that died a while back.

revan4559 03-06-15 10:01 PM

No full orcs, only Half-Orcs in this. I would suggest looking at the DnD players hand book for idea's. Or send me messages with any idea's you have for your race (human, elf, half orc, dwarves, tiefling/void touched)

revan4559 03-07-15 12:42 AM

Race information updated, Teifling/Void Touched are now in.

Boxagonapus 03-07-15 08:51 PM

Profile Up! Alterations made!

I have no idea why it keeps inserting the extra set of spoilers I give up. . .

LordNecross 03-07-15 09:45 PM

So about my Orcs, I don't want to play a full Orc, but could my Orc Race be included in the background? For my character's sake. That is my only question

revan4559 03-07-15 09:47 PM

I forgot to put half-orcs in the character information xD ill work on that tomorrow.

And yes Necross, pm me your orc information and then simply pick the Half-Orc race if you want to.

revan4559 03-09-15 09:30 PM

Hey Vaz, any idea when ill get a copy of your character sheet so i can roll your stats and hp for you?

Vaz 03-09-15 11:10 PM

It might have to be tomorrow night, I'm going to be getting up in about 3 hours, and just finished watching the footy. Won't be in until about 8ish (so ~22 hours) but will have something up tomorrow.

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revan4559 03-09-15 11:31 PM

Sounds good Vaz, ive pmed you your 6 stat rolls for place them in what ever attribute you wish, then ill calculate your HP when i see what you've put in con and what class your playing ok?

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