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Count_the_Seven 02-20-15 12:13 PM

Bowing Out of the Horus Heresy Series
As it says, that's me done.

In a previous thread, someone posted a list of the HH material produced to date. In every year - up to 2012 - I had read or listened to every piece of work.

Then, in 2013, I missed Imperial Truth and a few ebooks - particularly the advent stories. In 2014, the list of released material (some of which I didn't even know existed until I read the list, and I've been trying to keep up!) included ore material I hadn't consumed than had. Already in 2015 the list of releases is greater than in the first year of the series, and there's two Ltd Ed books already...

That, coupled with changing the published format - essentially destroying my collection by moving to large paperbacks, introducing hardback copies and delaying mass market paperback releases (the versions I've been collecting) has forced me to conclude that I can do without this madness.

I finished Vengeful Spirit last week - I thought the quality of writing and the story itself were poor (and the wider issue of disjointed storytelling as discussed elsewhere on here). We are book 29 and are only really beginning to see moves toward Terra. That's enough for me.

In my opinion, the story should have been completed long ago, with side stories filled in after the main event. That is a viable model for franchises like the HH series: this is now nothing ore than a cash cow.

I've held on hoping to see some progress in a meaningful sense, but the story appears to have become mired and confused, and the formats are now so numerous it is almost impossible to keep track.

Knowing that Tallarn II was coming, I spent 53 on new brushes and accessories from Games and Gears for my painting. I simply can't justify the ongoing costs and confusion over what goes where and when in the story arc and trying to keep track of releases.

Sadly, I'm out.


ntaw 02-20-15 12:29 PM

This entire hobby is a cash cow, otherwise it wouldn't exist. I skip the books that don't catch me and read synopses to get key events.

Kalamoj 02-20-15 12:39 PM

It crossed my mind too after the Legacies of Betrayal.
I still love the series so I restricted myself to numbered novels.

Count_the_Seven 02-20-15 01:06 PM

Agreed @ntaw , however there are cash cows and there are comedic clown-like cash cows!



bitsandkits 02-20-15 01:22 PM

i Bowed out a few years ago for the very same reason, i would be the first to admit its a grand story that needed multiple books to do it justice, but i think after about 15 books it became very clear that GW really had no intention of doing anything other than milking it for as long as possible with as many titles as possible from as many perspectives as possible, the alarms bells started ringing for me with the Dark Angel book Decent of angels, i was quite put out that they had marketed the Dark Angels origin story as a HH novel, i really didnt enjoy the book, i felt it was very poorly written, it didnt engage me like the others had to that point, i stuck with the series until prospero burns then gave in, just looked on wiki and its doesnt look like the next 14 titles have moved the story on much either.

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Matcap 02-20-15 01:47 PM

Same here, to be honest I can't be arsed anymore.

I might take a look at some stuff by writers I enjoy, but it's becoming a hassle to find the good books between all the stuff they put out. Which is a shame because I love the setting and was quite invested, but at this point I'm just getting annoyed by it.

On top of that the DLC mode of trying to sell stuff is really shitty.

Tawa 02-20-15 01:58 PM

Pretty much the same for me. I've even binned myself from all three of the GW/FW/BL mailing lists.

I've got these left to read and then I'm also done to be honest.

Mark of Calth.
Vulkan Lives.
The Unremembered Empire.

Shame really. :(

Khorne's Fist 02-20-15 04:02 PM

I'll probably continue with the series, but I haven't been arsed buying any of the LE stuff or shorts for quite a while now. I'll buy the full novels as they come out digitally, but all the other stuff can be found elsewhere, and consumed at my leisure.

I really think there's something going on other than them trying to milk it though. The rate of full novel new releases across the whole range has dropped off dramatically in the last year or so, and considering there is a wealth of lore to explore from after the Heresy, it's not like they need to stretch it out and exploit the fan base.

Angel of Blood 02-20-15 04:17 PM

Yeah, I'm still buying the full novels, but I've missed quite a few of the LE's, also missed a lot of the anthologies. I don't like the LE's at the best of times, but it's the anthologies being released, containing LE's that I already own, along with short stories that I already own, to only get maybe one or two at most new stories.

But yeah, even me levels of OCD with the collection has hit it's limit. Full novels, will get. LE's, they're really going to have to catch my eye to get.

Vaz 02-20-15 05:42 PM

There are alternative sources. If GW/BL want to be cunts about cashcowing substandard bollocks, then I won't pay it.

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