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Zion 02-14-15 03:11 PM

Ad Mech Rumors
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From Natfka:

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
An Ad Mech playable army is being released by GW, not Forgeworld,
in March. Now this timing could be off slightly, but its coming soon.
And the older rumors:

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Ive seen the model so I thought I would chime in and describe the Dunecrawler. Sorry no pictures, it was not possible.

Its a walker with 4 armoured mechanical spider legs. The crew compartment is large metal box angled in the front. There is a small robotic arm in the front with tools and drills on the appendage. The visor for the drivers inside is a slit with optical lenses on the the left hand side of the opening. The Eradication Beamer is big, and looks like a giant conversion beamer, up top there is a gunner with a heavy stubber. I don't know the optional guns, but there are a couple. One that looks like a long barreled autocannon, but has some sort of array attached to it. None of the weapon options look like standard Imperial Weapons.

I also wanted to mention, that this is a Games Workshop release, not Forgeworld.

Adeptus Mechanicus
The new faction is in fact Ad Mech, Skitarii. As far as I know this is still a ways out, but who knows. There is only troops and elites, with vehicles. Mostly foot soldiers, guys with spider legs, and a couple tank/spider hybrids.

I have a little information for you on a new 40k Faction. Ive seen artwork of two soldiers in heavy but clunky grey body armour and helm, with one wielding an odd looking plasma pistol of sorts. The most striking thing about the image, with smoke and laser fire in the background, is the draping of the red cloth beneath the shoulder plating, and a symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus on the main figures chest. All I will add right now is the book is 85pgs with datasheets and formations.

the plasma pistol described in your previous article is not an odd looking plasma pistol. its an arc pistol. arc weapons will be available for the skitarii in both pistol and rifle. the arc rifle is rapid fire with haywire. rifle and pistol both are s6 ap5.

Cognis Weapons are normal weapons with the Cognis attached to it, like Cognis Lascannon. They simply use a BS 2 when firing snap shots because of an awakened machine spirit.

Burst Pistol rules allow for 5 shots to be fired instead of just a single one.

Galvanic Rifle looks like an ornate flintlock rifle with a canister on the side. R30", rapid fire, S4.

Onager Dunewalker
a heavy choice walker called a Onager Dunewalker will be part of the skitarii. they are an armor 12 walker that comes with overlapping forcefields that give an invulnerable save. each additional walker in the squad increases the save by 1. they come with a conversion beamer type weapon that is more powerful up close and disperses to a large but weaker blast at longer range. squadrons up to 3.

Dragoon Walker
There is also a Dragoon which looks to be a dual kit with a rider on top of a bipedal machine. It has legs similar to the IG sentinels, but has a grafted human in the center of the machine. I am not as fluent in the background with the skitarii as I would like to comment much more.

Ive seen a walker bearing the ad mech symbols on it. The walker has a horizontal pilot hooked up to the machine with optical lenses for the pilots sight, and little mechanical grabbers that extend out from the pilots hands. There is a gunner on top in red robes and odd looking armor that reminds me of the tempestus armor except for larger eye lenses. The walker has sentinel legs, and the weapon up top is a ornate twin-linked lascannon.
Leaked Images:


Uveron 02-14-15 03:32 PM

I love the idear of tank/spider hybrids, I think they may be needed to make it across the Salt Flats that this set of Rumors need to be read with...
I would be very surprised to see this as soon as march. But I have a strange feeling what we may see is a replacement to Codex Imperial Knights....

Then Question becomes how many books does the normal GW store have on its shelves, and what it the magic number they are shooting for?

venomlust 02-14-15 03:47 PM

If only their allies matrix allowed for the use of these guys as Dark Mechanicum (i.e. NOT Come the Apocalypse). I know I haven't seen it yet, so I can't say for sure... but it isn't gonna happen, given the current matrix. Too bad. :( I'll just have to break the rules.

I'll have to fetch another Eldar youth to divine the future of these rumors in its guts. Yes, IT.

ToxicVex 02-14-15 05:33 PM

I chose the perfect time to get into the Mechanicum!

Khorne's Fist 02-14-15 06:06 PM

Here's hoping. AdMech are long overdue.

otasolgryn 02-16-15 08:14 PM

im very sceptical.

there is quite alot of FW ADmech, so i cant seem them making a codex for them.

but i really hope im wrong.

ADmech is really cool.

and im buying in big time if they come :)

Khorne's Fist 02-16-15 08:46 PM

There's quite a lot of FW space marines as well. They are not mutually exclusive. There's always room for plastics.

Bindi Baji 02-16-15 09:57 PM

I would be extremely surprised if this happens yet,
I think we all know it will happen at some point however

Zion 02-17-15 02:40 AM

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Originally Posted by Lords of War Gaming
It's Admech, but there will be two codices. Also tanks will be walkers.

Mossy Toes 02-17-15 03:07 AM

Sigh. I want this to be true: more even than my wallet doesn't want it to be true. But I've been burned before!

Just... the thought of a small SM force with Inquisition backup, some AdMech, and an allied Death Korps contingent... plus a Culexus... damn it, I don't want to get sucked in like this!

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