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Ben the Code Ninja 12-31-06 12:36 PM

Which army do you suffer to the most?
Which of the 40k armies do you struggle to beat the most?

I'm a Guard player so I tend to struggle quite often, I usually win but every game is a close fought thing right to the end - just how I like it!

Discuss your votes guys.

smiley 12-31-06 12:54 PM

orks coz theres no end!!! yes i might have 10 re rolling reaper shots with small blasts coming aswell but then they just take their 5+ cover save from da mek and ruin it all

its diferent for each army anyway because nids r best at fighting orks
and eldar are the best for fighting shet like marines

but i say orks coz i hate them....but u gotta love the way they make u get frustrated and their character "look at da humies" lol cant get enough of them

orks ,you love to hate em

the cabbage 12-31-06 01:47 PM

I think I suffer against Eldar because they were easy to power up. You could normally write your opponents list for him.

However that said I haven't played against the new codex yet, I look forward to it!

smiley 12-31-06 04:16 PM

lol cabbage i just retired from eldar because i was outraged at the new dex,however i retired at the top eldar player in my area for my age and yes u could write my list for me coz eldar was a bit too unfair ....with the starcannons being dirt cheap on vehicles for a start

i wiped out a khorn player 2nd turn with my eldar at games workshop...was fairly easy and at that exact time i realized that eldar were too unfair
6 months down the track i quit

now im thinking of an entire grot army....300+ grots+cannons+warboss
"id like to fire my lascannon" ,"yes at your grot *sighs*" oh goodie a hit .1 dead grot ....

Knight of ne 12-31-06 04:22 PM

i suffer against all infantry guard armys, theres just too many troops to kill.

Anphicar 12-31-06 06:35 PM

Kroot Mercenary Armies! :shock:

Lord Sinkoran 12-31-06 09:11 PM

Imperial guard, too many tanks and low ap weapons the bane of my space marines.

sportman 12-31-06 11:05 PM

Necrons, Nobody else can revive from a lascannon shot, and yet nobody else loses when they're down to 25%. I also love the Monolith just due to it's large size.

cccp 12-31-06 11:28 PM

my favourite army to play is guard, but i have most of the 40k armies.

blkdymnd 01-01-07 02:12 AM

I have the hardest time against bugs... most of my opponents really know how to play them well and they are so fast now

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