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Steelmark 02-12-15 06:12 PM

Starting a new Empire Army
So I recently decided to go empire and have been looking at the Empire army list to see what i should get.
Now I know everyone says I should get the battalion but i wont because i would rather fine tune my army completely than have to build around a battalion box.

Now I wanted to make a army called "Sigvalds Holy Brigade".

This army will have Mainly cavalry and a few handgunner and Halberdiers units.
To start Im only going with 500 points so this is what I came up with any constructive criticism is welcome. if you think that a different ranged and melee unit will suit the name better please tell me.

Heroes(110 points):
==Warrior Priest (Will be in Knightly Orders unit) ==
-Heavy Armour
-Barbed Warhorse

Core(294 points):

==Knightly Orders (8) ==
-Great Weapons
-Full command
-No magic standard

==Halberdiers (10) ==
-Full Command

==Handgunners (10)==
-Will go with Halberdiers

i have 16 points left nothing that i can think to spend it on

Thanks for reading

Steelmark 02-16-15 04:58 PM


Iraqiel 02-16-15 10:25 PM

Well, I haven't played more than... one... game of fantasy... in 2011... but!

That looks like a solid core for a 500 point list, with infantry to hold up the advance of your foes and a solid knight force to flank and break up enemy regiments.

Handgunners are shorter ranged and will probably end up plinking at whatever your halbards are being faced by, but could also be used to slay the dogs and fastcav who will try to charge block your knights from the enemy infantry's flanks.

What's next for the 750 step up? A Cannon would seem like a good investment, but then you will need more infantry to hold the enemy off your backline as they seek to destroy it.

Steelmark 02-17-15 08:16 AM

I will probably buff the knights to maybe 10 models or as you said I'll might get a cannon. It depends on what happens in my battle today

Iraqiel 02-18-15 12:48 PM

How did it go?

Steelmark 02-18-15 06:06 PM

Got my entire army by buying a battalion and converting some spare bits into a warrior priest on foot

Iraqiel 02-20-15 10:37 AM

Good stuff, got any pictures? Did you get a game in?

Steelmark 02-20-15 10:53 AM

I'm still building them but I'll get pictures as soon as I can.

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