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Ratvan 02-11-15 07:03 AM

@Logaan thats a fantastic breakdown of ships thank you so much, am just trying to find out if my LGC has any players before I buy my TIE's. I dont want another unused collection around

ChaosRedCorsairLord 02-11-15 07:33 AM

I agree with pretty much all of Sethis’s points. X-wing is easily one of the best miniature games currently out. The things I love most about X-wing are:

1) It’s quick to learn, but hard to master.
2) The mechanics of the game fit the theme perfectly.
3) It’s a relatively fast game, with games taking about 45-75 minutes.
4) It has a low hobby requirement, whilst giving the player the flexibility to invest more into the hobby aspect if they want to.
5) FFG seems to really care about keeping the game balanced, fun, and keeping the player base happy.
6) FFG also cares a lot about the competitive scene, and encouraging people to host tournaments.
7) There's a strong focus on good sportsmanship in the competitive scene. Even after 20+ tournaments I am yet to have a 'bad' game.
8) It’s Starwars! PEW PEW!


Originally Posted by Sethis (Post 2031850)
Limited Competitive Options

There are three main archetypes of list: Swarm, Large Turreted Ship and Phantom. In order to succeed at championships you essentially have to run some variation of one of those choices. Rebels don't have access to Phantoms, but compensate by having a better Large ship, and both sides can run effective Swarms. Of course this only matters if you want to go to tournaments; if you're just planning on playing at the club/friends level then you can play whatever the hell you like and it'll win games if you practice enough!

Sorry, but as someone who is heavily into the tournament scene I have to disagree with this point. I'd argue the opposite. It's true the phantom has held the meta 'hostage' to a degree and caused it to stagnate a bit, but the game still has a relatively open meta compared to most other miniature games.

The three main list archetypes you gave are so broad that they can pretty much describe all possible squads anyway. There’s also plenty of hybrid squads made up of combinations of the archetypes you gave (Eg: Big turret supported by a mini-swarm).

Here are three competitive lists that don’t fit into the categories you gave:

33 Roark w/ BlasterT + Rec Spec + MC + Engine
66 Dagger (x2) w/ HLC + FCS

75 Blue (x3) w/ E2 + Tactician
25 Gold w/ R3A2 + IonT

52 Krassis w/ HLC + Reb Cap + Engine + Siesmic
48 Academy (x4)

These are all good lists, and there’s plenty more where they came from. That’s not to say there aren’t issues with the current meta (they can all be traced back to the TIE phantom being OP thereby holding the meta 'hostage'). If your list doesn’t have a direct or indirect counter to the phantom you can have a lot of trouble in the competitive scene, but luckily the number of phantom counters are increasing and people are now more comfortable fighting the phantom.


Originally Posted by Sethis (Post 2031850)
Limited Customization

If the reason you play tabletop games is for the modelling/painting side of things rather than the game itself, X-Wing won't really be your thing. You can do some amazing repaints of the models, but ultimately you can't really convert anything substantially, and you'll get bored eventually. Better to play a system with multi-part figures.

Again I have to disagree, at the official FFG worlds tournament your ships can be repainted, but the models themselves need to be stock (besides magnetizing or replacing the pegs). Worlds is one tournament that happens once a year that only a handful of people qualify for, which doesn’t stop you from using converted models in other tournaments. I am yet to find a TO who doesn’t let me use my converted models.

Some Examples:

Bindi Baji 02-11-15 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by Sethis (Post 2034810)
What ships have you tried and what problems did you have? Maybe we can offer some combined wisdom (or idiocy, you know, whatever :wink: ).

I'm talking corvette and transport size, I found it loses something there,
I have no problem with the mid-size ships

Tawa 02-11-15 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by Bindi Baji (Post 2034754)
I was, but I haven't got on with the larger ships so well for this..

I love this game, but I'm getting a touch fed up with facing the Outrider every(other) game.....

Logaan 02-11-15 06:54 PM

Imperial ships - part two.

In my previous post I highlighted the TIE series of starfighters available to the Galactic Empire player. I'm now going to focus on the non TIE ships that can be taken as part of an Imperial list.


The iconic Bounty Hunter ship. If like me you buy a Firespray or two solely because of Boba Fett and Slave1, you may not even think about how it plays in the game. And the answer is very well actually. Lets crunch the numbers - three attack, two defence, six hull and four shields. That is a non too shabby stat line. Three attack and two defence is the same as an X Wing with increased hull and shields. With the basic Firespray coming in at a mere 33 points, it is great value for your points.

For a large ship, the Firespray has a great movement dial with the the only red manouevres being K-turns. The Firesprays USP is the twin fire arcs. Most ships in X Wing have a front firing arc, the Firespray has this front arc and a rear arc too. Not exactly a 360 fire arc but the next best thing. The rear fire arc often negates the need for K-turning and makes your opponent think twice about sticking to your six.

The Firespray can be upgraded in numerous ways to suit the purpose you are flying it - cannon, missiles, bombs, crew and modification. There is a danger that you could over equip your Firespray and have too many points tied up so its always good to have an idea in mind of how you wish to fly it - a Heavy Laser Cannon for long range support, using bomb/crew to obstruct the enemy at close range. You can also run dual Firesprays equipped to compliment the others load out. You will often see a lot of lists based around a single Firespray supported by Tie Fighters.

The Firespray can also take a crew member which can give you that extra edge. Some good crew members to take are Recon Specialist, Tactician, Rebel Captives and Mara Jade. My personal favourite is Recon Specialist, two Focus tokens can be a ship saver.

As mentioned earlier, the generic pilot skill Firespray is a mere 33 points through to the legendary Boba Fett at 39. The other named pilots Krassis Trelix and Kath Scarlet come with some nifty abilities and at good point values.

One thing you need to remember with the Firespray is that it is a BIG change from flying smaller starfighters. You'll need to plan your movement a lot more carefully and I would definitely urge practice, practice, practice.

Lambda-Class Shuttle.

The Lambda sadly has quite a bad rep but mainly because of the different ways it can be equipped and flown. Lets get the bad bit out of the way early - its movement dial. Its not the best and the Lambda functions better when equipped with Engine Upgrade as it really opens up its movement ability.

So onto the ship itself. Another non too shabby stat line - three attack, one defence, five shield and five hull. Only one defence can be problematic but this ship is no Interceptor. Like the Firespray, you need to ascertain how you wish to run it - gunship, support craft, doom shuttle (this will be explained later...) and the ship works best when flown to its strengths. You can equip the shuttle with a Heavy Laser Cannon and an Engine Upgrade and fly it is a powerful gunship. Alternatively you can use the limited dial of the shuttle by running it as support using the abilities of the named pilots. The shuttle can also take a ship title that allows a Target Lock to be made anywhere on the battlefield. Now that's nice. The Lamda can also take a Focus as an action too.

Sooooo....the Doom Shuttle. An Omicron Group Pilot comes in at 21 points. Cheap in the grand scheme of things. Take Darth Vader as a crew member and you gain the ability to hand out free critical hits for incurring two damage. Its not often you set up a ship to die but in this case, the Doom Shuttle is used just for that. It will die but you can finish off enemy ships with those free critical hits.

Just like the Firespray, the Lambda takes practice and needs to be experimented with to reach a load out that you are comfortabel flying. More important is to remember how it builds into the synergy of your list otherwise its dead points without a real purpose or role.

VT-49 Decimator

The big one. Like the previous two ships, the Decimator has a multitude of ways to be run - battering ram, gunship, the choice is yours. So, numbers. Three attack, no defence, twelve hull and four shield. That's a massive sixteen hit points offset against no agility. It is also a costly ship with a Patrol Leader costing 40 points and Rear Admiral Chiraneau 46 points before upgrades. The rule here is to remember the VT-49 will make up a massive amount of your 100 point list.

Its movement dial is actually very good with no red manoeuvres and it can move up to 4 forward.

The Decimator is the first Imperial ship with a 360 degree fire arc which is an invaluable asset to have. It can also take Focus and Target Lock actions. Crew like Ysanne Isard and pilots like Commander Kenkirk benefit the Decimator after it has incurred damage and again will ultimately determine the role in which you play your VT-49. Enemy starfighters will want to engage at range one to bring the hurt so the Decimator's multiple crew slots can really make them think twice with Rebel Captives and Mara Jade being able to hand stress tokens to any ship that gets too close. The Decimator makes for a big target and the enemy shooting at you with Target Locks is going to hurt so always keep this in mind when upgrading your VT-49.

Again, just like the Firespray and the Lambda, the YT-49 can be equipped to perform a number of different roles. Its all about finding the load out that works for you but also has synergy with the rest of the list.

One thing I cannot stress enough is the P word - practice. Getting used to flying big base ships takes a lot of practice, judging angles and avoiding bumps.

SwedeMarine 04-10-15 05:31 PM

OK so im taking the plunge into this. Where should i start? Starter set with Rules and such? what about minis? id like about 100pts of each to start off with. ill get into the expansions and such later. just want a feel for the game at first.

ChaosRedCorsairLord 04-10-15 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by SwedeMarine (Post 2098993)
OK so im taking the plunge into this. Where should i start? Starter set with Rules and such? what about minis? id like about 100pts of each to start off with. ill get into the expansions and such later. just want a feel for the game at first.

The core set of the game comes with all of the rules, templates, tokens and dice to play, plus 2 TIE fighters, an X-wing, and the cards that go with them. To start off I'd say grab a core set and try the game out to see if you like it.

After that if you want to delve deeper, grab an X-wing expansion and YT-2400 expansion, or a TIE fighter expansion and a VR-49 Decimator expansion if you wanna go Imperials. Those expansions give you enough stuff to make some decent, balanced 100pt lists. You can also proxy upgrade cards you don't have in friendly games.

After that just grab whatever expansions appeal to you, a second core set is also useful for the the cheap extra ships, tokens, and dice.

Sethis 04-10-15 05:52 PM

@SwedeMarine the Starter set is certainly your best bet. Some people recommend getting two simply because of the dice and ships at a cheaper price than trying to get them individually.

Regarding your next purchase, do you have a preference between the three factions? What is available in your local shop, or are you looking online?

I recommend (if you can) looking for someone selling a small collection of ships - often people have a small fleet they amassed before quitting, and you can get about a dozen small/large ships for much less than retail if you're lucky, especially hard-to-find ones like the Slave 1 and Falcon.

SwedeMarine 04-10-15 06:23 PM

Thats all good advice. Can I actually have a game with just what comes in the Starter set?

Id like to go Rebel with this but I will hold off committing fully until I know whether or not I like the mechanics. What makes the Slave 1 and Falcon so hard to come by? Limited releases?

Sethis 04-10-15 07:53 PM

Yep, you can easily play a game with 1 X-Wing and 2x TIE fighters, it'll range from 24pts to 50pts depending on how many upgrades you strap onto the ships. 2 X-Wings vs 4 TIEs is a better game experience though. :)

The Falcon and Slave (especially the Falcon) seem to have had limited production runs and problems with being shipped to various places in the world, making them quite sought after. If you can find one second hand then you should grab it if you can, but don't pay stupid money.

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