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Wookiepelt 01-30-15 09:17 AM

Nope. Still same issue and addition to that, the two "Spawn of Cryptus" files I attempted to upload last night still appears in the uploaded boxes even though I only uploaded the "Captain Karlaen" images this morning! (This is after I cleared all my internet cached images, files and history)

scscofield 01-30-15 03:02 PM

I will poke at it after work tonight then.

scscofield 01-31-15 11:03 AM

Update: Came home from work with no Internet due to retards failing to drive in snow. That combined with my usual tiredness after 12 HR shifts led to bed for me before it was fixed. I am going to hold off until Monday to fully dig into it since I am usually pretty wiped after my work days.

Kreuger 01-31-15 08:19 PM

I wish you good rest.

And once it's back online I have some photos to post as well.

Wookiepelt 01-31-15 08:34 PM

No worries... Enjoy your down time and we'll sort this out when you all fresh and ready, the photos will still be here next week. ��

scscofield 02-02-15 09:28 PM


VS is currently looking into it and has sent the issue to the tech support.

scscofield 02-04-15 05:19 AM

So, even though I have not heard back from VS, it just let me upload a photo. Could someone else try and let me know if there is a issue.

Uveron 02-04-15 06:11 AM

Well I cannot see any pictures at all..

Wookiepelt 02-04-15 11:52 AM

Just uploaded 4 pics of two models. Let me know if you can see them on your side as we won't see them till they are approved.

scscofield 02-04-15 12:42 PM

I see them, dealing with a baby temper tantrum atm, otherwise I would set up a home for them.

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