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Tankworks 09-23-08 06:32 AM

Custom Pop-Rivet Tool
This is how to make a tool to replicate the look of pop-rivets on a model.
It is made from a steel tube (in my case, syringe needles, because I have easy access, but any other small diameter tube will do). A pin or drill bit is glued and crimped inside the tube just proud of the end, this makes the centre hole and guides the cutting edge of the tube as you rotate it. I trim the 'assembly' and use it in a pin-vise.
Slightly different effects can be obtained by different shaped edges on the tube, some will cut away plastic and others may only groove it.
Before pic...
After pic...
A worn, paint chipped look can be obtained with a light touch...
I hope that this little 'trick' may be of help to someone.

LeeHarvey 09-26-08 09:03 PM

Looks like that SBD has seen better days.:biggrin:
Good tutorial, quite useful.

Triangulum 12-04-08 02:11 AM

is that on plastic or metal?

Tankworks 12-05-08 03:22 AM

It was done on plastic. It could be done on metal with the use of tools able to cut the metal being used (eg: steel tools used on aluminum).

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