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iamtheeviltwin 01-23-15 03:59 PM

Harlequins, The Great Dance
Well, it finally looks like it is happening. I've got some money saved up for hobby and this will probably kill it off.

Masque incoming

Dedicated Solitaire figure...most likely means dedicated rules in the White Dwarf at the very least. With the rumored Bikes to come in the next weeks and a minidex or dataslate or whatever...This old gaming heart is thrilled.

/em Does Happy "Dance of Death"

R_Squared 01-23-15 04:51 PM

I don't collect Eldar, but I always had a soft spot for Harlequins ever since I first saw them in a WD way back when....
I would definitely pick up the new models, and probably start a small army using them. I'll be waiting with interest to see what this comes out as.

Loli 01-23-15 04:55 PM

After Harlies were taken from my Dark Eldar I was sad, I used them and loved them even though they weren't optimal choices.

This may destroy my Sisters fund but it will be worth it.

iamtheeviltwin 01-23-15 08:44 PM

Take it with some salt,

but here is a rumored rule list for the Solitaire


the rumored rules for the Troupe

IF these are close to accurate it looks like some nice Harlie wargear has made a reappearance like the Neuro Disruptor, Dances, and a dedicated transport.

Zion 01-24-15 02:32 AM

2 Attachment(s)
From Faeit212:

Regarding Harlequin Troupes:
Unit of harlequin troupes are 4 Players and a Troupe Master according to next week’s White Dwarf.
Holosuit, shuriken pistol, close combat weapon, plasma grenades, flip belt
Special Rules
Fear, fleet, furious charge, and hit and run
Can include up to 7 additional Players
any model can take a fusion pistol or neuro disruptor 12″ S1 AP2 fleshbane
Upgrades are a harlequin’s embrace-S: user AP- melee embrace of death gives d3 hammer of wrath attacks at S6, harlequins kiss, and harlequins caress. Any model can upgrade
The Troupe Master can take one item from the Enigmas of the Black Library and can select a Starweaver as a dedicated transport.

Khorne's Fist 01-24-15 02:25 PM

Star Weaver... Interesting. I attempted to paint the old metal harlies for a mate way back when, but have up after a couple as I could never do them justice. It might be worth buying a box to see what I can do with them these days.

Zion 01-24-15 06:18 PM

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Troupe Master (slight redesign of the old one it seems):


I bring other news. post from my source(translated in english). he posted a short Impression of Harlequin codex. "Caress(I don't know this is correct translation) : in roll 6 on to hit, ap2 auto wound or auto glancing. Embrace : S6 D3 Hammer of Wrath. Kiss : Change one of your attacks to s6 ap2, in roll 6 on to wound gains instant death. Neuro Disrupter : ap2 fleshbane pistol. Solitair : SO much horrible i can't explain......"
Not much else to go on until the WD starts to leak in a few days.

Jace of Ultramar 01-25-15 09:55 PM


Is this even a redesign? The look of it seems quite old.

Zion 01-26-15 02:12 AM

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar (Post 2013786)

Is this even a redesign? The look of it seems quite old.

This is the current one:

So there are some differences we can see.

Moriouce 01-26-15 05:02 AM

It might just be a leg change. Possible if the new kit is a multipart-kit.

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