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Zion 01-07-15 07:19 AM

2015 40k releases
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According to BoLS at least:


40K: The Codices of 2015

The Army Books:
(release order is unknown, but the last rumors reported Necrons first)

- Necrons
- Dark Angels
- Chaos Marines
- Sororitas
- Chaos Daemons

The "Special Armies"
This category are the new rumored "small codex armies" that have only a handful of units, short pagecount codices, and are entirely new to the game (or have been out of print for decades).

- Harlequins (rumors say Februrary more regularly)
- Others (conflicting chatter of everything from Ad-Mech to Genestealer Cult, and even more exotic factions...)

In general these are the "Imperial Knight" type releases this year - designed to make a big splash and spike sales due to the fact the faction is entirely new miniatures. Look for 1-2 of these this year.
I want to believe in Sisters getting a release this year, but I'm not going to hold my breath on it.

dragonkingofthestars 01-07-15 07:54 AM

I Feel a great disturbance in the warp, as if millions of heretics suddenly cried out in terror and were then burned alive. I fear something glorious has happened.

The "special army" thing sounds interesting, didn't they do that with the Tempestra? sounds like an interesting way to splash diversity into a army via allies without blowing your budget too much.

MidnightSun 01-07-15 09:29 AM

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Please, GW, give Dark Angels a good Codex so I can finally sell mine...

Khorne's Fist 01-07-15 10:11 AM

Don't DA already have a hardback codex?

Nordicus 01-07-15 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist (Post 1997866)
Don't DA already have a hardback codex?

6th edition aye - All the 6th needs to be updated to 7th standard (Orks was the first I believe), where LoW are in there and with formations etc.

bitsandkits 01-07-15 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist (Post 1997866)
Don't DA already have a hardback codex?

they do, though it is a sixth edition codex and is 2 years old so i suppose is fair game if all others are to be updated to seventh too, plus they are an exceptionally popular space marine chapter, also i have noticed the ravenwing battle force has dropped off my order list so there could be some truth in it, might just be a quick rehash and new box art for the models without any new units, they did pretty well last time they were released in terms of new models,but i also wouldnt be too shocked to see some plastic characters,plastic chaplains in terminator armour? maybe a new dread?chaplain dread? deathwing dread? then again the blood angels picked up arguably two plastic kits they really didnt need, with the tactical and terminator assault squads, so dark angels could effectively roll up with any new plastic kit, so its not worth trying to guess.

looking at the list of possible releases its a perfectly sensible list, i honestly cant see GW not releasing Sisters this year, i dont think the range could be allowed to go on for yet another year without giving the players a new codex and new minis.

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Vaz 01-07-15 10:32 AM

GW seem to be less releasing new models, and now just rehashing the rules. I'm hoping for good things for Dark Angels - after all, Nids are now about the most powerful army out there, but look how 6th ed treated them.

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Zion 01-07-15 03:06 PM

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From Bolter and Chainsword:

Originally Posted by Ishagu
A Hardback Sororitas Codex with plastic kits. I was told something similar by someone in the know not long ago. It could be true...

iamtheeviltwin 01-07-15 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by Zion (Post 1997690)
- Harlequins (rumors say Februrary more regularly)

This would make my year...

Achaylus72 01-08-15 12:43 AM

Space Vermin, Tyranids quake in fear.:good:

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