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Loli 01-06-15 07:46 PM

A Loli: Some Assembly Required
Okay I've decided to start a project log as I start up the hobby again. I've lost my various armies for various reasons, some had to be sold off, some got broken - bookshelf with it's contents falling upon your army shelf is never too good for ones collection - etc etc.

Well thanks to my birthday, Christmas and a refund from the tax man and 100 from my fake but real Grandad, I've decided to get it all back. I'll be starting from scratch with everything, all my armies and some new ones too. I've never been a one army at a time person either, I need multiple otherwise I get bored, so this could get rather disjointed to which the apologise. While apologies are on the table, don't expect great painting from me, I've never been to good at it though I am trying to improve, getting my enjoyment from the assembly and eventual gaming.

Here is a rundown of what armies I'll be doing.

30k Iron Hands, I preordered the LE Iron Hands cover codex for a reason, my favourite chapter ever, but since I wanted something different from last time I'll be going FW with this, love their models for my favourite chapter, still unsure if I'll be equipping them for 30k or 40k though simply because I only get to game at my local GW since I'm currently unaware of any gaming groups in Stoke and the GW has very few 30k players and games.

Sisters of Battle, had my Sisters since Witch Hunters. So I'll be starting them again, even now I love the Nuns with guns and feminism in the 41st millennium. However as my little sign to GW that Sisters players and fans still exist, I'll be buying everything from them despite how much it will cost me, I'll be going pure Sisters too so no Inquisition allies or anything like that. I just like the idea of some guy at a GW depot looking at an order form every month and seeing a consistent stream of Sisters.

Dread Mob, this will be new. I've always liked Orks but never the whole Mob thing, but loved their Walkers and views to Tech - that and I think the GW Ork flyer is the nicest Flyer they have done, someone name me a nicer GW flyer? - and when I found out there was a book with fluff and a list aimed at Ork Walkers and all that goodness I had to have it. My plan was to always wait until Raid on Kastor Noverm got redone I'd do it then, but browsing the FW site while pricing up their Iron Hands, I came across the Dread Mob list updated for 6th so this got added to my 'In Progress' list. Never played with Orks before so this I'm looking forward to.

Ad Mech, my avatar should tell you what I'm in love with. I'm dabbling in FW for my Iron Hands and parts of my Dread Mob, eventually a Repressor for my Sisters, why not cave and enjoy another of my loves too.

All of this will probably take me years but it keeps me occupied. Anyway that's it, I know it's a long first post for a Plog but I just want to give you an idea of what to expect and a little bit of why I'm doing each army, even if it's a little bit of background. I'll try to get some photos up soon as.

Honsou92 01-07-15 12:39 AM

Man, your crazy, but I can't wait to see what you do, what's going to be first?

Loli 01-07-15 05:49 AM



Well that's my Exorcist assembled. I'll be glueing the turret rack to the Rhino base. But I'll be keeping the two metal pieces seperate, it's just easier to transport, also means that temporarily while I'm starting out I can use it as an Immolator if I remove the the Exorcist pieces and replace them with the Immolator Turret.

Loli 01-08-15 10:04 AM

Well my Sisters got a nice little bump.

First up Six Repentia.


Next up the great Jacobus


The core of any Order. Got 6 based and 3 more still to do.



And the Rhino portion of my Exorcist got a lick of paint


Loli 01-15-15 11:24 PM

Well I've been somewhat busy recently since my hours have been slashed at work so I'm now hobbying alot more. Yay.

First up some Repentia, just the two out of the nine. Not entirely finished but mostly, it also gives an idea of where I'm going. I'm very minimalist in my painting so be warned. Oh and yes my Sisters will be black ;')


Now we have up my Jacobus, aside from the silver on the gun, painted entirly with Washes. Still need to do his feet and satchel but I'm happy with him so far.




Should be posting my Exorcist soon, it won't be finished since I'm still trying to decide how I want to do the ornaments on on the front and sides and I'm continually making tweaks to its Organ for better or for worse. Then it's on to some basic Sisters soon after.

Loli 01-16-15 12:06 AM

And this is my Venom, I had a big block of text giving background as to why I went with this scheme but it looks to have removed itself. *sigh* Guess I'll try to retype it all tomorrow when I finish work.



Loli 01-20-15 08:44 PM

Well these are my first 3 Battle Sisters. All in all I think I'm done with them, I want to paint the gun or leave it as is, really not sure. I'm also going to pick up a basing kit in a week or two to hide the mess I've made on the bases. I also need to maybe add another layer of the Brown wash to the faces, seems a tad pale. http://imageshack.com/a/img673/3896/b7i7Th.jpg

And my in progress Exorcist




My first time using Oxhide paint too. Not sure if I like the result though.

Moriouce 01-20-15 09:07 PM

Sounds like a torrent of stuff will flood this log. Great start and good luck! I was surprised you only used washes for Jacobus. He turned out realy nice!

Loli 01-20-15 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by Moriouce (Post 2009882)
Sounds like a torrent of stuff will flood this log. Great start and good luck! I was surprised you only used washes for Jacobus. He turned out realy nice!

Yeah, just Washes, same for the Repentia too, the only exception is the Metal. I've never been good at painting, not of any real skill at least, and my enjoyment from the hobby has always come from the assembling and the gaming, with painting just being more of an unfortunate necessity. - All stems from a bad experience from when I got into the hobby back in fourth while at my local GW for my first game -. So I always look at guides for simple painting and schemes, few years ago comes across a guide for just using Washes. Even now I still use it because I like it. Just paint the model White, then give a Black Wash to the while model. Then once it's dry ink in the Washes wear appropriate.

I'll try and get some photos of other models I've done using just Washes over the years.

Loli 01-21-15 08:39 PM

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