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nestersan 01-03-15 12:12 PM

Constantly disappointed in BL
That's a bit of hyperbole, but dammit.

While there are good mythology books in the HH series, like Angron's and Fulgrim's ascendance to Daemonhood, the VAST majority seem more like "Raiders of the Lost Arc", where the book blurb promises an intriguing story of relevance, but if the characters the books talks about never existed, nothing would have actually changed.

I just finished Kharn: Eater of Worlds, and I don't care if I get banned for this, but I swear to god if I see the author I am gonna punch him in the teeth.

If you read the wiki from ANY Warhammer 40k website, there is no need to read the book. No character in the book is of any relevance, the story ends right at the start of the battle of Skalathrax, and nothing said or done by any character (like the humans who no one cares about, or the interchangeable, forgettable World Eaters) has any bearing since they all die or get fragmented in the battle the book avoids talking about.

Yes, I am pissed about it.

It's like I read the whole book, filled with mindless drivel and silly conversation from humans and legionaries complaining about who should lead and blah blah, and near the last 4 pages Kharn wakes up, and with a SMALL group of WE they meet the Emperor's Children on the surface and a single WE captain starts the fight, then the book ends after that initial skirmish. With the VAST majority of the WE and EC fleets still in orbit above and the actual fight still to come.

" In this story, you can witness his transition from the Captain of the World Eaters Eighth Company who stood against the Emperor during the Horus Heresy, to the Blood-mad betrayer that he becomes."


Kharn wakes up at the 95% mark and talks to one dude, talks to the EC leader, tells the legion to fight on Skalathrax and the book ends after his speech.

:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:: angry::angry::angry::angry:

ps. Dear Author, stick to writing Word Bearers man....

Lord of the Night 01-03-15 12:20 PM

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Kharn: Eater of Worlds is about the lead-up to Skalathrax rather than the actual battle itself. Truthfully we didn't know anything about what caused Skalathrax before this, the old lore just said that the World Eaters and Emperor's Children just met at the planet and started killing each other for no reason. Stupid. There is always a reason and now we know it, the World Eaters wanted control of the Skalathrax system and to unify themselves through a war.

Kharn did not "wake up in the last four pages." He woke up halfway through the book, which was necessary to show how the World Eaters are faring without a real authority figure to command them and reign in their excesses. I'll admit that the final tagline in your post is inaccurate to the novel, but not to the series that this book is the beginning of. We'll see Kharn become The Betrayer in due time, but before that Skalathrax needs to be more than just a punch-up between Legions, the book transforms it into a proper campaign with goals, backstory and a reason for it to have occurred at all.

As to the characters, I enjoyed them. I felt that each one had a different voice and ideal for the World Eaters, the Emperor's Children were appropriately depraved and arrogant, and the human cast added some interesting moments, especially Skoral Wroth who provided a strong female character, something that more Black Library books should have.

Fact is; the book is not as simple and stupid as you have made it sound.


nestersan 01-03-15 12:30 PM

My value of a book = Does it make me know the characters better, do I enjoy the journey.

This book fails at both of those things. In horrible, horrible fashion.

I could have avoided reading this and would not have missed an iota of Kharn's development. Therefore it fails in it's primary purpose as described on the BL page.

There is not a hint of a transition in this story, and yes I am annoyed and I tend to use hyperbole when I'm annoyed...

If they said "this book is about Kharn's fellows arguing about the direction of the WE while he stays comatose", I would have been fair warned and stayed the hell away.

A book called "The Story of Automobili Lamborghini", that ends when Ferruccio started his tractor factory, would get nothing but jeers, and that is exactly what this book does. It is a bait and switch of the most egregious kind.

Brother Lucian 01-03-15 05:29 PM

Its the first book in a series. Save your vitriol till the whole thing is out.

darkreever 01-03-15 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by Brother Lucian (Post 1993402)
Its the first book in a series. Save your vitriol till the whole thing is out.

Sorry Lucian but thats not much of an excuse. While some people may be aware that this is to become a series, there is nothing on BL that tells you that and the description itself claims that this story will show his change. Now that could be referring to the over-arcing story from the intended series, but theres no indication to halt said vitriol.

Vaz 01-03-15 05:49 PM

Because then you'll have spent even more money on super expensive bog roll.

If it's not Wraight, Smillie, ADB or Haley, I'm pretty much guaranteed to not enjoy it.

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venomlust 01-03-15 08:40 PM

I wrote a super long response and deleted it.

The gist was the book was decent insofar as I read it because I wanted to read about World Eaters tearing Emperor's Children apart.

As far as this story being about Kharn, it wasn't really. It was more about the final moments of the World Eaters as a unified legion. They really dropped the ball on the Kharn stuff, imo.

Are we supposed to assume that a sequel will come out? I never got that impression from BL about anything, other than the main storyline of the HH.

Maybe not everything in the 40k fluff needs to be fleshed out? Angron and the butcher's nails added a surprising amount of depth to the World Eaters, but in 40k they're pretty one dimensional. As far as Kharn himself, I see him sort of like Wolverine and Batman. A mysterious past is pretty cool, but when you try to show the audience exactly what happened in the past, it sort of dilutes the cool mystique of the present (or future, as the case may be).

Just my 2 skulls worth.

Marauderlegion 01-05-15 01:10 PM

I admit that I too am not fond of the irrelevant humans included in many BL stories.

Haven't we all pretty much come far enough in this age of mature science fiction that we don't need fragile, pathetic normal people like us, living beside trans/post-humans in order to understand the story?

Could be worse; I have read some HALO comics where the SPARTAN-IIs were a literal backdrop to a 6-issue arc about a security guard and an unattractive pop-singer fleeing the battle.

ntaw 01-05-15 06:16 PM

I've always been of the opinion that truly well written sci-fi doesn't exist from BL/GW. Almost all of the books I have read from this fictional universe (over half the HH series, several other novels including the Gaunt's Ghosts series) have been written so that a kid could understand it, what can you truly expect? At best it's bolter porn, and at worst it's just background noise to the plot developments that you're actually interested in.

If you're constantly disappointed, why not wait a while after the book comes out and check reviews/synopsis's of them before committing your time and money? That way you can at least have some idea of whether or not it's worth it.

Khorne's Fist 01-05-15 06:52 PM

The general quality of their novels has dropped off considerably in the last few years. Over the last five years or so I can probably count on one hand the number of novels that have given me that satisfied feeling that finishing a good book gives. But I love the 40k universe, so will in all likelihood keep buying all the full novels they bring out.

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