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The Gunslinger 01-02-15 12:13 PM

Nurgle 1000pts
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Hey everyone,
Just thought I would put up my attempt at a 1000pts Nurgle list.
Thanks for looking and i would appreciate any comments or criticisms.

Lord 170
MoN, Bike, Power Fist, Lightning Claw, SoC, Blight grenades.

Plague Marines x7 238
Plasma x2, Rhino, Dirge Caster

Plague Marines x7 228
Melta x2, Rhino, Dirge Caster

Cultists x10 50

Bikers x5 170
MoN, Flamers x2, Power lance, Melta bombs

Vindicator 135
Demonic possession

The Gunslinger

neferhet 01-07-15 02:35 PM

totally viable list, i'd just use 5 man strong plague marines units to field some spawns for the lulz. nothing to criticize much. the lone demolisher would be better at becoming a maulerfiend, but hey...:good:
Also, powerlances are jut bad, better served with a power maul.

The Gunslinger 01-07-15 03:23 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Thanks for the feedback.
Yea, its hard to resist the urge to field everything as sevens :)
I really hate the new (well not so new now) war machine things. They're just really ugly and i have no interest in buying them.

I am however thinking of getting rid of the bikes too, i know they are good but i just dont feel bikes would suit a nurgle army, i mean plague marines arnt really supposed to use rhinos.
Is there a way of running a foot slogging lord other then just keeping him cheap?
I was thinking of converting one of those big fly things from fantasy as a helldrake.

Mossy Toes 01-07-15 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by The Gunslinger (Post 1998258)
Is there a way of running a foot slogging lord other then just keeping him cheap?

The thing about a footslogging Lord... is Chaos already has a boatload of footslogging special characters. Can you make a Lord as killy and cheap as Kharn? Can you make as hard of a ability-stacked killer as Abaddon, buying artifacts all over the place?

Yeah, you can run a footslogging Lord... say, stick him in a Rhino with the BBoS to be firing out the hatch (with, say, 5 CSM who only get one special weapon anyways--make it a plasma gun, probably). A Termi lord can DS, to make up for Infantry lack of mobility... but then what can a Nurgle Termi Lord do that Typhus doesn't do better? Save a few points and that's it, really--Manreaper is great, Typhus's statline is great, his psychic powers are great... you just have to beware S10 ID around him. I'd rather have Typhus than a fisticlaws Termi Lord then bring some zombies to boot.

If you don't like the thought of Nurgle Bikes, you can also go Nurgle Spawn led by only the Bikerlord--1 bike in the army (possibly converted nurgle-beasty instead of a bike, too) isn't too bad.

The Gunslinger 01-08-15 01:23 PM

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I agree, Typhus is great, but way to expensive for a 1000pt army. I would take him in bigger games but not at this level.

I might play around with the spawn idea. How about a palanquin instead of a bike?

Mossy Toes 01-08-15 10:20 PM

Palanquin is workable--but again, it leaves you as slow as as Infantry, and if you want to spend points on decent weapons and stacking other defensive buffs (like a Sigil or CS Daemonheart)... well, you're right up there in the "as expensive as Typhus" points bracket.

neferhet 01-09-15 07:04 AM

if you don't want to be footslogging but look cool and arrive on the enemy, go terminator armour. Terminator lord, power sword/mace (depending on meta)+ power axe, meltabombs, 140 pts of nastyness, plus 3 terminators with combiplasma/melta/flamer depending on meta.
deepstrike and praise the dark gods.

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