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MrPete 01-01-15 09:30 PM

My Imperial Knight Paladin, or An Exercise In Weathering
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So i've just finished painting my Paladin that I was graciously gifted for Xmas. Its been an absolute blast, almost constant work since I got the guy. I'd like to get some criticism and feedback, as i'm looking to reach higher levels with my painting, and I feel this model is the best i've painted so far. Its also my first serious attempt at freehand, which i'm totally crap at, but a model this size had plenty of blank canvas for practice.

Dakingofchaos 01-01-15 09:45 PM

Could just be the photos but there looks to be a lot of sheen/gloss, did you use a lot of washes? I tend to drybrush over washes to tone them dow bit.

Chaos40kAD 01-02-15 12:56 AM

Looks like flash glare to me, I think it looks fantastic. The smoke stacks in the back need some corrosion effects as they have fumes pouring out and cyclic heating/cooling creates a reddish corrosion like on exhaust headers etc. But otherwise its a pretty glorious piece. Better than I can do for sure. Well played


Jolnir 01-02-15 01:28 AM

Awesome job!

cirs85 01-02-15 01:40 AM

Weathering looks great! Would echo the smoke stack could use some shade/weathering. The freehand wolf looks great. I am not crazy about the rock being the same color as the Knight, but overall looks like a solid model.

Silens 01-02-15 08:25 AM

Looks great! Really well done. I think you need to clean up the gold trim a bit, such as in pics 7 and 8, but it looks really fantastic.

fatmantis 01-02-15 09:08 AM

well done..

morfangdakka 01-02-15 04:48 PM

This is really well done and the weathering you have done is great. The main thing I see that you need to work on is cleaning up the details. The smoke stacks need some exhaust but also the blue overspray on them needs to be taken off same with the round gold things on top. More overspray on the gold parts of the left leg all the way up onto the hip joint. Also the chest banner would look better with a brown wash on it to bring out the details of the folds. The free hand is good in most spots but overall really nice I can tell you tried hard to do a good job.

Again super good work on this you just need to clean up the details with a thin brush and I could see this being a center piece to a display army.

wide_ocean 01-07-15 02:46 AM

Solid job, you must've clocked in some serious time if you got this for Christmas. Nice.

mrknify 01-14-15 03:19 AM

Looking good! Wish I had more time to work on my knight now. Some of the work I've done is kicking around...


Hey can we see an army photo with him?

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