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Galahad 09-19-08 05:41 PM

Fantasy Glossary
<tiptoes into the WFB forum>

You may have noticed that the 40k sections have a spanky new glossary feature where any time you hover over an abbreviation it pops out a little window telling you not only what it stands for, but what page, in what book to find the item in question.

For example, go to one of the 40k forums and type FNP and hover over it and a popup appears saying "Feel No Pain (p75 40k 5th)"

I've got it turned off in the Fantasy section because we don't have any fantasy items in the glossary.

Why? Because I know 40k backwards and forwards and own every codex, and I'm the one in charge of the database. However, I know fuck all about WFB and own exactly zero books.

So here's the deal: I WANT us to have a fantasy glossary.
I want our fantasy glossary to kick just as much ass as the 40k one, with all the cool page numbers and shit.

I even want to do hours of free, mind-numbing data entry work to get it in there.

I don't want to buy every current WFB book and trawl through them myself looking for anything that might look like a common abbreviation.

So if you guys want a glossary feature of your own, and you want it to kick as much ass as the 40k one, you guys need to do some footwork for me.

What I need is a list of WFB abbreviations (But not nicknames and jargon, not yet anyway), and, if humanly possible, I would like a page number and book to go along with it.

Like so

That Fucking Annoying Rule (pXX WFB 7th)

That Army (Codex: That Army)

Dark Elf Thingie (pXX Codex Dark Elfs)
or whatever you guys have instead of codices. And, you know, real things and not the made up crap I just posted.

So, there's your challenge:
Build me an index and I swear to enter each and every one, by hand, into your very own WFB Glossary Database.

beenburned 09-19-08 06:21 PM

Dude...they're called Army books. hehe :P

I share your ignorance in general, but I'd love to see this happening, as I've just started WFB, so I'm gonna add in my worthless encouragement.

Oh, and thankyou very much for the hours of mindless data entry. I'm sure it will be very much appreciated!

squeek 09-19-08 06:35 PM

I'll start off with a few easy ones Gal, hopefully they will be of use.

Orcs and Goblins (Army book: Orcs and Goblins)

Wood Elves (Army book: Wood Elves)

High Elves (Army book: High Elves)

Dark Elves (Army book: Dark Elves)

Vampire Counts (Army book: Vampire Counts)

Tomb Kings (Army book: Tomb Kings)

I will think of some more later maybe :)

Pyro Stick 09-19-08 08:08 PM

Ogre Kingdoms (Army Book: Ogre Kingdoms)

Chaos Dwarfs (Army Book: Chaos Dwarfs)

squeek 09-19-08 08:15 PM

Might be worth pointing out that with the Chaos Dwarves they don't have an in print army book, and as far as I know the most up to date rules for them are in 'Ravening Hordes' and are for 6th ed.

Galahad 09-20-08 12:46 AM

If you could dig up a page number for where the chaos dwarf info stats in Ravening hordes I'd appreciate it.

This is a good start, guys

Galahad 09-20-08 01:55 AM

Only glitch: Punctuation does not work for the system, so O&G doesn't work, but OG does

I also added AB

Railguns are fun 09-20-08 08:04 AM

Chaos Dwarfs do have a leagle army list, although it hasn't been updated in ages. You can find it on the net, here's a link:

jakkie 09-20-08 09:36 AM

thanks Galahad, for th effort put into the 40k glossary,and the up and coming WHFB one. ill try and get some stuff up on here asap:)

Ancient Tiel' a fier 09-20-08 10:24 AM

Is this to cover common weapon options etc also.

A few key ones
DS - Dispel Scroll
PS - Power Stone
WB - War Banner
HW - Hand Weapon
GW - Great Weapon
Hal - Halberd
Lan - Lance
Spr - Spear
SB - Short Bow
BW - Bow
LW - Long Bow
CB - Cross Bow
LA - Light Armour
HA - Heavy Armour
Shd - Shield

Some other common abbreviations are

FC - Full command group
BSB - Battle standard bearer.

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