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Tawa 01-01-15 01:43 PM

Army Painting Challenge - January 2015.

Ok guys, here's your January thread for the Army Painting Challenge 2014-2015. As promised, January is a Double Month.

We're on the downward slope towards the end of the APC now, so let's keep it rolling! :good:

My entries for this month will be:
A: An IJA Sniper Team.
B: An IJA Chi-Ha Medium Tank.

Pictures to follow once they've been primed. When it stops lashing down outside :(

Relise 01-01-15 04:59 PM

I'm going to start with a unit if Docga this month and maybe do another unit later on if I get time. I only these and Niwian left of Relics figures left until the load from the kick starter arrive so I may well do a unit from another army 😄

Here's the before photo


Nordicus 01-01-15 07:20 PM

As I got my airbrush on my way, and i want to wait painting my Chaos Bikes until I get it home, I will be painting up my first Horus Heresy model: Calas Typhon!


R_Squared 01-01-15 08:30 PM

Got a DakkaJet, and either some Boyz or Flash Gitz waiting for me when I get home, I will post a pic when I get back when I decide which I am going to do next.

Tawa 01-03-15 01:08 PM

R_Squared 01-03-15 06:32 PM

2 Attachment(s)
My pictures also, one DakkaJet and 5 Flashgitz, if I have time.

SwedeMarine 01-05-15 01:51 AM

Here's my entry for the month. Land speeder and scouts. Can't wait to try my new scheme out for the scouts


Nordicus 01-07-15 08:17 AM

iamtheeviltwin 01-07-15 05:44 PM

Nice job Nord, you are such a machine.

Howzaa 01-07-15 08:58 PM

Nord I'm starting to believe the paint challenge is your full time job! Good job your doing if so.

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