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Tawa 12-30-14 11:05 PM

New Year 2014/2015
The dawn of another New Year rapidly approaches and I imagine much in the way of drink will be imbibed tomorrow night.
I for one will be ratarse pished by about 01:00 NYD :good:

So before the phone networks and internet go all special on us tomorrow, on behalf of all of the staff here on Heresy I would like to wish you all a very happy new year with whomever you decide to spend it with.

May Khorne scuff your knees.
May Nurgle bless you with a stinking hangover.
May Tzeentch make you think you're a great dancer.
And may Slaanesh do that little thing you like.

All the best, Heresy! :drinks:

ntaw 12-31-14 03:27 PM

:drinks: One step closer to the 41st millennium.

morfangdakka 12-31-14 04:08 PM

It is 9 a.m. and I am off to make an alcohol run for the evening so I will be blistered well before midnight tonight on my special fungus brew but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.

May Mork make you kunnin' and brutal
and may Gork make you Brutal but kunnin'
And have a great year.

Haskanael 12-31-14 05:51 PM

aye aye, 4 hours till new years here,
may the Emperor shield you from any firework accidents heretics!

komanko 12-31-14 07:38 PM

Here's to a new year, which can hardly be much worse than this past year!

Happy new year!

Jolnir 12-31-14 08:32 PM

Happy New Year folks! May you remember all the best and forget all the rest.

Nacho libre 12-31-14 08:34 PM

Happy new year heretics!.

gothik 12-31-14 09:38 PM

before everything blocks up and the interweb has a headache meltdown...happy new year heretics, may 2015 be all you want and more.

all the best the ever faithful rangers fan gothik

MidnightSun 12-31-14 11:16 PM

317 Attachment(s)
Welcome all to 015.M3.

Dusty's Corner 12-31-14 11:28 PM

Happy New Year!
I'm really glad 2014 is bye bye, hopefully 2015 won't be as shabby!

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