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smiley 12-31-06 09:49 AM

what army should i collect...nooby question i know
well i just gave up eldar because it got updated and i would like to retire as a pro than spend money and get a worse army...anyway back to the point

im the type of gamer that bases his next army apon looks rather than playstyle i want to collect an army that no one really has (bear in mind i am 14 and most armies are the new ones like tau and eldar now) i wanted dark eldar but thas a bit too spikey
then i decided apon either nurgle or space marines hawk lords chapter (coz they look fully sik)
and i have around 400$ to spend + my birthday coming up soon and i was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on the diferent playstyles of both armies and maybe help me contstruct a plus/minus theme to work it out

cheers gusy i know u wont let me down :p

torealis 12-31-06 09:59 AM

for me its all about style. i gotta love how an army looks or i just dont want to paint/model them. choose what you love then make some good armies/tactics.

smiley 12-31-06 10:21 AM

lol .....i mean i ****ing love nurgles look and style i love the mould the flies the bloated bellies and the pale skin....
it screams REBEL!
wheras the hawk lords is more of a purple IN YOUR FACE aproach and it says honour and pride.and no one has hawk lords which makes it an excellent showcase army
im more of a shooty player than CC but i love both armies so much i mean they both can adapt so well to either shooting or CC
im thinking 1500-2000pts here so i cant afford to change tastes 1/2 way through

Lord Sinkoran 12-31-06 10:36 AM

Go for Hawk Lords as you said they're an excellent show case army and I never seen someone with an Hawk Lord army.

torealis 12-31-06 10:46 AM

i say nurgle. the modelling and painting opportunities are too good to miss, i really want to see some in our conversion section.

smiley 12-31-06 12:25 PM

if i sell my eldar to my mate for 250$ i can get both armies just take a while to do it...and ill be converting from scratch with no cash

this was my idea for a conversion ....the best one yet
if i made a nurgle dread into a more of a living bio weapon..think a giant plague marine
heres a picture http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/300W/fs5...dalpenguin.jpg
tell me if u have any ideas
back to the point umm yer hawk lords would be excellent showcase army and no one has it...but no 14 year olds collect nurgle either id be like the first

FrozenOrb 12-31-06 06:11 PM

I also have a soft spot for Nurgle but your mention of the Hawk Lords is something that doesn't come up every day. If you want to really stand out then go for that I say. There was a short story I ready one time that mentioned Hawk Lord Land Raiders buzzing about and my imagination was ablaze with how awesome that must look.

Sweet Nurgle concept art btw.

smiley 01-01-07 01:17 AM

thanks man...i decided on hawk lords and when i get out to games workshop ill give u guys a buzz with a few photos of assembling and painting and gaming...

*sighs* means i have to buy a 3rd carry case

smiley 01-05-07 02:57 PM

i got hawk lords megaforce

made the army and undercoated in 1 day .....vsed michael the same day (used army builder)

we came a draw

then i played him today and whooped his ass ....:p


Lord Sinkoran 01-05-07 03:10 PM

post the list you used in the army list thread

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