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Tha Tall One 12-06-14 02:45 PM

Steampunk Empire Pirates
Hello everyone!
This is a fresh restart of an old topic of mine. As not all the pictures work in the older topic anymore, I've decided to make new ones of better quality! Not only that, but I've slightly brushed up the older models as well. So whether you know my old work or not, it'll still be new.

I made these models originally as figures for a roleplaying game, but liked them so much I wanted to make a small army out of them. I like to put a lot of effort into this models. They're not really heavily steampunk, nor are some incredibly piratey, I still like them a lot. I've converted most of them and try to paint them as best as possible. Additionally, I've got a LOT of other projects going on! Therefore, this will be a very slow thread, so don't expect a lot of updates after I've updated my current stuff.

Without further ado, here's some of the older models!


This stern fellow is my Master Engineer. If aboard an airship, he's also the pilot. If he looks familiar, that's because he's in the business of representing me on this forum. I really enjoy his pose and expression. The crosshair on his blunderbuss makes sure he does not mis a shot.


This colourful duelist functions as the champion of my swordsmen. I've been experimenting a bit with skin-tones for this army, and tried to give this model an Estalian look.

I hope you like them, there's more to come!

LTP 12-06-14 04:59 PM

Oh man those goggle are so cool ! Definitely following this one :)

Viscount Vash 12-06-14 06:45 PM

Steampunk and pirates in the same title, got me hooked already.

Nice bit of GS work so far, look forward to seeing more goggles and cogs soon.

Tha Tall One 12-08-14 09:51 PM

I don't want to disappoint, but not all models will be very steampunky, such as these guys:

As I imagine that not all people can afford fancy steampunk stuff, the crew of airships consists also of ruffians and thugs from conventional ships and the dark alleys of ports. That's why part of my pirates will look like this. But your interest did inspire me to start work on one of my best models yet...
I still hope you like these!

Tha Tall One 12-12-14 06:37 PM

alasdair 12-13-14 07:29 PM

Magnificent trousers!

Mossy Toes 12-14-14 07:01 AM

Hmm--I can't help but think that a crop of the third photo in the log might have better lighting for your profile picture, honestly.

Cool and characterful conversions--keep it up!

Tha Tall One 12-14-14 02:03 PM

Thank you, those striped pants are always a lot of work to paint.

I have considered updating my profile picture, but although the quality of the new picture is a lot better, I prefer the atmosphere of the old one.

Two more! Firstly the bo'sun, he's a mean guy!

And a more steampunky gentleman. I however doubt his gentleness. Blunderbusses tend not to be gentle.

Tha Tall One 01-06-15 04:09 PM

I'm currently working on some gunners for my pirates. The most annoying thing I find about the empire handgunner kit is the thin stocks. While the models hold the weapons rather awkwardly, I imagine their arm being simply lopt off by the axe-like stocks when the gun recoils. I any case, I try to fatten them up with greenstuff or miliput.
After this photo was taken, I added a bayonet to his gun. I plan this unit to look a bit like they're firing off some last shots right before going toe to toe with the enemy.

Inspired by the comments in this topic, I made this gunner a bit more steampunky, and I fear it has become one of my favourites.https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-c...215_152208.jpghttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-6...215_152228.jpghttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-C...215_152332.jpg

The positioning of the arms was by far the hardest work, but just as satisfying as the other conversions in the end.


The powdermonkey is of course a fun little piece of the kit, but I don't understand why most people do not cut off one of the tails.

Tha Tall One 01-16-15 01:14 PM

Time to bring in some big guns!


And some normal pirates as wel. These are two swordsmen. I really like the pose of the first one, and the second one just has lots of knives.

Let me know what you think!

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