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kwak76 11-28-14 01:55 AM

How does human fight off daemons?
I don't know too much about warhammer but I read allot of fluff about warhammer 40 k. In war hammer 40k you have the space marines and specific the Grey Knights that battle against the greater daemon.

But how does a warrior from the Empire or warrior priest fight a daemon ? Particularly a greater daemon?

Tha Tall One 11-28-14 07:07 AM


The avarage soldier is little match for even a lesser daemon, but perhaps they could overwhelm them with sheer numbers. Fighting them off long enough for them to become destabilized. A little magic however, makes a big difference. Daemons are more vulnerable to magic weapons and spells, especially light magic. Warrior Priests know some prayers capable of damaging or banishing daemons.
Greater Daemons are of course a whole other cup of tea. Only the most powerful of heroes and wizards have a slight chance against them. Luckily, Greater Daemons are rare.

Vaz 11-28-14 08:23 AM

Captain Stillios 12-09-14 01:24 PM

Daemons cannot be killed in the conventional sense but their physical form is still vulnerable to damage so if you say cut it's head off it will for all intents and purposes have died even though it's essence goes back to the warp, the empire humans and the like aren't a match for them individually but the way the empire makes war is that each man supports the rest of the men in his unit and works together to bring down a more powerful opponent.
It basically boils down to, daemons will die if you hit them enough just like everything else, once you add in some wizards and warrior priests then humans are far from defenceless.

As for greater daemons usually cannons or a heroic individual or even just being swamped by loads of guys eventually bringing them down. Hope this answers your queson :)
Cs out

neferhet 12-09-14 04:27 PM

Guys before me have already answered: prayers, magic, cannons, weight of numbers.
Even "in game" it works just like that: you either use a buffed up priest or a fully kitted great hero, kill them with spells, aim all the cannons on the critters and...in a former edition (5th iirc), my 20 pikeman unit brought down, first round of combat, a bloodthirster...

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