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revan4559 11-23-14 12:34 PM

Vampire Counts Roleplay - Interest Thread
Who is interested in a fantasy roleplay, playing as the Vampire Counts:

Vampire Count Roleplay - Set in the End Times / Just before following the remnants of the Von Drakenblood Line after the destruction of their castle in brettonia, and the death of their 'father' and 'mother': Mordred and Elizabeth Von Drakenblood at the hands of the Lodbrok Clan of Karak Hirn and their brettonian allies.

During the final battle of Castle Drakenblood, after the death of Mordred and Elizabeth the remaining 'children' who were saved by the most unlikely of vampires: Lucian Blackheart, the 'Father' of Mordred and so the 'Grand Father' of the Von Drakenblood line.

Taking those that remained with him upon the back of Tharal-Zan his Carmine Dragon, to the Dark Lands he takes the remnants under his 'wing' and along with the Blackheart, the Shadow-Fang lines (from his other two sons) and his allies of Krom-Gar a Sorcerer-Prophet of the Dawi-Zharr he takes his force under the orders of Nagash to crack open and break the Worlds Edge Mountains and while at it get revenge.

So the rp would follow the Von Drakenblood remnants along with their 'cousins' and chaos dwarf allies fighting across the Dark Lands (Ogres, Skaven, Orcs and Goblings) before fighting the armies of the Dwarves.

I will be drawing up the 'family' free as such of all the pre-existing members of the Bloodline so you know who you can be 'descended' from as such. If your coming from the old: Crusade of Blood Roleplay, where you played as a Von Drakenblood then pm me and ill let you know what happened to your character during the Siege of Castle Drakenblood before you do your character sheet.

Im after atleast 5 Yes's before i put a recruitment thread up.

Vaz 11-23-14 02:57 PM

I'm there. Maritius Tarantinius Gracchus, 'the festering uncle' would like to renew his oaths of service to the von Drakenbloods.

The Tilean Ghoul King from Remas was 'adopted' as spy master and assassin for the family.

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revan4559 11-23-14 03:07 PM

Sounds good Vaz, however you know that 'ghoul taint' would be in any vampire that was a 'flesh-eater' before they got turned, and even after if they still feed on cold blood and dead flesh so he could be infact either a: Von Drakenblood, Blackheart or Shadow-Fang fully instead of being allied to them.

The way im planning to doing the selection of gear and such will be similiar to how i did Tides of Blood character sheet but hopefully this time with more interest.

It will be nice to have you on board either way.

Lord Ramo 11-23-14 04:22 PM

I really enjoyed your last one even though it wasn't too long lived.

revan4559 11-23-14 05:28 PM

Vote on it then Ramo. If i get atleast 5 yes votes then ill get the recruitment thread sorted.

komanko 11-23-14 08:06 PM

You finished the previous roleplay? I'm nearing the very end of my military service(finally) so I might actually hop into this one to hone my writing once again and ofcourse to enjoy a fine Revanesque roleplay.

revan4559 11-23-14 08:42 PM

I should drop kick you into space for taking so long to post anything Komanko. However it will be good to have you in if you decide to return.

revan4559 11-30-14 11:06 AM

Got 5 votes, will begin working on the recruitment thread now then. Will leave the voting open until it closes to get a good idea of numbers for the rp.

Captain Stillios 12-05-14 04:01 PM

Khalidel von Drakenblood will be making a return looking forward to it :)

Vaz 12-05-14 04:05 PM

Just realised I'd not sent my reply to your PM revan, for whatever reason - typed another but I couldn't send it, kept timing out on me. Not sure if it's my connection, or whatever, but it's working on posting.

I like the ideas you had, and "the festering uncle" will be happy to arrive.

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