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BWLAF93 09-13-08 08:32 AM

Ultramarines Chapter
Hey guys, for those who do not know, I am going to collect the entire Ultramarines chapter. Do not expect any models anytime soon, but I have decided on commanders for each company, and when the new codex comes out I will start drawing up army lists.

1st Company
Terminator Captain

2nd Company
Master of the Watch

3rd Company
Master of the Arsenal

4th Company
Master of the Fleet

5th Company
Medusa V Sicarius

6th Company
AoBR Commander

7th Company
New Sicarius (with a different name obviously)

8th Company
2008 Golden Demon model

9th Company
Space Marine Commander

10th Company
Master of Recruits

I have not decided on other special characters and the like, but I do know that I will have a chaplain and librarian in each company. Army lists in 2 or 3 months!:mrgreen: Sorry for the long wait, but it will be a huge list. I will post company by company so as to avoid confusion.:good:

itsonlyme 09-13-08 09:04 AM

I didnt think the chapter master had a company , the only chapter master i can think of who does is logan grimnar (who actually has two companies), my point with logan thing, only non-codex chapters would have a chaptor master leading a company.

BWLAF93 09-13-08 09:41 AM

Well maybe should I use a Captain in Terminator armour? And just have Marneus and his honour guard lead the entire chapter?

itsonlyme 09-13-08 09:46 AM

Well makes more sense that way round

BWLAF93 09-13-08 09:52 AM

Thanks for the help! Although, a terminator captain does not seem quite good enough to lead the 1st Company. Maybe a Master (or new equivalent) in terminator armour? I could use the captain model and dress it up!

itsonlyme 09-13-08 11:08 AM

Well as far as i knew captains lead all companies (mind you i havent read all the newer fluff)

BWLAF93 09-13-08 11:38 AM

Ok cool, that is settled then! A Master in Terminator Armour, using the Captain in Terminator Armour model!

DaemonsR'us 09-13-08 05:51 PM

The way it is is that there are 10 captians that lead the companies, some of which are masters of the chapter like you have it, a step above a regular captian but not quite a chapter master, and as it is a master wont necisarily lead a company but will accompany a strike force(several companies) into battle, and the first company captian, although he generally doesnt have any spiffy title, could probably be considered a master of the chapter just for the reason he is the head of the friggen first company :laugh:

Cato Sicarius 09-13-08 11:15 PM

Well Aggeman "sits at the right hand of Marneus". So you could make him a Master rules-wise. But to collect the Chapter would also include the ENTIRE Armoury wouldn't it? Including Techmarines. Librarians stay in the Librarium, and get selected which one goes where by Tigurius. Only Chaplains stay in Companies.Are you including Headquarters Staff? 'Cos then that includes Chapter Master, the 3 Honour Guard squads, then more Chaplains including Cassius. Not only this but there is also the Transport vehicles and the fact that to buy all, make and paint all of this WILL take years. Literally.

BWLAF93 09-13-08 11:45 PM

Yeah, I was more thinking on a practical line. Each company assembled according to datasheet, add support vehicles, a chaplain and a librarian for each, and 2 techmarines and retinue to each. Then also have Marneus and 1 honour guard squad to lead the whole force.

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