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mal310 11-08-14 02:17 PM

So we have the following for HH:

yet another bloody limited to attending some event, overpriced, novella.

A Salamaderers, fire bla bla bla fire, furnace, bla bla bla, novel by Nick Kyme. 100 percent chance it will not be awesome.

And an audio set.


forkmaster 11-08-14 04:55 PM

Something that will come in the future though.

Gav Thorpes will do some more with the DA on Caliban: https://twitter.com/blacklibrarium/s...05008616767488

Dan Abnett will do some more with the Lion post-Imperium Secundus: https://twitter.com/blacklibrarium/s...05324921815041

And we have some Blood Angels: https://twitter.com/LaurieGoulding/s...61541211492352

Lord of the Night 11-08-14 05:17 PM

151 Attachment(s)
And the best part of all;


Originally Posted by Black Librarium
Sword of Calth won't be written after Crimson King, replaced by... Battle for Macragge, a new SMB book. #W40K #BLWeekender

Finally. The Battle of Macragge, this book can't come soon enough.


MontytheMighty 11-08-14 05:48 PM

Wraight, Abnett, ADB, maybe John French...frankly I couldn't give two shites about the work of other BL authours

Kalamoj 11-09-14 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by forkmaster (Post 1949962)
This were posted on FB so you can check out more closely what it will be about. It's most probably Shattered Legions Vs. Faceless Alpha Legion.


This should be included in the Legacies of Betrayal instead of BotS. Well at least it gives more depth to the title.

forkmaster 11-09-14 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by Kalamoj (Post 1950898)
This should be included in the Legacies of Betrayal instead of BotS. Well at least it gives more depth to the title.

I would argue for that as well.

Phoebus 11-09-14 08:19 PM

Oh, hey, it's Sharrowkyn - I'm so glad he is making a reappearance. You really can't have too much of an individual who doesn't bring anything to the table in terms of development or depth, but simply happens to be the best at combat and stealth.

My overall thoughts:

I can't adequately express how much I loathe names like "DEATHFIRE".

So much of the old lore has been left by the wayside in the name of common sense, taste, better ideas, etc. Why the practice of throwing nouns together to come up with "intimidating" names hasn't been done away with (and the products of said practice with it) is beyond me.

That having been said...

1. More Lion El'Jonson* by Abnett? Yes please.

2. Alpha Legion versus Shattered Legions? It could be interesting, but it's tough for me to imagine a scenario wherein a Coalition of Legionaries Who Don't Like Each OtherTM are able to compete with a cohesive legion whose calling card is teamwork. But wait, what am I thinking? SHARROWKYN.

3. Angels of Caliban... All I can say is that Gav Thorpe hit most of the right notes with Master of Sanctity, but the audio dramas he's done for the Caliban plot thus far have not impressed me.

4. I'd much rather read The Crimson King instead of Battle for Macragge.

5. Based on what little information I've seen (a prequel to Battle of the Fang, which purports to explain why the Space Wolves were so read to go after Magnus) Hunt for Magnus is not going to be my cup of tea. I like Wraight's work, but I'd much rather see him tackle something other than Space Wolves.

6. I'm not that jazzed about Sanguinor.

7. As you may have guessed already, I'm not that jazzed about titles that include terms/titles/names like "DEATHSTORM".

* I'll commit Dark Angels Heresy with a capital "h" by calling for that surname to be erased by the annals of Warhammer 40k, as well. No one but an increasingly shrinking pool of people give a shit about a tenuous connection to a failed poet, but everyone today registers how uncomfortably bad it is to try to pass off "El'Jonson" as "Son Of the Forest In A Future Language."

Brother Lucian 11-09-14 08:59 PM

Humm, the main mountain on Nocturne that features heavilly in the Salamanders mythology is called Mount Deathfire.

One of the largest volcanic mountains on Nocturne is named Mount Deathfire. This is where the largest of the massive fire-resistant reptiles called salamanders who are common on Nocturne live, and they are known as the Firedrakes. They are huge, fire-breathing beasts, and one was killed each by the Emperor of Mankind and the Primarch Vulkan during the legendary contests held between the two ten millennia ago when the Emperor rediscovered his son.

And I vaguely recall something about the sallies burning their dead there, returning them to the mountain. Even their wargear got cooked.

Phoebus 11-09-14 09:05 PM

I know where DEATHFIRE comes from. :wink:

I'm just saying it's an awful name, and that Black Library (Games Workshop in general, really) should be better at naming things.

March of Time 11-09-14 09:25 PM

A space marine battle's novel by Ben Counter will be released early next year,its about the WORLD-ENGINE 😃

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