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GignoidDude 11-05-14 04:25 AM

Tzeentch all the way 2000pts
This is my list and really hoping for some help to tweak it before I play, I not so bothered about it being competitive to the level for tournament winning, but would like it to be a decent list.

Chaos Daemons Tzeentch:

HQ: LoC (+1Lesser Reward/+1Greater Reward/+ML3) - 285
HQ: HoT (+Grim/+Disk/+ML3) - 150
HQ: HoT (+Ex Locus Conj/+ML2/+1Lesser Reward) - 105
HQ: x2 Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch - 100pts (DS reserve)

TROOPS: x19 Pink Horrors - 171
TROOPS: x11 Pink Horrors - 99

FA: x8 Screamers - 200

HS: Soul Grinder (Tz Daemon/+Warp Gaze) - 165

Allies Detachment

HQ: Ahriman - 230pts

TROOPS: Thousand Sons Squad (x8 Rubricae/x1 Aspiring Sor/+MB's/+Force Swords) - 247
TROOPS: Thousand Sons Squad (x8 Rubricae/x1 Aspiring Sor/+MB's/+Force Swords) - 247

Total: 1999pts

And advice or help would be appreciated. The basic idea behind this lists is the The allies will be in the lead to take heat off the daemons, The screamers will be on tank chomping duty. The Lord is going to take Diviniation powers to hopefully aid in my Thousand sons killing with prescience. The Soul Grinder also will take advantage of prescience hence warp gaze. My Herald on disk will be taking daemonology and hanging behind to buff with grimiore and summing in more re-enforcements to claim objectives. and the the x2 Exalted flammers I realise are going to give some dangerous chances for 6+ FNP to enemies but hopefully they'll not scatter and get good killing hits soon as the come down.

I realise I'm a noob so I would appreciate any help at all with this list please, but it has to remain pure Tzeentch :)

Squire 11-05-14 12:23 PM

Love the theme but I don't really know my tzeentch daemons enough to offer anything. I'd split the screamers into two units since for a 2000 point list you've got relatively few units on the table and if you want you can always gang the two units up and charge something with both of them. Actually I'd be quite keen to trim some numbers elsewhere (maybe a couple of 1ksons and some horrors) to make another unit of four.

Actually, are you running screamerstar with this list? I heard it doesn't work so well any more but in a fluffy list like this with a load of Thousand Sons I wouldn't feel bad about fielding that combo.

Can't remember how the horrors' warp charge thing works but would you lose power dice by using them as three units of 10? Or three units of whatever size works best to maximise warp charges

mayegelt 11-05-14 01:41 PM

Personally not a fan of the exalted flamers as they still dont have relentless, so if they move they can't fire their template weapon. Or are forced to snapshot there lascannon type of weapon.
As said above splitting up the screamers might be a good idea. If you can find the extra pts for 3 horrors maybe having 3 squads of 11 would give you a better mana battery.
For a fluffy list it looks ok, though i am sure someone will later mention Be'lakor as someone nice to add as you could shroud a load of stuff and invis a powerful unit like the screamers.

Nordicus 11-05-14 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by Squire (Post 1946994)
Can't remember how the horrors' warp charge thing works but would you lose power dice by using them as three units of 10? Or three units of whatever size works best to maximise warp charges

He would gain most by having 3 units of 11 Horrors - A unit of 11 grants 2 warpcharges, where his current setup grants him 4 in total: 1 for 10 models and 3 for 19 models.

mayegelt 11-05-14 02:28 PM

Currently he has 11 and 19 for 5WC

Ravner298 11-05-14 05:41 PM

Forgive me if I'm off here as I don't have my codex Infront of me, but doesn't Ahriman/mot sorcerer only shift sons into troop of they're the primary detachment?

mayegelt 11-05-14 07:01 PM

Oh yeah, the chaos ones were left out of the sweeping faq that fixed ones like old orks and stuff for changing 'primary detachment' in to just 'the detachment'.

GignoidDude 11-05-14 08:59 PM

HQ: Ahriman - 230

Troops: x9 TS squads(+MB's/+force sword) - 247
Troops: x9 TS squads(+MB's/+force sword) - 247

Elites: Hellbrute (+TL Las Can/+Missile L) - 135

Heavy Support: Predator (+TL Las Can/+Side Las Can's) - 140
Heavy Support: Predator (+TL Las Can/+Side Las Can's) - 140

Allied Detachment - A

HQ: Lord Of Change (+ML3/+1Lesser/+1Greater)
Troops: x11 Pink Horrors - 99

Allied Detachment - B

HQ: Herald of Tzeentch (+Disc/+ML2/+Exalted) - 125
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch (+ML2/+Exalted Conj) - 95

Troops: x19 Pink Horrors - 171

Fast Attack: x9 Screamers - 225


So what ya reakon dudes, as I said I'm not looking to make it a competition list. but I also wana kick some arse too :) and of course theirs always rule of kool too :)

Mossy Toes 11-07-14 11:10 AM

Sorry for taking a while to get to this, PM and all.

Thousand Sons are very good in their niches of "mid-range killing MEq" and "taking heavy duty punishment and still standing," but they come with the pretty hefty downsides of high cost, being poor in close combat, Slow and Purposeful... and dying just as easily as a marine 10 points cheaper to light arms fire.

That's not to try to persuade you not to take them: they're very cool and characterful models, after all, and you're the one saying competitiveness isn't your top priority. Do be careful with them on the battlefield, though: they need to be pretty well supported by other units like your Helbrute there, and I'd honestly field only one full sized squad or two minimum-sized squads. There's nothing wrong with taking a dirt-cheap squad of unmarked cultists in a Tzeentch list...

With 7e's changes to the psychic phase, a big block of Horrors with a Herald with an Exalted Locus... isn't that great, anymore. It was kind of borderline in 6e, when there was chances to perils and enemy anti-psychic denial abilities... but now, you have to dump an awful lot more power dice into the unit to (even probably be able to) get the S6 Flickering Flames off on different levels, and you can only cast the power once per unit (so the joined Herald can't cast his own Flickering Flames using his Locus, too)--honestly, I think that ship has sailed.

Horrors aren't half bad at hanging back to defend objectives and acting as Warp Charge banks to fuel your better psykers. They can even roll on Daemonology for a chance at a good power like Cursed Earth, coupled then with the free Flickering Flames and Summoning Primaris Powers... they're worth the points, certainly. But I don't think trying to make them into a strong shooty unit is going to work out too well, honestly. Consider dropping that Herald entirely and bringing the squad down to 11 members to free up some points.

That Lord of Change is looking pretty good, though I'd grab a second Greater Reward.

I'd try to fit that Tzeentchi Soul Grinder back in--pretty easily doable if you've cut out the Herald, 8ish Horrors, and a few 1ksons, I think (if not the 1ksons, since you want to keep them all, well, perhaps a Screamer and downgrading the second tl-las/las pred to auto/las?). It would mesh with the Preds and Helbrute well, to my mind. Consider giving it Warp Gaze (and casting Prescience from a Herald/LoC on it) or Baleful Torrent, since you already have a decent amount of AP3 shooting in the 1ksons... better to cover more bases with some ignores cover or something...

A problem here: what units are you going to be Infiltrating with Ahriman's Warlord Trait? The 1ksons don't want to get too close to the enemy, though they might work, but... there's no real infantry here that needs to close the gap fast to be effective. Consider taking a Tzeentchi Sorc who can grab a spell familiar--sure, he won't be ML4, but he'll be getting his powers off much more often. Then he can get a SoC for a 3++ (with MoT) or get Termi Armor for a 2+/4++: probably more survivable than Ahriman, even with a wound fewer, and can take a force axe or something. Ahriman is a lot of fun, though, so feel free to stick to your guns with him. If you do swap Ahriman out to save a lot of points, you can grab another Mastery Level on the disc Herald, if you like, among other things...

GignoidDude 11-07-14 11:58 AM

Firstly I want to thank the Warp for finding them time to allow use fellow deviants to advice my plans. and I've taken into account whats been said and I think I've managed to find a nice medium ground for my fluff/rule of kool and competitiveness...Lets see what ya all think :)

Main Detachment:

HQ: Ahriman - 230

EL: Helbrute (+TL Las Can/+Missile L) - 135

TR: x9 Thousand Sons (+MB's/+Force Sword) - 247
TR: x9 Thousand Sons (+MB's/+Force Sword) - 247
TR: x10 Cultists (+8 Auto Guns/+Hvy Stubber) - 63

HS: Infernal Relic Predator (+Auto Can /w Inferno Bolts/+Side Hvy Bolters/+Maelific Ammo) - 140

Allied Detachment A:

HQ: Herald of Tzeentch (+disc/+ML2/+Exalted Reward) - 125

TR: x11 Pink Horrors - 99

FA: x6 Screamers - 150

Allied Detachment B:

HQ: Lord of Change (+Lesser Reward/+2 Greater Reward/+ML3) - 305

TR: x11 Pink Horrors - 99

HS: Soul Grinder (+Tzeentch/+Bale Torrent) - 160

Total: 2000pts

So start ya engines. what ya think dudes

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