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fatmantis 03-10-15 02:09 AM


Originally Posted by Kreuger (Post 2063546)

I think GW have, by and large, done a good job balancing the new game and source books for a more mature audience again.

totally agree..i feel that the game now is built on layers..yes the codex maybe losing some of their flavors and seem a bit weak..but i feel that really for new players..so they can get into the game faster and easier..and then for the veteran players there are so many choices or layers that they can add to play the game they wish..
so as ive stated before complaining about it really serve no purpose when you can easily create the game that you want..forge the narrative..if your a WAAC player well then your screwed..just have to deal with it..but for the hobbyist ther is so many cool and exciting ways to play now.

Fallen 03-10-15 02:24 PM

I saw an interesting column on Spikey Bits as I was trolling the internet last night.

Basically included a response from Rick Priestly, the man who is credited to have invented 40k, and I thought that some of his comments were rather intriguing.


It’s perfectly fine for GW to turn its backs upon wargaming in favour of modelling and collecting if that is the vision of the current management. But the result is that many customers who are or have been passionate about GW’s games do feel marginalized.

...if GW is sincere about changing its market stance (and does not lose its bottle and start to back track – which is still possible) it opens up the market to any number of new companies that are interested in games, gaming and gamers! That won’t do GW any harm so long as they are determined to abandon that market – and it would leave them to concentrate on a mixture of high price highly profitable collectibles and licensing its IP out into other media – always something I felt was under exploited due to fear of losing control at the top of the business.
Interesting to say the least.

ChaosRedCorsairLord 03-10-15 04:20 PM

My dream for WHFB/40k is pretty much for GW to keep making miniatures and fluff and just hand over the game itself to another company. *cough* FFG *cough*

bitsandkits 03-12-15 10:21 AM

GW would never allow a third party to write the rules besides does ffg have any experience in writing a massive tabletop wargame as complex as 40k has become Come to think of it who else does ?
Maybe im a fanboy and dont see the faults but truly who does have a game as game as complex as 40k , number of armies, number of units per army, number of models per army, vast array of vehicles land and air based, scenery and special rules, who else out there could be trusted to balance it while keeping it fast paced and enjoyable and most importantly profitable?

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Bindi Baji 03-12-15 11:48 AM

I actually think the game is becoming far more balanced then at any time I can actually recall

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