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Tawa 03-03-15 04:10 PM

*Le Sigh.....*

Einherjar667 03-03-15 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by Achaylus72 (Post 2055522)
Currently they are losing net 5,000 customers per four week period globally that's 65,000 customers per annum and since 2012 they have lost globally 169,000. Also adding to their misery they are losing 1.12 Million Pounds per four week period adding the two previous reports they are expecting to lose 39+ Million Pounds from 2012/13 to 2014/15 does not bode well for a company the just junked its fived plan and now looks "To the foreseeable future", less than 3 years.

GW had a report that states that the two figures quoted are unrecoverable. In short GW is going bankrupt and within 3 years. Nagash was the pointer to this, that's why they are killing off Fantasy in 2017 not 2019 as previously predicted.

Better far from it, the silly buggers have doomed the company to bankruptcy.:laugh:

How do you know ANY of this?

edit: I must say, all of this sounds like lies and bullshit.

Achaylus72 03-04-15 03:47 AM

I promised the source I'd never reveal them, and I stick to my promises.

Einherjar667 03-04-15 03:48 AM

Eye roll.

Achaylus72 03-04-15 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by Moonschwine (Post 2056202)
Would need a source on all this. But certainly interesting to see how it plays out for the coming 2 years - If Fantasy is truly on the chopping block I'm sort of sad to see it go but then again the rumour mill has everything from "The End times are the end of WHFB" to "This is the final wave goodbye to the 'Legions and Formations' style of WHFB to a more Skirmish-level like setting." With Hobbit officially a "Dead" franchise now that the films have been and gone, thats just going to fade off shelves leaving a nice slot for the predicted "WHFB Skirmish" level of things.

As far as total bankruptcy - Frankly if GAME can get a bailout in the UK then GW can as well. Let alone the digital rights it can give out - the manufacturing Infrastructure is frankly too much to let go to rot and you'll have big interest from firms like Hasbro/Wizards/Wizkids, and there's always been the rumour that Blizzard/GW have patched things up and Warcraft the Miniatures Game will come in effectively milking the last drops of the fetid undead zombie franchise that Warcraft has become.

Most of what to me at least sounds fair call. But you see that is what ended up killing Lord of the Rings and had a bad effect on The Hobbit, and that was turning a large scale battle game into skirmish level. Jervis Johnson, Matthew Ward and others copped hate for that but it wasn't their decision, it came from the Board of Execs, due to their decision to repackage LoTR from 20/24 figure boxed sets to 10/12 figure boxed sets. That cost a lot of fans. Leading them to walk from the hobby.

The problem is that the Board of Execs have dictated this crap shit decision again, but they have no choice on the matter, if what is expected (the rumour) that up to half of all models in the Fantasy line will get the chop. Hell even in my own area more than 100 Fantasy players have switched to D&D and sold their armies. People are walking away and in there 1000's, if you don't believe my source then there is nothing I can do about that is there.

If we are all confused at what is going on, that is the fault of GW with its no communications policy.

Einherjar667 03-04-15 04:03 AM

I will agree that GW not communicating with customers is fucking WEIRD, and moronic. Management there needs to change, and fast

Einherjar667 03-04-15 04:06 AM

What sources? I don't have any sources. If I could not back up what I was posting, I would not post it at all.

Achaylus72 03-04-15 04:11 AM

I am going back to see GW annual reports from 2010 to 2014 to check up if my source is correct, should have at least checked out their info for myself, I blame myself for being lazy and not checking this out for myself.

Here is what I found based on full yearly reports

29th May 2011 had a total 123,052,000 pounds starting base
3rd June 2012 had a total sales of 131,009,000 pounds = 7,957,000 pounds profit
2nd June 2013 had a total sales of 134,597,000 pounds = 3,588,000 pounds profit
1st June 2014 had a total sales of 123,501,000 pounds = 11,096,000 pounds loss

Make of that of what you will

Achaylus72 03-04-15 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by Einherjar667 (Post 2056994)
What sources? I don't have any sources. If I could not back up what I was posting, I would not post it at all.

Sorry about that, I apologise.

ntaw 03-04-15 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by venomlust (Post 2056146)
How do you quantify a unique customer per week?

At the franchise I used to be operations manager for we had store clerks click a counter for every person through the door. They were all one/two staff at a time stores so it was relatively easy to get an idea of people through the door vs. sales processed. Given the almost identical nature of those stores to GW in terms of selling a niche market product, there's never really so many people through the door that a employee can't readily keep a tab with a clicker. Handy info for those who care.

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