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venomlust 03-02-15 12:49 AM

Qualified with "almost," so I guess that gives about ten miles worth of wiggle room.

Einherjar667 03-02-15 12:51 AM


Originally Posted by venomlust (Post 2053994)
Qualified with "almost," so I guess that gives about ten miles worth of wiggle room.

Even at their current rates, the price is still insanely high. Are we really at that point where we consider the current oil rates "cheap" or anything remotely so?

Seriously, this thread is fucked, I'm absolutely done here.

venomlust 03-02-15 03:50 AM


jin 03-02-15 06:09 AM


not new information - part of the war on bric economies...

oils is down to levels not seen since 2009 and anticipated to go to 20$ a barrel
as the western economies slow to a grinding neo-dark ages halt...

jin 03-02-15 06:13 AM

anyone who thinks that big oil is doing its damnedest to deliver cheap gasoline to Joe Public's Tahoe (with no passengers) probably believes that men walked on the moon in 1969...

jin 03-02-15 06:22 AM


Originally Posted by madcore (Post 2018442)
For me its the rules....their prices are ridiculous but I could live with it if they weren't so dumb with the rules..they just have no clue how to create a balanced game...

It.s a shame really. That factor alone makes me wonder if I should just stop playing...they obviously do not care about us, why should I give them my money.

And that's coming from a guys who as CSM, AM, DEAMONS, NECRONS and Eldar armies. I have not spent a single dollars on them in months and I am starting to think about selling some stuff.

I have always been a huge GW fan but i just got tired of being screwed. Their models are amazing, the best in the industry, just a shame their army balance suck.

They should go hire the rules writer over at privateer press. They would know what a balanced game looks like.


jin 03-02-15 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by mayegelt (Post 1943714)
Mixed bag for me. I do like the new models. For the last few years the standard of the models has gone up and up. Partially due to competition and also just natural standard increasing over time.

What I am not a fan of is various forms of 'player tax' that seems to have been brought in. I do understand that GW needs to make money, but buying a codex is ok, but then having to buy the supplement codex to get the most out of the codex you bought is not. ...

HOWEVER I do not like the format of the recent codexes. Having the compiled list at the end that had all the models in brief with their pts values and the names of what rules affected them was great. The new one forces you to either use something like Battlescribe or endlessly flick back and forth in the book when planning an army. I much preferred being able to see all the units that classed as X over the space of 2-3 pages. Though I do understand in part why GW did it. Some of the reason I have been told was because of copy write law. In that for publications for gaming and hobbies you are allowed to photocopy (or digitise) X% of a book for personal use (X depending on country). Because of this people used to copy the last 20pages of so what had all the stats and costs of each of the units, and then the reference at the end tended to have most of the special rules and weapons. GW of course didn't like this because people could bring in those 20pages with them without really needing to have bought a copy of the book (but claiming they had).


this was an excellent assay as well of the situation confronting us all imo...

fukkin stuff up simply to make it difficult for people to scan usable rules easily is perverse.
that is big oil ethics... ick.

jin 03-02-15 06:29 AM


Originally Posted by iamtheeviltwin (Post 1944634)
The only thing I am really missing is the sort of "wild west" feel of their specialist games line, like Warhammer Quest and Bloodbowl. However, they seem to be trying to scratch that itch through third parties via Digital Products and Fantasy Flight.

skirmish level games and epic scale i.e. gothic integration of product lines would be ideal... and doable, with consistent and balanced rules within a narrative context permitting fine-tuning.

jin 03-02-15 06:32 AM


Originally Posted by Vaz (Post 1944938)

I hate playing with tonka toys and pay to win mechanics, where choosing x-new unit wins you games. I could understand making cool rules to make cool new models sell, but that units such as Heldrakes, Nagash, Stormpotatoes, Wraithknights, Superheavies, Riptides, etc are necessary to win (or at least effectively counter those that opponents have, and essentially codex creep is really annoying.

Continually escalating prices which do not match inflation, and utter ridiculous business positions and choices do not equate to a particularly well enjoyed game. I am yet to pay for a book since 7th edition BRB and it will continue to go that way. I am sick of being penalised by an inability to learn from their own mistakes, and having charges for their legal bills and lost profits from pirating applied to my own purchases.

when i started on this thread, this comment perhaps had been most influential.

with my original post, i suppose i was trying to counter with a(n) (im)possibility,
that there is some benign plan being set in motion by the wizards of industry that lead GW...
still, i hope that this hope is confirmed and the cynicism proven senseless...

Uveron 03-02-15 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by jin (Post 2053970)
ummm, no.
oil has almost never been cheaper than it is right now.

No its 5 year Average price which is the price that controls materials.. That is at an all time high

And with the Price of oil set to be back above 100 in the next year or so... its Avge price is not going to drop.

Trust me. This is my Day-Job.

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