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Tawa 11-01-14 01:30 PM

Army Painting Challenge - November 2014.

Ok guys, here's your November thread for the Army Painting Challenge 2014-2015.
I will be leaving the October thread open until Monday 3rd November. :)

Ready? GO!

Nordicus 11-02-14 01:05 PM

I'll commit to the following:

- 3 x Helbrute
- 3 x Left powerfist
- 3 x Right powerfist
- 3 x Melta


Any other weapon is optional, but those are the main ones :P Seeing as the right powerfist is in the same armslot as the melta, they all count for 1 complete model, with one optional weapon.

Tawa 11-02-14 02:54 PM

I'm going to re-enter the rifle squad that I've hardly touched in October.

I got as far as doing all the uniform colour on all ten, and the belts etc on three of them. For shame! :(

EDIT: Still no work done on them. I'll post up a picture in the morning.

*sigh* My hobby-drive has gone on holiday it would seem. :(

EDIT No.2:

Here's the picture as promised. Hardly got anything done on them as you can see.
Hopefully I'll get them completed this month :)

Mossy Toes 11-03-14 04:38 AM

I am painting these 8 Nurgling swarms. Sure, I'll keep working on the proto-Palanquin, but most of the work now is on bases so the folks I stick on top of it don't have, say, dirt-and-flock bases while standing on some boards...


Relise 11-04-14 07:22 PM

Most of units are small so this month I'm doing the larger one. I'm going for a unit of Grymann. Minimum unit size is 3 but as the are little fellas I'm going for a max unit size of 6 😄

Just finished priming them


SwedeMarine 11-05-14 01:19 AM


Heres my entry for the month. Going back to my SM for a bit while I get a handle on all the fiddly bits with my Tau

SwedeMarine 11-06-14 02:24 PM

i realized just how much i miss working on my SM while putting together those tau over the last few weeks. probably going to just do updates on the for the next few months and plod along on the Tau in the background.

Iraqiel 11-08-14 01:33 PM

6 Attachment(s)
I'll be painting something... Already halfway into my two new chimeras without 'before' shots so I guess I'll have to crack into the backlog...

Relise 11-09-14 09:58 AM

And for once I haven't left it till the last weekend of the month!

Started the Grymann mid week and have just finished them :-)



I still have some painting time today to catch up with the next unit if Unmann that are half done 👏👏

Howzaa 11-11-14 05:50 PM

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