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Riandro 09-11-08 09:34 PM

Latest Forge-World News!
here are some things to be expected at the games day!

Ultrasmurfs Venerable Dreadnought preview
yes thats right Smurfs now are getting a Ven dreadnought for 24.00 (excluding arms)

Ork Nob Bikers preview
3 bikers for 52.00?!? seems a bit steep for my likings...

Chaos Lord Zhufor Preview
And a A new character introduced in Imperial Volume 6, Lord Zhufor, savage devotee of the Blood God Khorne. 15.00, this got me drooling a little...


Maverick421 09-11-08 09:48 PM

That chaos lord is really nasty looking...I love it.

EndangeredHuman 09-11-08 09:57 PM

52? :laugh: Yeah, whatever forgeworld.

But the dread and Zhufor looks alot more worth it by far.. very tempting pieces.

gwmaniac 09-11-08 11:02 PM

24 pounds for a dreadnought? from forge world? thats....reasonable

loyalist42 09-11-08 11:08 PM

I dunno about those bikers; seems to me it'd be a hell of a lot cheaper to convert one, and it could look just about as good.

The dread does look pretty sweet though, and that Chaos lord is pure awesomesauce. Not a bad little lot, I suppose.

Stella Cadente 09-12-08 11:14 AM

.....................ultramarine dreadnought......................*feints from awesomeness*

The Son of Horus 09-12-08 11:17 AM

*does the exchange rate dance* If it wouldn't cost nearly as much as buying a box of Terminators by the time you factor in exchange rate and shipping, I'd totally be down for that Terminator Lord, just to paint him. That looks like it may be the most detailed infantry model Forge World's put out to date.

Djinn24 09-12-08 01:27 PM

Crap and I just put a free shipping order in, why could they not have this model up for preorder...... I will probably order one even though I do not play Khorne because it is just that badass.

humakt 09-12-08 01:57 PM

Thats is a very nice looking dread, although Ultra not my style, Im sure I could think about takingit to work into my next marine army.

Bikes look nice, but way way too expensive.

As for the lord. I dont collect Khorne but Im certainly getting one as a painting project at some stage, he looks uber nasty.

SepulchreKnight 09-12-08 02:00 PM

FW stuff is so nice. I just wish it didnt take an eternity for them to ship your order. If they even remember to ship your order!

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