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Einherjar667 10-13-14 02:04 AM

The Walking Dead (SPOILERS!!)
Ugh it won't let me hide my question behind the spoiler thing in tapatalk, I don't want the post preview thing to spoil it for anyone.

So i'll put it way down here.

Was that Negan?!

ntaw 10-13-14 03:23 AM

I scrolled very quickly past what you typed...will comment in ~60 minutes as I have just acquired the episode.

ntaw 10-13-14 03:08 PM

OK, so this morning instead as I watched the new episode of Sons right afterward. The dude at the end was Morgan Jones from the 1st and 3rd (?) seasons, he's the guy that helped Rick initially and was revisited with Carl and Rick later on. He had since snapped because his zombie wife killed his son due to him freezing up. Now he looks fuckin' tough as nails though, I'm stoked to see what he adds to the group. Never read the books, really diggin' the show. Makes me want to get the books and throw down, but I'm not sure. I'll read the whole thing in .01 seconds (because I binge read like WHOA) and I don't want to ruin any surprises the show has in store for me.

Einherjar667 10-13-14 04:08 PM

The Walking Dead (SPOILERS!!)
I am talking about the guy that entered the train car during the "then" sequence, not morgan.

Negan is a main villain.

ntaw 10-13-14 04:55 PM

In this link that is debunked...not that I knew anything about it to begin with as I haven't read the books. Apparently the dude that Glen let out of the container with the face tattoos is that dude, having been detained by the inhabitants of Terminus since they took it back. It's all in the face tattoos apparently, but the Walking Dead's creator himself tweeted that wasn't Negan.

Einherjar667 10-13-14 07:35 PM

Really? Well we DO kbow the terminus guys and ricks crew team up this season. But against who?

ntaw 10-13-14 07:59 PM

I haven't been watching anything, but wasn't there some 'the hunt is on' tagline? Maybe the Terminus survivors start hunting those who took their home from them. I don't see Rick teaming up with someone who tried to eat him.

Einherjar667 10-13-14 09:53 PM

I wasn't looking at the screen, but the promo had rick saying something like "We can't trust them but we have to work with them". When I looked up, it was showing their dorky leader.

ntaw 10-13-14 11:16 PM

Ugh...lame. It had better be for a damned good reason. Rick is just too tough to allow that to slide

Einherjar667 10-14-14 12:14 AM

I was thinking, maybe the guy they freed from the shipping container runs off and tells whoever about Rick's group and the terminus people. Instead of a turf war over terminus, it will be a battle of good vs evil (alluded to by Detroit Tigers hat guy.) a "we won't tolerate another Governor" sort of ideology.

Though Rick's machete threat still has to have legs.

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