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ckcrawford 09-18-14 12:39 PM

Good Shows That Became Disappointing
What are some shows you guys thought were really good and kind of just died out? Not just simply disappointing shows but shows where it was almost weird to hear their show couldn't run anymore or the owner just didn't have the energy. Probably won't get a reply for a while but oh well.

One show that I really wanted to continue was HBO's Rome. It was just so good, and the cast was probably the best cast in television ever. Apparently the show cost too much. But when seeing stuff like Spartacus on Starz and other stuff on HBO like Game of Thrones it just doesn't seem like thats true. Maybe I'm wrong, however Rome never had good special effects or battle scenes. Granted the customs were pretty good but I'm surprised no on sponsored it.

It was supposed to have a third season and then rumored after 2008 to maybe be making a movie... then completely vanished from history. Thats kind of sad.

BMS was another one, but to be fair, the shows seemed to be lagging, and I would say that the cast became worse after Shilo was arrested. From that point it just seemed like their were failed attempts to really fill that position.

Nacho libre 09-18-14 01:03 PM

Lost - started of well good but died after a few seasons.

Khorne's Fist 09-18-14 01:05 PM

I loved Rome. Pullo was a great character.

As for disappointing, Dexter has to be up there for me. It was one of my favourite shows, but it went on maybe two seasons too long, and when it did end it was shit.

I think Firefly will be on most peoples list of shows that were cut too soon. Dracula with Jonathon Rhys Myers was pretty good I thought, but that's been axed after a season as well.

iamtheeviltwin 09-18-14 02:49 PM

Firefly of course is one of the premier examples of good shows cut too short.

Supernatural is a great example of a show that had a great 5 season run to complete a long story-arc, but due to popularity kept going and is now 4-5 seasons too long.

Babylon 5 is also another series that should have just stopped once the main story arc was completed. The last season was trash.

As for more series I wish would have had more time.

Wonderfalls - a great slice of life/comedy series that had at least another season or two of content.

Better off Ted - one of the best comedies ever cut short after a season and a half.

Those are the ones off the top of my head.

Vaz 09-18-14 03:43 PM

The Unit. But that was because the storyline became utterwank after Season 3. Still, what did I expect with the guy who wrote "Inside Delta Force" being involved somewhere.

One I expected to, but didn't, was Sons of Anarchy - Kurt Sutter is an absolute legend of a writer, and got me into the Shield. I will be eagerly awaiting to see what it is he does next.

Breaking Bad - I thought it ended extremely weak. They should have sped up Season 4, and have it finish a few episodes after Gus Fring met his maker - the Neonazi's just didn't have the same sort of menace. I couldn't give a shit about Better Call Saul either. Breaking Bad at the end became in essence a victim of its own reputation - the first two series were utter shite, 3rd season gets better, 4th season drags on, with a couple of high points, and it is nowhere near as good as what people make it out to be. Enough people who I've recommended SOA or the Shield to after they've finished saying how good Breaking Bad is, have said they wished they'd seen it earlier, and have binge watched it - it's been one of the few series I've actually gone out and got the box set for. Didn't even do that for 24 - and the recent reboot of that is utter wank as well - Strike Back is far more interesting IMHO (here's hoping Sullivan Stapleton is back to being healthy again for the next installment).

And my all time favourite series - Blue mountain state - there should have been a 4th series, and I'm gutted it didn't get one. I seriously hope the rumoured movie goes ahead - Alan Richson is single handedly made watching the TMNT something on my bucket list. BROMIGO.

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Brother Cato 09-19-14 10:35 AM

Hey, remember when Doctor Who used to be good, or at least watchable at worse? Let's just say the post Tennant seasons of the show while they had their bright spots were in every sense of the word terrible - Stephen Moffat, the scriptwriting becoming even worse and more hole ridden, plagiarism (some of which I'm surprised Games Workshop has not decided to sue with how blatant Nightmare in Steel was with the amount of cribbing), a new Mary Sue introduced every so often (River Song & Clara being the capital examples) and of course Stephen Moffat.

Peter Capeldi might turn out okay...but Moffat is still fronting the show. For those who don't know, Mr Moffat is basically to Doctor Who what Matt Ward and Robin Cruddance are to 40K.

Nordicus 09-19-14 10:50 AM

The prime show that comes to mind would have to be Prison Break. After they actually... you know, broke from prison it just spiraled down into a bad series with the premises gone.

Moriouce 09-19-14 10:57 AM

The Mentalist - they should have quite the show after Jane kills Red John. After that it is just same old same but FBI setting instead of CBI.

ckcrawford 09-20-14 03:24 AM

Dexter and Lost started off pretty spectacular and seemed to suffer from a painful disease to where you wanted to see more hoping it would get better, but it was just getting less exciting.

Khorne's Fist 09-20-14 12:21 PM

I recently rewatched The Sopranos with my wife, who had never seen the show previously. She enjoyed every minute of it, but her reaction to the closing scene in the last episode brought back to me just how unsatisfactory that ending was. She felt she'd wasted the previous 70 or so hours of a show with no proper conclusion, and while I don't agree it was a waste of time, I do agree the ending was shit. Like eating the nicest meal you ever had, but walking out of the restaurant starving.

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