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LordNecross 09-24-14 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by Boxagonapus (Post 1904049)
I hate you all hahaha

Wat. I doesn't anything to you. :D

But seriously lol, its funny how much hate you're getting. (Even though its only from two captains and a crazy medic.)

Krymson86 09-24-14 08:56 PM

Paragraph spacing please. Poor Coeus must hate having the Master of Recruits be a Half-Breed

Boxagonapus 09-24-14 09:02 PM

I only have so many feet with which to kick asses!

And I feel like I'll end up really hating Violent's character and projecting my own personal issues onto him for having Iron Hands gene seed trololol

Krymson86 09-24-14 09:05 PM

Boxagonapus, don't forget your PC's other issues, haha. Wait, wouldn't you both being Iron Hands gene seed guys make you more likely to get along? Or can Kunz be the only 'special Iron Hands snowflake' in the entire Grand Company? haha

Boxagonapus 09-24-14 09:19 PM

Well I'd go into full detail but that would ruin the fun of story development. :P I will say that my remark about the size of his junk was an analogy but still pretty relevant.

Krymson86 09-24-14 09:30 PM

Purely analogous, we get it, Kunz doesn't have a small package, it totally works, no woman has ever complained about it being too small, we get it bro :P

I kind of see where you're going with it, I think, but more PCs is only going to be cool for the story.

Too bad about that scumbag Night Lord running amok with a company of terminator goons:)

LordNecross 09-25-14 07:32 AM

This is fun. Lots o reading, I am liking much of the dynamics going on so far.

I'll just wait till I have a relevant time to participate, since my Character is busy.

Deus Mortis 09-25-14 02:27 PM

Well, no sense faffing about. Let's see how much I can push Pelegon.

On a side note, this could be the fastest character death I've ever seen (if everything goes tits up)

Boxagonapus 09-25-14 02:58 PM

Which would be hilarious if it did. There would likely be a lovely ripple coming from your death. Those intent on purifying would be none too happy and likely seek retribution only to have it spill over. Cue climactic close with Eisenschloss consumed in flames with only the laughter of thirsting Gods to respond to their cries testing how truly unbroken these few are.

dark angel 09-25-14 03:02 PM

If Coeus goes down, Iapetus is going to ram the Eisenschloss with his battleships. :P

I'll probably post a reply to Lucian either today or tomorrow.

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