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Nol 09-07-14 11:06 PM

Blood and Iron

From Iron, cometh Strength.
From Strength, cometh Will.
From Will, cometh Faith.
From Faith, cometh Honour.
From Honour, cometh Iron.


Unbreakable Litany of the Iron Warriors, the IVth Legion


The Iron Warriors, sons of Perturabo, could have been the greatest of humanity's heroes; they alone of the marine legions had vision beyond war, seeing themselves as architects and statesmen fit to rule the Imperium that they had built, the bricks cemented with their own blood. It was not to be. Driven to beyond breaking point, and caught in the Warmaster's fold, their loyalty to all they had fought for shattered. Backbreaking labour in the most grinding and brutal of all the Great Crusade's warzones to achieve insignificant victories, distrusted and belittled by those they would have called brother, they became pariahs within their own empire.

Now, seven thousand years since the failed Heresy, they endure. Their primarch an immortal daemon prince, with a world to call their own within the swirling maelstrom that is the Eye of Terror. Medrengard is a veritable hell, its rocky surface forged and reforged by the relentless iron men who call it home, bristling with impassable defenses, unbreakable fortresses and guns that seem to roar out to the white skies themselves to dare to face their fury. The Warsmiths conduct assaults into Imperial territory, fight wars among themselves to enhance their own strength or win their father's favour, everywhere there is entropy and madness, overshadowed by the cackling of dark gods.

One Grand Company, the XIXth, known as the Unbroken, stands defiant to this; within the walls of their fortress, the Eisenschloss, they continue in the Olympian way, needing help from no man and requiring no patron. This is their story, from the end of the 7th Black Crusade until the day the last man drew his last breath, cursing with it the Imperium that had betrayed him so long ago.


The XIXth Grand Company were one of the few that retreated to Olympia after the battle of the Iron Cage, holding out against the combined might of the Ultramarines and the heavily-depleted Imperial Fists - it was at this time that their current Warsmith, Pelegon, seized command by killing the incumbent Warsmith, Endymion, and his First Captain, Krotas. Under their new commander, the XIXth dug in, driven to new depths of bloody-minded refusal to accept their inevitable defeat. Despite losing half their men, every metre that the Imperials gained was paid for more than twice over. Defeat inevitable, Pelegon and the other Warsmiths withdrew from the surface and detonated the nuclear weapons left on the planet, ensuring that any victory that the Imperials drew from the campaign would be considered pyrrhic at best.

Seven thousand years of life within the Eye have not altered the XIXth, for they do not allow it to do so. They have seen their battle-brothers fall into the corruption of the chaos gods, the purity of their hatred besmirched by their loyalty to fell masters. Though most Iron Warriors are horrified at the idea of corruption, they allow themselves to be manipulated and used by the Chaos Gods. To the XIXth, their loyalty lies only to themselves, and to the dying ideal that was the Iron Warriors. Their legion falls apart around them, its members driven to new depravities and depths of betrayal by paranoia, greed and avarice, the XIXth see it as the result of a thousand secret whispers from daemonic mouths. The Iron ages, rusts and degrades to the point of uselessness.

They refer to themselves as the Unbroken, in recognition of their refusal to bend the knee to the Chaos Gods, a name mocked by other Iron Warriors who do not hold purity so high. As a consequence of their adherence to the old ways, they often find themselves joined by Iron Warriors wishing to return to simpler times and other renegades and traitors who want to find themselves part of a unified whole once more. If their aptitude proves sufficient, all are welcomed into the fold, sometimes to the chargrin of those who comprised the original XIXth during the Heresy. On the whole, it is one of the most stable Grand Companies, keeping good relations with their Primarch and rival Warsmiths through sharing and exchanging recovered technology. Their largest point of contention is gene-seed; due to their constant refutation and excising of corruption, the XIXth have one of the largest stockpiles of stable Olympian gene-seed of any Grand Company, a resource they guard jealously and keep secret from those who would wish to have it for themselves. Unique among the Iron Warriors, the XIXth do not make use of human slave labour. Human slaves are often used as cannon fodder, but any menial task, no matter how small, is carried out by Iron Warrior or servitor.

Now they prepare to depart Medrengard and wage war once more. From the highest tower of the Eisenschloss, Warsmith Pelegon summons his captains and other senior members of the Grand Company.




The Warsmith Pelegon, known as the Ironheart due to a mechanical heart gifted to him by the primarch Perturabo himself, has commanded the XIXth grand company for seven thousand years; a towering figure in artificer armour, more than one insubordinate or insufficient captain has met his end at the Warsmith's hands. A commander who uses logic as his primary tool whenever resolving any situation, he judges his men and junior commanders based not on their origins but on their actions, and metes out reward and punishment accordingly. An able politician as well as tactician, he has managed to secure peace for the XIXth with other more powerful Grand Companies through trading the technology salvaged during the XIXth's forays, and currying favour with their father. His views on corruption are rigorously enforced, and he is particularly scrupulous of any psykers that join the XIXth's Librarium.

The First Captain - Tyranus, The Hand of the Warsmith The Hammer of the XIXth, commander of the 1st Company, the Tyranthikos, the XIXth's core of the most capable and hardy veterans. Line-breakers beyond peer, they are as adaptable as they are brutal. The honour of any first or vital assault usually falls to the 1st Company. Though normally the first among equals, the First Captain is the de-facto commander of the XIXth in the Warsmith's absence. Second only to the Warsmith in tactical acumen, he must be a peerless combatant and able to keep his men in line. He must be able to perform flawlessly, for with the level of responsibility that he has and the price of failure, there is no room for error.

The Second Captain - Kunzhardt The Immovable The master of arms, many say that the Second Captain is truly the most powerful of the commanders, for he has at his disposal nearly every piece of artillery in the XIXth's arsenal. At his fingertips he has the primary weapon of choice for any Iron Warrior; murderous firepower. In the breaking of sieges, co-ordinating fire missions and artillery strikes, the Second Captain must be a master of multi-tasking, of calculation and fire arcs and patterns. He must know the ins and outs of the architecture of a fortification, to know where to land the fewest shots with most effect, and how to make the most use out of as many guns as he can at any given time. The Iron Havocs, the masters of counter-battery and anti-tank fire, and the Destroyers with their forbidden arsenal, also answer to him.

The Third Captain - Lucian Kalistarion, The Shadowed The master of deception, though third in rank he often finds himself in a unique position of power; knowledge. It is the task of him and his men to reconnoiter any prospective target, to retrieve intelligence and to work out the strengths and weaknesses of any foe. Though he finds that many of his tasks are to be done before the battle, during a siege his workload does not lessen. It is his task to infiltrate and sabotage, to silence guns before they can fire, to undermine the crucial structural point of a building, or decapitate the command chain of an enemy force. The Third Captain has the ear of the Warsmith, and his advice is often held in higher regard than that of his peers, often to their chargrin.

The Master of the Forge - Adriun, The Titan Breaker Though all Iron Warriors are technically gifted, the Master of the Forge is a paragon of technical and intellectual aptitude. Responsible for the production and maintenance of the XIXth's equipment, he must be more logistically gifted than his peers, as well as capable of running unknown hundreds of computerized servo-systems simultaneously. At his disposal he has the mechanised units of the XIXth; drone-like servitors, outfitted both for menial labour and combat, Thrallax cohorts and even Thanatar siege-automata. Without a force of human slave labour, he finds that his work is never done.

The Primus Medicae - Lugerev Due to the XIXth's large stock of stable, high-quality gene-seed, Warsmith Pelegon assumes that they should never want for men. It is the duty of the Primus Medicae to ensure that this remains the case. Aside from tending to the injured, seeing that Iron Warriors hurt in the line of duty be brought back to fighting condition, the Primus Medicae must oversee the implantation of gene-seed into new recruits, as well as the retrieval of gene-seed from fallen Iron Warriors and those who they fight. Due to the XIXth's precedent for fighting Imperialist space marines, he must be always ready to swoop down on the battlefield like a gallows crow and retrieve what material he can. Whenever on another world, it is the duty of him and his men to scan the indigenous human population, should there be one, for recruits suitable for conversion to space marines.

The Epistolary - Coeus The Seer As most of the legions who turned away from the Imperium during the Heresy have fallen to chaos, and their psykers with them, the librarium has become an all but defunct branch of any legion. Not so with the XIXth; their refusal to accept corruption has given them the strangest psykers. They are of unmatchable will, capable of living within the Eye of Terror and resisting the temptations of chaos, yet also do not use that power for their own gain, preferring to work for the good of the Iron Warriors in the stead of their own goals. The Epistolary often finds himself the least trusted of the senior commanders by the Warsmith. Despite his immense strength of will and capability, it is a position for which he must constantly strive to earn respect and recognition. It is also his responsibility to scan the psykers under his command for signs of corruption, often done with assistance from the Primus Medicae's apothecaries.

Captains 4-10 The other captains are of equal rank to the others, but have no given speciality; their composition is entirely up to the player, though should aim to comprise mostly of marines of the XIXth Grand Company. They have not been included in the tree for the time being. All commander characters must be, in addition to being talented at their chosen discipline, extremely capable logisticians, in order to manage their resources and men both on and off the field of battle. Without serfs or any other support system, it is the responsibility of the commanders to ensure that what they need is where they want it when they want it.

The Seventh Captain - Iapetus The Shipwright Master of the XIXth Grand Company's fleet.

The Tenth Captain - Vargus The Old


Character Sheet

Kindly fill this out and post it in the thread. The commander positions in the tree have been left without an avatar or name/title so that they can be filled by players. Provide these for me separately so that I can fill out the hierarchy tree.

Name: (this may include titles, though their origin must be included in your backstory)

Age: (the years since your birth, in real-time, may be different to how many years the character has experienced due to Warpish time-fluctuation)

Homeworld: (as a Iron Warrior, you may not necessarily be Olympian by birth)

Gene-seed: (if one born into the XIXth since the Heresy, you may have been given the gene-seed of another legion or chapter; the exception to this is that of the Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Imperial Fists, which is seen as too tainted to be considered for use)

Physical Appearance: (rather you didn't use pictures)



Armour and its appearance:

Weaponry and equipment: (what do you never walk around without? Bear in mind that your arsenal may well be exchanged or altered as you see fit for different situations; no-one expects you to take a combat knife for tank-hunting)

Biography: (if I could have at least two paragraphs, please)

If there are any details that you would like to remain secret from other players, please PM me with them.


Other Details

This roleplay is going to pan out with RTS aspects, if things go to plan. There will be updates as I, as GM, lay the land for you, and it is up to you the players to see how your characters react. Positions going on a first come first serve basis. Players may have as many characters as they like, though only one character in a position of senior commander (so, perhaps one as Fifth Captain and another as Legionary Bob of the Fifth Company).

My aim is to make this as immersive as possible; I will do my best to draw and provide maps, where possible, as I want to give all those participating that really gritty (read: brütal) Iron Warrior experience. I will put a lot of effort into this, and would like to ask the same back of my players. Be considerate; if you can't post, or want to quit, please tell me so I can account for this and the RP doesn't die out due to flaking. In-character rivalry is all well and good, but don't start shitting on other players. I don't want arguing, and I don't care who started it. Commander characters will be very powerful, but likewise the situations they are put in will be challenging; no-one is permanent, and character death does happen. Be aware of that.

If there are any questions, or anyone wants any more details, please feel free to PM me or add me on Skype (my email is [email protected] which I made when I was 13, if that excuses it). I likely left some vital detail out when writing this - but hopefully not.

Otherwise, I look forward to running this. I'm hoping for at least six players, but the more the merrier.

LordNecross 09-07-14 11:27 PM

Dibs on Master Forge. I will write up asap. I love this purist ideal. No Corruption, no petty Daemons.

Boxagonapus 09-07-14 11:40 PM

I'm almost certain he wasn't expecting a "First!" style of approach to claiming things but for the sake of argument avoidance 2nd Captain.


Name: Kunzhardt the immovable

Age: 6000 years have passed in the materium while his cold heart pumped

Homeworld: Malodrax

Gene-seed: Iron Hands

Physical Appearance: Kunzhardt is not a large figure, in fact he's much shorter than the average Astartes but still quite tall by human standards. His body responded to the geneseed implantation by growing out wide. His unarmoured body can fill most doorways with ease and his stocky bull like build seems to lend well to the traditional beast of burden role that those of the Ivth had been relegated to. His entire right arm is cybernetic, having rotted away from the continued use of rad weaponry and from one particularly nasty incident with a phosphex grenade. His face is twisted and contorted bearing both the inherent self-contained fury of both the Xth and the Ivth there are numerous stress lines across his forehead and around his sunken Silver eyes from an Iron Hand physiology dotting a face almost frozen in its angered frown.

Personality: A pot of water on a stove top and Kunzhardt would have much in common. There seems to be a constant level of anger just below the surface primed to boil over. It's kept in check by superhuman self-discipline but most know to avoid displeasing the Second Captain. He has an unattainable standard for both himself and his peers which only adds to his anger pursuing perfection inherited from two families. His command is absolute and he takes great pleasure in his own sadistic vices having come from the background of a Destroyer marine he delights in not just destroying an opponent but boiling away their very existence in acidic hell. He does not appreciate the presence of other chapters within the XIXth but can say little considering his own geneseed which interestingly enough contrasts his beliefs with those of Perturabo who would have been a ruler and statesman. Kunzhardt would rather set a world to the torch to crush any resistance.

Rank: Captain of Second Company, the Mechanized Fist

Armour and its appearance: In keeping with the Spartan approach of the Unbroken the armour bares no sign of trophies or of glorious self-preaching. Rather it's a pristinely maintained Mark III set of power armour with two prominent horns rising from the helm. The left pauldron bares the traditional icon of the Iron Warriors and the right bares a hint of nostalgia; it remains black and charred from fire with the skull symbol of the Destroyer marines emblazoned upon it with a gauntleted hand covering it palm down with the fingers stretched up towards the sky.

Weaponry and equipment: His right hand has been augmented into a mighty power fist while his carries a plasma pistol on his left hip. He usually carries a phosphex bomb as well as a final act of defiance.

Biography: Born on a fortress world garrisoned by the most punishing military force witnessed is no easy task. To not only survive but to thrive there is another altogether. Kunzhardt had innumerable broken bones from countless beatings designed to weed out those that would never serve the Iron from the rest. His healing, his ruthlessness and his willingness to immerse his opponent in pain brought attention to him from those that would seek to recruit for the Ivth legion. Kunzhardt was unknowingly inducted into the 4th legion just prior to the Horus Heresy and his almost artistic usage of toxins garnered a place within the Destroyers. He liquefied countless souls under the command of Shon'tu on his own path to glory.

His own loss of an arm took place during a siege breaking on some unknown world no longer in existence in some unknown sector, such was the glorious life of an Iron Warrior. His own squad of Destroyers were tasked with subverting a hive city through any means necessary. Over the course of the battle Kunzhardt went to deploy a Phosphex grenade that had been damaged by a blast unknown to him. When primed the grenade went off immediately coating his right arm in unholy agony until there was nothing more than a stump. The campaign continued and he moved on with the battle equally talented with both arms. However that grenade taught a hard earned lesson in the need to maintain vigilance over everything and everyone to truly conquer. The battle was won and Shon'tu earned a small degree of favor that paled in comparison to the commendations of valour earned by other more celebrated legions. This seemed to drive the Warsmith even further in his quest to emulate some warlord from ages past and to further acts of corruption.

However Kunzhardt could not find reason in his own Warsmith's desires and intentions finding fault in his approach of the Chaos Gods and in beseeching their power to augment his own. It was a sign of weakness and one that was not worthy of leadership especially of warriors so pure and hard forged in crucibles of blood and fire. The destroyer marine exiled himself from the warband and also abandoned his own toxic assets which might indicate how he's still standing after so long considering his brothers that followed the darker path are all but dust. For years he counted himself forsaken within the eye banding with hodge podge crusades led by would be heroes finding each one lacking in their own pursuits of glory among the Dark Gods. Defeated he returned to Medrengard where there was a bastion of new found hope. He found the XIXth a welcoming breeze in a dank corrupted hole filled with Daemons and corruption. He took his place at Eisenschloss and through his own untainted pursuit of supremacy impressed the Warsmith Pelegon eventually leading to his place as the fist that reigns over the firepower of the XIXth legion. He questions the Warsmith at times but finds Pelegon's resolve to be firm and his Iron to be pure and thusly honours himself by following him.

Krymson86 09-07-14 11:52 PM

Name:'Tyranus' (Formerly Tyberus) Grahlkor

Age: 319 biologically (7119 Warp Time)


Gene-seed: Night Lords

Physical Appearance: Standing somewhat short by the standards of an Astartes at only 7 ft tall, he is however extremely broad in the shoulders. His years of service have done little to age him, his long mane has been cut very short on the sides, with a wide mohawk running down the center of his head from front to back. His pitch black eyes a haunting reminder of who he once was, and beckoning the question if he can ever be trusted fully.

Personality: Tyranus as he has come to call himself is arrogant to the core, only matched by his malice, a dangerous combination for his foes, and even for those who would serve alongside him. No longer slow to unleash his wrath, the centuries since their failed rebellion has ushered in a crueler man. Those who voice their objections of his inclusion and rank within the Great Company are at the whim of his wrath. A close confidant of Pelegon the WarSmith, Tyranus is secure of his rank in so much as the WarSmith supports him, but he has found that employing cruel and quick measures against those who object to him to be a very effective tool. He leads through fear, giving scraps of merit and attention to those who serve him, as he was once commanded. He views The Twins, Coeus and Iapteus with a great amounts of distrust. He is loathe to aid either of The Twins in any way save for when it is of dire consequence to the XIXth as a whole, and even then he does so reluctantly.

Rank: First Captain

Armour and its appearance: Through his centuries of war alongside Pelegon he has learned the ways of the Iron Warriors and has honed impressive technical skills that only further enhance his fearsome skills in combat. His Cataphractii Terminator armor is one such representation of this, modified for his own personal use. Through painstaking and arduous tasking he has modified the mechanical workings of the armor to be far more agile than a standard suit of Cataphractii, likewise he has implemented more powerful and reliable power generators to create, to his mind a perfect implement of war. Hidden within the left vambrace is a retractable short power sword. His armor is burnished silver, the gold accented piping his highlighted with adamantium studs. His greaves are adorned with short black adamantium spikes each about 2.5 inches in length. His helmet is gold in its entirety with a crest of black running from front to back.

Weaponry and equipment: master crafted chain glaive known as the Tyrant's Blade by those who serve under Tyranus' command( 10ft in total length with 6ft chain blade section). The glaive differs from others in several ways, chiefly among them, the length of the blade is nearly doubled in comparison to a standard chain glaive. Likewise the teeth of the weapon are crafted of molecularly sharpened adamantine teeth so the teeth do not wear and the weapon cleaves with the ease of a power weapon with the added benefit of creating tearing wounds which are much more difficult to heal should an enemy survive long enough for medicae attention. Finally the mechanics of the weapon have been painstakingly tuned and maintained to run perfectly. Also carries a short power sword with him as a spare weapon. Shoulder mounted HUD-linked storm bolter on his left shoulder. His gauntlets have molecularly sharpened spikes on his four knuckles that are about 5 inches long providing him with a weapon even when he is 'unarmed'. He also carries with him an ornately decorated bolt pistol. For boarding operations or breaches that will be in close quarters Tyranus is also known to sometimes utilize a pair of Cataphractii pattern lightening claws.

Biography: Tyberus has known Pelegon for eons. At the dawn of the initial campaign of the Heresy lead by the WarMaster, Pelegon was sent to fight alongside the Fourth Company of the Night Lords. Initially Tyberus found the ways of Pelegon to be grating, but the Iron Warrior's determination was commendable, and seeing the strained alliances within the entirety of the Night Lords Legion forming he decided that creating allies in whatever capacity he could would be beneficial. Through to the end of the Heresy, Pelegon fought alongside the Night Lord Tyberus. As the news of The Night Haunter's death spread through the Legion, those that had been corrupted in total by the Lodges and the false teachings of the Word Bearers sought to usurp power. Though believing the revolt and war against the Imperium was their rightful action, Tyberus, along with Pelegon believed that calling upon demons of Chaos and becoming their puppets to 'gain' power was the path of the weak.

At this same time, the call for additional Iron Warriors to join the garrison forces stationed at Olympia was sent out. Pelegon, answered the summons to arms. "Brother Tyberus, come fight alongside us," Pelegon implored, "exact your vengeance on our foolish Brothers who still act as slaves to the False Emperor." The failing Night Lords Legion having lost its appeal, Tyberus joined Pelegon, claiming that he had orders to repay Pelegon's Commanders for the Iron Warrior's service with his Legion. But, in midnight clad, Tyberus certainly stood out from the contingent of Iron Warriors he now fought alongside. His combat style was brash, reckless and even carried hints of flourish that the Iron Warriors seemed wholly unimpressed by. Though certainly not lacking in skill, Tyberus found the battle brothers he now fought amongst to be somewhat uninspired, they, like Pelegon before his time within the Night Lords seemed to lack personal ambition, and while they were brutal and efficient warriors, they did not take the same pride in 'sending messages' as Tyberus did, a trait clearly linked to his years of service in the Night Lords.

During the time spent in transit to Olympia, Tyberus worked extensively with Pelegon, learning about the Iron Warriors, the only thing that Tyberus truly latched onto and enjoyed about them was their affinity for brutal close quarters combat. He was less than thrilled to be speaking primarily in variations of Gothic, a subject that he was quite often chided about by Pelegon, given that their first encounter involved Tyberus taking exception to being spoken to in "the language of the False Emperor's lap dogs." Yet here he was now, using it for most conversations. He found the Iron Warriors Librarium to be a more welcoming sanctum than that belonging to his own Legion. He did not fear for daggers in his back, he project the vision of a visiting warrior looking for learn about his brothers he fought alongside.

After mere months of fighting on Olympia, the WarSmith Endymion was prepared to sunder the planet and retreat, taking only a relative handful of Ultramarine and Imperial Fist lives before abandoning their stations. It was then that Pelegon revealed that his time with the Night Lords had indeed fostered something within him, the drive to seek something greater for one's self. "Tyberus, our WarSmith has grown soft and weary of combat, it is time he was relieved of his command," Pelegon spoke in hushed tones, in the small chamber that housed the Night Lord. Tyberus knew what Pelegon was asking of him, he flashed a malicious and arrogant grin, "I see...To oppose the WarSmith will be quite difficult. Endymion cannot simply be killed in his chambers and his wargear pilfered like a low brother of my Legion...But you know this already or you would not have come to me Brother Pelegon." Tyberus' low voice rumbled as he spoke, looking to the stand that carried his pastiche of MK III and MK IV power armor, the armor had been well maintained, even moreso since joining the mechanically and technically inclined Iron Warriors. Pelegon nodded, trying to read Tyberus, he knew that the Night Lord would not reveal his planned coup, but also unsure if he would secure his assistance. "Tyberus, your Brother Night Lords are shattered and without purpose now, if you join me in this you will have a purpose again." Tyberus' grin widened as he revealed his cards to Pelegon, who was a truly noble warrior. Tyberus though, he was ambitious, perhaps to a fault and he could see that though Pelegon's reasons were just, this was undoubtedly a hazardous undertaking. "We both know that a just reason for killing has never been my concern Pelegon. If I uphold my end of this bargain and you fail to uphold yours, I am dead all the same...As such I would ask for but a simple token." There was a certain amount of enjoyment Tyberus got from this high stakes bargaining, but he could see it was wearing thin on Pelegon at this point. "I will be the First Captain," his admiration of Sevetar was known to Pelegon who knew where his request was going. "Additionally, I will answer to no one. The First Company of course is yours to command, but I take orders from none, I will fight alongside you as you are a kindred warrior, but you are not my master." There was a sense of defiance in Tyberus' voice, mixed with loyalty. He would not betray Pelegon or his oaths to the Iron Warriors, but he would never again be at the whims of another.

Pelegon thought deeply for a moment before responding to the unusual request of Tyberus. "Very well, when this is done, I shall be the WarSmith and you shall be the First Captain. But know this Tyberus, I will not enforce your rank for you. You will have to earn it in the eyes of those who will serve under your command." Now it was Pelegon's turn to grin, "The First will not take kindly initially to accepting a new Captain, especially one who has just killed so venerable and well respected a Captain as Krotas." Tyberus could see in Pelegon's reaction that he had betrayed his consternation at his task.

At an assemblage of the XIXth Company Pelegon, then a Captain to a reserve company challenged Endymion to an honor duel for the title of WarSmith and leadership of the Great Company. As expected, Krotas strode forward from the ranks of the officers, staring daggers at Pelegon, hints of amusement in his eyes. "You shall face me instead," he spoke flatly, Endymion nodding his approval. The bellowing voice of Tyberus could then be heard, as he strode forward in his pastiche armor, repainted in silver and gold, the adamantium chains remained, but Tyberus carried with him a shield affixed to his left forearm that allowed him to use both hands with his power maul. Krotas gestured to the former Night Lord and laughed "What mockery is this? You have no right to challenge me Night Lord!" Pelegon interjected, "He has every right Krotas, as witnessed by our own Chaplains, Tyberus has renounced his former Legion and is a Brother of the Iron Warriors." The Reclusiarch only nodded his agreement to the fact that Tyberus was now an Iron Warrior and entitled to all such rites. "Very well then, I shall cut you even further down to size cretin and Our WarSmith shall expunge this uprising in one fell swoop."

The quip about his height made Tyberus grin underneath his helm, and he moved forward to engage in battle with Krotas. Even more challenging of an opponent than he would have imagined, Krotas was exemplary in his skills as a swordsman, easily defending attacks from the slower but stronger power maul. After seeming to toy with Tyberus for several minutes, frustrating the newly annointed Iron Warrior, Krotas moved in with a series of attacks, this time aimed to deal damage. Gouging into ceramite plates, Tyberus maneuvered in circles so as to avoid catching a blade that penetrated his armor fully. Finally he saw an opening and swung at Krotas with his power maul who easily countered and knocked the weapon from Tyberus' hands. Facing an unarmed opponent Krotas strolled forward, his sword hung lazily in his right hand at his side, Tyberus brought the shield up as if to somehow hope to deflect the onslaught that was assuredly coming. Krotas laughed as Tyberus seemed to clutch the shield with both hands, bringing his sword up high, "Now you will see the error of your ways Brother Tyberus!" the word 'Brother' spoken with no small amount of sarcasm. Suddenly there was a crackle of energy and Krotas only then realized that he had severely underestimated Tyberus' cunning and overestimated his valor. Tyberus plunged the short power sword deep into Krotas' chest, twisting the blade before bringing the blade back and stabbing the First Captain again. Even after he fell to his knees, his sword no longer grasped Krotas looked on in disgust "You-" Tyberus cut him off, thrusting the blade into his enemy's throat.

With Pelegon's success against Endymion proved far more inspiring as Pelegon seemingly had the measure of Endymion at every turn before finally bringing his massive thunder hammer to bare on Endymion's head, crushing both the man and the illusion of any prowess that he had carried.

At the official appointment of Tyberus to First Captain there was much upheaval, though none wished to stand against WarSmith Pelegon's orders, Tyberus' new station was met with open hostility. It is there that he delivered a message of his own; Now in a suit of Cataphractii pattern Terminator armor at the first mustering of his Company Tyberus ran through Ilio, the former Equerry of Krotas with his chain glaive. As he let him lay bleeding to death in front of the Tyranthikos he motioned down at the dying Astartes at his feet, "I know this man will not follow me into battle, so I have no need for him!" Tyberus scanned his Brother Iron Warriors, looked out onto his Tyranthikos Company. "You are the Tyranthikos, known throughout the Imperium, I will make sure we are known throughout the Imperium as the greatest, most savage fighting unit in the Universe and we shall be at the fore of every critical assault of our XIXth Great Company lead by Pelegon the WarSmith! Know me now Brothers, I will reward your successes richly, but any who wish to retreat, any who wish to oppose the XIXth shall die at my hand. Know me now as Captain Tyranus!" From that moment on Captain Tyranus was 'born', cunning, savage and above all, loyal to the WarSmith Pelegon.

However in the aftermath of his corronation and at witnessing his murder of Brother Ilio, some veterans of the First Company were displeased with the notion of a former Night Lord taking command and sought to leave the Company. When Tyranus first caught word of this he immediately ordered all under his command to find and kill those who would abandon their Company. He was less concerned with the Astartes that were seeking to leave and more intent on keeping their prized wargear in possesion of the First Company, chief among them being suits of Terminator armor. Knowing the gene purist beliefs of The Twins, Coeus and Iapetus immediately came to mind when it proved difficult to track down those Brothers who had abandonned First Company.

Proof of sorts emerged some time after when former First Company veterans were seen amongst the 7th Company and their boarding specialist contingents. How Tyranus came across this information is up for speculation, but it is believed that the Captain of the 3rd Lucian The Shadowed made sure that the First Captain knew the whereabouts of those veterans that he now hunted. To what end is unknown, but one could surmise that perhaps the 3rd Captain would not have been disappointed had The First gone to war with the 7th Company. Or perhaps he viewed Tyranus as a Brother Captain like himself who was not of pure Iron Warrior stock and saw an opportunity to perhaps strike at the Twins and their antiquated beliefs as the Grand Company changed around them. Tyranus himself does not know to this day, he only knows his actions at the discovery of this information.

"You are harboring that which belongs to me Iapetus! I care not for the men you now harbor, if you wish to take on battle brothers so weak as to abandon their Company so be it. But neither you nor they have the right to be in possession of Terminator armors that rightfully belong to the First!" Tyranus bellowed over the vox comm, from his flagship, the aptly named Iron Tyrant. Though the 7th Company outnumbered the First by some margin it was not an insurmountable proposition in the eyes of Tyranus, and those within First Company began to rally around their new Captain, viewing his pursuit of cherished relics of the First Company as upholding the honor of the First, their honor.

The response that came in return from Iapetus is notorious throughout the First Company and is still a topic that can bring veterans of the First to ire. "Of course you are right 'Captain' Tyranus," There was a sarcastic, venomous tone with which Iapetus spoke the word "Captain" and as he continued Tyranus' temper would not be tamed for much longer. "However, if you would like to reclaim the Astartes who have left your Company, or the wargear they have taken with them you will have to come take them from us as they belong to the 7th Company now." These were words of open war as far as Tyranus was concerned and he immediately gave orders for preparations for boarding operations declaring "We have all fought Brothers who have betrayed us before, we shall murder more today!"

"Captain, incoming teleportation!" a Brother at the helm of sensory equipment yelled out as the WarSmith himself entered the bridge barking orders to those around him, with a cadre of elite shock troops, the message was very clear, Tyranus would comply or find himself in combat with Pelegon. Speaking so that all parties could hear him, The WarSmith decreed that any Brothers who had already reached the 7th Company were to be considered members of the 7th. However he also stressed that any further acts of desertion would be met with martial punishment.

In the immediate aftermath of the War that Wasn't Tyranus enacted a Company wide cull. Brothers who were suspected of aiding any to escape to the 7th were murdered, those who were suspected of not being loyal were killed in front of their brothers with the rhetoric of them being disloyal to the First. Cultivating a zealot-like adherence of loyalty to the First Company, Tyranus set about bringing in Veteran presence often in the form of taking the choicest 'recruits' from warbands and the like that sought to join the XIXth. The First Company is still a majority of Astartes possessing Iron Warriors gene seed, however there is a growing number of Brothers with other gene seeds.

To this day the rivalry and mutual disdain is strong between the zealot like and savage Tyranthikos of First Company and the 7th Company.

LordNecross 09-08-14 12:12 AM

Name: Adriun Gearull "Titan Breaker"

Age: Biologically 362 years old (Warp Time roughly 3000 since recruitment)

Homeworld: Void Born (Cadian/mixed)

Gene-seed: Olympian (Unless you suggest another)

Physical Appearance: Adriun has stark white hair that is short length and well groomed, facially he has a white goatee with a black strip in the middle on his chin. He has three Adamantium studs on his forehead arranged in a triangular pattern. His nose is average and slightly pointed, it has a scar on the bridge of his nose were a las-shot skimmed him. His cheeks and jaw are prominent but overall he is rather fair for a marine, his skin pale from lack of sun. His irises are different colors, one purple and one red showing mixed heritage. Beyond that he is rather normal for an Astartes in physical description, except for a single tattoo that never sees the light of day on his lower back.

Personality: Not Unfriendly but usually serious, as fits his station. He keeps his opinions to himself in terms of politics, but if Daemons are discussed he makes sure to give his two cents if asked. He is passionate for technology and finds a peace in working on tech and studying it, whether it be repairing a Tank or studying Xeno Tech.

Rank: The Master of the Forge

Armour and its appearance: Full Suit of Artificer Grade Mark III "Iron Armour", composed of Adamantium from his first Titan kill. It is well polished and maintained, showing pride in its up keep. It is a dark Iron color with a shiny Brass colored trim, the left Shoulder has the company Symbol surrounded by a Cog of Brass, and the other a brass Imperial Eagle that was not removed for want of a better time, and the scheme on this shoulder has black and Yellow Warning stripes. He has about five Mechandrites attached to the Armour's back, one a Heavy Mechadrite for lifting while the other four are customize-able and used for precision work.

Weaponry and equipment:
Heavy Weapon of choice: Auto-Cannon with Custom Ammunition(HE, Armor Piercing, other fun stuff), or Las Cannon
Melee set up: Custom Artisan Power Sword, with his Power Shield and his Pride and Joy Pistol the Volkite Serpenta.
Power Sword Description: His power sword is long, on both sides of the blade shaped like the square undulations of a gear, with the end of the sword coming to a point, The cross gaurd is the Iron Warrior Skull Insignia with a Half Cog attached as a hand guard, the pommel being a skull representative of the Mechanicus. The Fuller of the blade appears to blade looks like Iron, and along its length is written "Iron Within" in High Gothic. The blade itself is a purposeful Alloy of Iron and Adamantium, its edges mono-molecular and even without its power field on it has a vibrating function to also augment its cutting abilities. When the Power field is on it emanates a dull red glow along its length.
Power Shield Description: The Shield is Large and round and its outer edge like a Gear with its square spokes. It is composed mostly of Plas-Steel with a coating of adamantium and then a layer of Iron on top of it. It has the Master of the forge Insignia Embossed on it and painted with black and yellow, Bellow the Iron Warriors Skull is written in High Gothic "Iron Without".

Equipment: Heavy Clamp Mechandrite w/ a Built in plasma cutter. 4 Mechadrite Tentacles that can be equipt with weapons or tools, In combat He prefers Hellguns or Meltas to be attached to the Tentacles. He has a Reductor Shield built in to his modified powersource pack, to enhance his durability while maintaining armor more mobile that Terminator Armor. Carries Melta-Bombs for sabotage in combat. His Helmets internal components have an advanced hud display for both combat and organizing data and instructions.
Adriun Gearull was born in the void on an Imperial Civilian Star ship part of a mobile Asteroid mining operation in Segmentum Obscurus. He lived roughly ten years of his life on that ship before the mining fleet was assaulted by remnants of Hive Fleet Tiamet, a majority of the fleet was quickly destroyed by the creatures, but Adriun's Home vessel, the Civilian Cruiser the Comet Breaker, escaped the thickest of it in a dense Asteroid field where the Large Space Creatures couldn't reach. The on board Defense force prepared for borders, and so were greeted by boarding creature that spewed hordes of lesser beings into the hull of the ship.

Meanwhile, while the troops fought bravely against a ravenous foe, Adriun's Parents had hid deep within the ship, where it would take a while for the creature to make it to them. Adriun's Father being a mine worker was a brawny man, but he had a passion for tinkering and devised a defense to give his family more time, in the hope someone would save them. He rigged a Mining laser up to ship Capacitors and the ships power grid, and he left Adriun in his mother's care that hopefully he could distract the beasts by acting as a bigger threat.

His Father's improvised weapon was devastating, easily as power as a las cannon with a much higher rate of fire. When the Ships defense force finally succumbed, Adriun's father began to have to actually fight, supported by his fellow workers who also wished to somehow save their families. The beasts coming down the corridor met excessive force, from mining explosives to plasma cutter traps, and finally the High powered Mining laser. The Beasts immediately took them for the greater threat, and assaulted. This proved effective for only so long.

The staunch defenders however were not too last, and soon the foul beasts had devoured them after a clever routing through the ventilation. As they were devoured would be only a short time before their famlies would be devoured as well. Adriun's Mother knew they were done for, but decided that the best thing she could do for her child was get him into a life boat, and so they ran aft of the ship as the sounds of the families behind them being eaten intensified as well as the scurries of beasts. Soon they made it to the life boat and he put him in and set him inside, she would have come with him had not two fleshy hooks suddenly appeared lodged in her back, she handed Adriun a necklace and gave him a look that said him much she loved him, and she hit the door shutting mechanism as the hooked tendrils yanked her into the darkness to some unknown and horrible fate. He clutched the Necklace and wept for his loss, as the shuttle pod launched him far into deep space.

It was several days before he was to be discovered, the Tyrannid scouting fleet long gone, from anyone's notice be it Imperial, Xeno or Traitor. On the days that followed, He began to starve and had no way of long distance communications. His life aboard the ship though had afforded him some skills and he managed to rig and boost the short range comms enough that at least a passing ship would be able to notice him from a decent astronomical distance. His saviors would be as cold as the metal that cradled him now, as the consistent ping was picked up by an Iron Warriors strike cruiser, headed by the current at the time Primus Medicae. They were currently on a search for Recruits, and the ping interested them.

What they found was a small life shuttle and after some scans they determined there was a single small life aboard the vessel, and much to the Medicae's Satisfaction it was a candidate of the right genetic composition. They captured the shuttle and brought it aboard and brought the boy out, he gave him a medical survey and determined that his scans were indeed correct, he had his men get the boy fed and they kept him in the crew chambers as they continued their search for more recruits, by preforming a raid into a an Imperial Civilian center in the lesser patrolled areas of the sector. During his time aboard the vessel he came to learn his saviors were not Imperial at all, and were in fact known traitors, but none the less he had to be grateful of not starving to death in a metal tomb.

So within the vessel, Adriun sad and grieving, surrounded by the hard and uncaring marines, he came to be grateful he had been salvaged. It took time but the boy accepted his fate, and so was put on the path that would lead him to what he would become, within the XIXth Grand Company.

Training was brutal, and took place among the nearly 300 fellow recruits of which few would make it, and so Adriun had to carve out a name for himself or become simply a number in the casualties of training. In tests that involved tech Adriun was always the quickest to find a problem and fix it, whether it be disassembling a bolter and reassembling it, he had the fastest time always or if it was to repair a Rhino's main Generator, he always managed to find the most efficient solution. In combat he proved himself capable with Heavy weapons, but equally capable in Close quarters as he was precise with both Pistol and sword. His tech savviness was eventually noticed by his fellow Iron Warriors and he was selected for specialist tech training, he seemed to take after his father's tinkering, something he would think to himself at times. He continued his normal training as well as his specialist training, and the years went by as he progressed to become a full Brother, surviving the first augmentative steps in his teens, he now was ready for trial by fire as a scout where he would earn his nickname.

The Iron Warriors had a resource operation within real-space on a planet within Segmentum Obscurus, the Planet was designated Agrisia Ferrum or Iron Fields. The world was long since been abandoned by mankind and had several wrecks from the Dark Ages of man, however sadly the STC found there had been destroyed beyond the ability to replicate. This meant neither the Imperium or the Iron Warriors would have it. However as the World's name indicated, the planet was extremely rich in minerals, having enough resources to fuel several forge worlds for centuries, and it seemed the Imperium held no records of this world meaning the Iron Warriors finding it was all the more desirable. However with so much activity from the traitor legion was bound to attract loyalist attention. The Imperials responded with a fleet and a Titan Legion as well as with legions of troops and armor to push the Iron Warriors from the bountiful but arid planet. A few weeks into the campaign Adriun was deployed with some of his fellow Brother-scouts to note the positions of the Titans deployed on the surface. As they surveyed the arid plains of the dry planet from atop a craggy plateau they noted the positions of the approaching Titans and noticed one was extremely close to their position and would pass elbow level with the Titan. The Titan was a Warlord class Titan designated His Lord's Wisdom, and they knew of the machines advanced scanning systems, luckily for them though the day was very hot and so they took to the dry shrubs and covered themselves with hot sand to blend in with the background heat so they would match the surface heat. Adriun knew the machine would pass close, and he felt emboldened as he looked at the encroaching behemoth, he marveled at the technology behind it and realized, he knew how to take it down. He studied Titans long in his studies to advance and become a Tech-Marine, and knew many of the Vital systems involved in its infrastructure, it was not unlike the Star Ship he grew up on. And so he told his fellows of his plan, they would take their Melta bombs and save at least two for Adriun. With the others they would attempt to disable the arm weapon, he ordered them to immediately retreat to make the Imperials think it was a mere Sabotage run while he made his way in through the puncture to sabotage the main reactor.

His fellow scouts were far from sure of the plan, but the dead seriousness in Adriun's voice swayed them to his plan. So they waited and His Lord's Wisdom was upon them, and they jumped from cover and planted charges in key areas and leaped back to the Plateau and retreated, with the smoke cover from the Damage Adriun managed to get on the Titan and make his way into the arm and up to the shoulder. The Titan sensory equipment being focused on his comrades allowed him in unnoticed and he needed to act fast, and try not to alert the crew, as even though it was composed of lesser men, it was only his Blade and pistol against hundreds. He decided the best thing to do was to trick the security system on board to draw the forces to a different quadrant so he could have a straight shot at the main reactor. He traveled through the Ventilation as best he could an managed to find a computer routing node, he took some of his tech equipment from training to jack in and mess with the machine spirit as best he could, after rearranging some wires manually he set off the alarm that a boarding had occurred away from his current position, and it didn't take long before he heard the shouts of troops and tread of running boots. It was now or never, when he was sure the distraction had been sufficient he dropped down one of the vent shafts and another till he was at the right level, and he broke through the grating.

He barreled down the corridors until he was at the main Generator, it pulsing blue glow generating enough power to fuel the machine god. He set up the explosives in key positions and hard locked the timers to give him just enough time to exit with the titan's boarding pods. He got down, having had to climb up to find the best positions, and as soon as he turn around a las shot grazed his face, searing a wound across the bridge of his nose, and he saw the Titan's Tech-Priest. The Priest sputtered at him that he was befouling the Machine spirit, and that he was a smudge in the sight of the Omnissiah. Adriun simply leered at the Ignorant Tech-Priest and dodged his next las shot and put a bolt round into his head, popping it soundly. Alarms set off again as the real threat had been realized, The Crew would be on him shortly so he ran. He fought his way through, slashing and shooting the few that made it to him and he leaped into a boarding pod and launched himself immediately. As his pod launched the timers hit zero and as the pod flew through the air, not on the typical course to burrow into an enemy fortification but now an impromptu escape pod. His Lord's Wisdom went up in glorious plasma and promethium fuel flame as the thick hull cracked and broke and blew out, it brought the machine god low as it crumbled in and oozed its admantine slag. In the chaos that followed, Adriun retreated and regrouped with the other scouts, who were quite amazed with it, they asked him how he pulled it off and Adriun shrugged and simply said, "I broke it." He had brought honor to the XIXth Grand Company, one that ensure he received full Brotherhood not long after the end of the Campaign.

After Returning he received the last of his augmentation and received his full suit, A Mark III suit that was some say refurbished with salvage from his titan kill, and not long after that he was sent off to complete his training as a Tech-Marine, to become an artisan in the forges of the Iron Warriors, where he would prove his craft and become Master of the Forge for the Grand Company.

The Warpsmith 09-08-14 01:34 AM

Name: Viktor Aramorae

Age: Madness has consumed this knowledge

Homeworld: Olympia

Gene-Seed: Iron Warriors

Physical Appearance: 99% Bionic (resembling a skeleton), with only the brain as organic

Personality: Cold and Calculating, paranoid and arrogant, slightly maddened by the unending toil of war and forge

Rank: Freelance Warpsmith (freelance for Iron Warriors specifically)

Armor: Viktor is equipped with pieces of Mk II Crusader armor. Specifically his legs from the knees down, his torso, shoulders, and helmet

Weaponry/Equipment: Custom Power Axe (Ommnisiah variant), Combi-Melta, Mechatendrils (Flamer, Melta, clamps, torches for metal-work)

Bio: Viktor Aramorae is an ancient and dedicated Warpsmith, starting as a Techmarine of the Iron Warriors Legion during the Great Crusade. His lack of respect for the Machine Spirit of the equipment of the Imperium earned him the ire of the Techpriests of Mars early in his career. When Perturabo's Legion turned against the Imperium Viktor was finally free to manipulate the devices of his Legion as he saw fit. With this freedom came the ability to construct terrible warmachines and even meld flesh and metal into one.

After Horus' defeat Viktor gained access to the Soul Forge within the Eye of Terror and learned of whole new ways to create machines of death. He broke from his Grand Company and creates for any Iron Warrior warband who is willing to trade materials for his work. Although Viktor is more than willing to bind Daemons to his constructs he bows to no Gods and laughs at the idea of letting Chaos control him. To him the Warp is a resource to be bent and formed into a weapon to strike against the weak Imperium. Viktor often ventures out with various Iron Warrior groups where his services may be needed and new and terrible weapons of war can be recovered from fallen foes...

LordNecross 09-08-14 07:10 AM

And Now I finished up my background. If I need to make changes let me know.

Nol 09-08-14 07:48 AM

Boxagonapus, Krymson86, and Necross, consider yourselves in. Necross, I would just ask that you modify your backstory slightly, as there are a few problems with it:

1. The Iron Warriors would not engage a Tyranid hive fleet for the sake of a child, no matter how good, and as it's currently the 37th millennium the Tyranids haven't actually appeared in realspace yet.

2. The Primus Medicae, if he did go aboard, would not be so nice to a child, and would certainly not have treated the mother that well. You must remember that the IVth were extremely unpopular back in the day due to the utter lack of sanctity regarding human life; more likely he would have shot the mother in the face and taken the baby.

@The Warpsmith : I can't take a mercenary aboard a Grand Company, and that application is a bit lacking. I mean, "99% bionic, resembling a skeleton" isn't giving us a huge amount to go off. Other sections are also lacking in detail. Look at how beefy the other three apps are!

Deus Mortis 09-08-14 10:46 AM

Hopefully I'll get time to make and post an Epistolary character. That is, unless it's claimed first. Then I'll come up with something else

LordNecross 09-08-14 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Nol (Post 1886410)
Boxagonapus, Krymson86, and Necross, consider yourselves in. Necross, I would just ask that you modify your backstory slightly, as there are a few problems with it:

1. The Iron Warriors would not engage a Tyranid hive fleet for the sake of a child, no matter how good, and as it's currently the 37th millennium the Tyranids haven't actually appeared in realspace yet.

2. The Primus Medicae, if he did go aboard, would not be so nice to a child, and would certainly not have treated the mother that well. You must remember that the IVth were extremely unpopular back in the day due to the utter lack of sanctity regarding human life; more likely he would have shot the mother in the face and taken the baby.

1. Ah ok. I Actually researched that the Nids had a fleet around M35(Hive Fleet Tiamat) and that the remnants were spotted a few times after its supposed destruction. At least according to Lexicanum.

2. Easily fixed, I'll put an Ass Hat on his head this time.

Edit: I changed the personalities and reconnected much of it, I still kept the Nids though as it seems their were Scout fleets here and their this one was Tiamat specifically. So it wasn't discovered and so Imperial documents remain correct. It will remain an isolated incident like the possible countless and unknown others.

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