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GreenSkylord 10-01-14 06:07 PM

Thanks, I didn't use actual Scots clans or anything. We Scots have to stick together :)

Romero's Own 10-01-14 08:06 PM

Update is now posted! Sorry for how slow it was guys, I had a lot of stuff I still had to sort behind the scenes. But we're good to go now! So get those posts up.

LordNecross 10-01-14 09:09 PM

Time for a diplomatic move. I hopes dey lieks me. :P

GreenSkylord 10-10-14 08:03 PM


LordNecross 10-10-14 08:41 PM

Gotta wait on everyone else to post bro. Also the site is looking funky again. :/ Background is white now.

GreenSkylord 10-10-14 10:39 PM

I thought it was weekly updates and if you didn't post your nation just did nothing?

LordNecross 10-11-14 12:56 AM

I think Romero's just being more lenient. Who knows. I don't think making update's for this is easy.

Romero's Own 10-11-14 02:35 PM

It's not so much the update that's the work, it's working out everything that happens each turn.

And there's not much point if only a handful of people have posted. And I don't think I ever said anything about weekly, that would be almost impossible ;P

Romero's Own 10-17-14 12:34 PM

Come on guys. Everyone needs to post!!

Bone2pick 10-17-14 02:07 PM

I'll have mine up next week.

Romero's Own 10-26-14 01:21 PM

Okay, I'm really sorry to everyone who has been taking part in this or following it, but to put it simply, shit has hit the fan and any spare time I would have had is now going to be sucked into a void of problems that I need to fix.

So sorry, but I'm going to pull the plug on this and send Darkness Reborn back to the archives. I might have been able to keep it ticking over if everyone had been posting, but I just don't have the time or energy to chase down people who don't post. So thanks for taking part while it lasted, but sorry I couldn't see it through to the end, or anywhere near it even.

Santaire 10-26-14 04:47 PM

I'm really sorry mate. I've been absent from the site for a while due to a serious lack of time and little inspiration to write, so you're not to blame in any way for my lack of posting

LordNecross 10-27-14 06:23 AM

Shit. Oh well. was a cool idea. Hopefully it can be ressurected or reincarnated as something else in the future. *Or maybe a Character Driven RP with the universe so far created as a background >.>*

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