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Romero's Own 09-06-14 03:51 PM

Landlocked I can definitely do. And I'm sure I'll be able to snuggle you up to a mountain or two.

revan4559 09-06-14 03:52 PM

You already know what im after.

Romero's Own 09-06-14 03:54 PM

Of course. I've got a spot on the map that should suit you just fine.

LordNecross 09-06-14 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by Romero's Own (Post 1884570)
While we wait for a couple of others to get their sheets up, can I get some people preferences as of positioning? Just vague stuff like "landlocked" or "mountains"

Pretty sure I described it in my sheet.

Pale Dominion is a mountainous region that is land locked as well. It has some plains and flat areas at its outer edges though.

Romero's Own 09-06-14 06:49 PM

Okay, I should be able to do that. You guys all seem to like mountains!

Krymson86 09-06-14 07:50 PM

It's because errbody wants to imitate my awesome mountain and landlocked style. It's cool guys, just see it as flattery :P

LordNecross 09-06-14 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Krymson86 (Post 1884930)
It's because errbody wants to imitate my awesome mountain and landlocked style. It's cool guys, just see it as flattery :P

Thanks for the flattery then. As my CIv had it first if anyone read my sheet. :P

Bone2pick 09-08-14 02:13 PM

Updated my Civ's history, eventually I'll detail every capital. As for my location- completely coastal wetland. Looking forward to seeing the map.

Angel of Lies 09-08-14 05:26 PM

Swamps and bogs. Lots of swamps and bogs. Rivers too.

Bone2pick 09-09-14 01:52 PM

if we can get enough interest I'd be willing to create a character RP to run along side this. Unlike the last one though I'm not sure the trait aspect will be necessary, but if most of the players prefer them to stay in then I can include them.

Romero, you would be able to join in if you so desired.

Krymson86 09-09-14 02:36 PM

I'd be interested in a character based rp in this setting

Romero's Own 09-09-14 03:10 PM

Excellent news Bone2Pick! I'd love to have you running a character based RP alongside! But I won't join, instead sitting back and allowing you to run it as well as helping you out with any lore or legends you need.

Bone2pick 09-09-14 03:34 PM

I'll start constructing a story premise while researching through the previous character RP. Again Romero, your welcome to join since the scale and scope of the this RP won't topple nations. I can't imagine a conflict of interest that would have negative ramifications for the main civilization RP. And of course I will use you as a lore and setting resource.

LordNecross 09-09-14 06:20 PM

I already have a character planned out in case a character RP starts.

Krymson86 09-09-14 11:28 PM

You could ham it up and have emissaries from each kingdom on some unified mission against the darkness while their nations are potentially fighting each other

Bone2pick 09-10-14 11:42 AM

What I have in mind is an Argo inspired situation. Basically the PCs will be visiting a foreign NPC nation that is on the verge of a violent revolution. I'll describe the nation and why your character may be there.

LordNecross 09-12-14 09:15 PM

How many building can I build at once? or is it one per province?

revan4559 09-12-14 09:17 PM

one per turn per province i believe.

Romero's Own 09-12-14 09:40 PM

Revan is right, one per province.

revan4559 09-12-14 10:04 PM

My post is almost done so you know. Just need to get my military moves done.

Vaz 09-12-14 10:16 PM

Argh, dammit, was just beginning to start writing up a post to get a faction ready when I just saw the thread go up. I've got more time to spare now that I originally thought I would - is there any chance I can still join up?

Apologies if this messes you around.

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LordNecross 09-13-14 05:36 AM

I am confused. I thought Mithril was a perk, not something tradeable.

Also Krymson a Discrepency you only have one town province, and you are trying to train three professional units.

Villages can't train professional units I thought. and Towns can only train one at a time.

revan4559 09-13-14 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by LordNecross (Post 1891994)
I am confused. I thought Mithril was a perk, not something tradeable.

Also Krymson a Discrepency you only have one town province, and you are trying to train three professional units.

Villages can't train professional units I thought. and Towns can only train one at a time.

Ah but ive found a trade partner with which i can gain Mithril Armour and weapons from. In exchange for 1 sorcerer and 1 unit of warlocks per 10 suits.

Romero's Own 09-13-14 02:41 PM

@Vaz I'd be happy to have you on board, and I'm sure I'll be able to slip you into the map if you get a sheet up quick!
@LordNecross Sorry for not explaining earlier, but any traits are tradable between nations, to reflect the sharing of knowledge between allies. And you're right about Krymson, but it looks like he's fixed it now.

Vaz 09-13-14 02:59 PM

I'll be able to get one up by this time tomorrow, I'd get it finished tonight, but I'm on my way out and won't be back until the early hours. Apologies for that. I have an idea for the race that might make it easier to help you place them, though.

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Romero's Own 09-13-14 03:07 PM

Looking forward to seeing it!

Santaire 09-14-14 02:23 PM

Nation Name: The Republic of Esterwynne (Pronounced Ester-win)

Chosen Colour for Nation: Silver or Grey

Nation Government Type: Republic

People of Importance:



Nation History:

Extra Information



Well, isn’t that a monster. To those wondering, I stole the prophecy from the ‘Wheel of Time’ series by Robert Jordan with a few edits.

I might add more to the history at a later date. I also might add some more Important People as the rp goes on.

I hope you don't have a problem with my Magical Theory Romero. It actually took a little while to think of what I was going to use before ending up on that

Bone2pick 09-16-14 11:35 AM

@Angel of Lies

I'll send you a pm with a brief pitch from my diplomat. That way we can have everything worked out by next turn.

Romero's Own 09-16-14 04:10 PM

I'll get back to all of you that are attacking with the new way combat works and tell you the results.

Whispering Doubt 09-20-14 01:40 PM

Hey there, just happened by this thread and it looks really interesting. I've done similarish RPs in the past elsewhere, and was wondering if there was still time to get a nation up? No worries if not, I notice the Action thread is already going.

Bone2pick 09-21-14 11:27 AM

Update coming soon?

Santaire 09-21-14 11:54 AM

So my post is up. First half of it is essentially just introducing two people who'll end up important in my story.

I hope you enjoy reading from the Dragon Lord's POV and I look forward to screwing with your heads with him as my main tool. Hey, thousands of years of memories are crammed in that head of his, who knows what he'll say or do next next

Romero's Own 09-21-14 02:22 PM

Update in the next few days. Great posts from everyone by the way!

Whispering Doubt 09-21-14 09:53 PM


Sorry to bother you again, you might've missed my post on the last page (it needed "moderator approval" so it might not show up for you), but I was just wondering if it's too late to join up? This looks like a great roleplay and you seem to really know what you're doing with it and how everything works.

Romero's Own 09-21-14 09:57 PM

@Whispering Doubt : First of all, welcome to the forum! And secondly, it would be tricky to slip you in now, but no means impossible! All you'd need to do is write up a nation sheet, and then I'll swap you in for of the NPC nations that are already on the map.

So sheet up as soon as possible!

Whispering Doubt 09-21-14 10:03 PM

Fantastic! *to microsoft word*

Whispering Doubt 09-21-14 11:12 PM

Nation Name: Thuzamor Collective

Chosen Colour for Nation: Purple-lined dark grey

People of Importance: Archon Nalia, Archon Caedon, Huntmaster Ubrek, The High Predator

Races: Humans and Elves (+2 free Military traits)


Nation History


Lots of gaps at the moment, it's getting quite late where I am so I've put up what I've got so far just to fill out the sheet in case there's an update soon and you want to slot me in. I don't mind either way, I'm going to flesh out the sheet tomorrow so this is more a placeholder right now. :)

EDIT: Gaps filled - let me know if anything needs changing!

GreenSkylord 09-30-14 09:33 PM

Are you still accepting nations?

GreenSkylord 10-01-14 01:18 PM


Nation Name: Confederation of Scotian Clans

Chosen Colour for Nation: Light Grey

People of Importance: Chief Duncan Robertson, Chief Angus MacNeil, Chief Robert MacDonald, Chief Scott MacCalman

Races: Humans and Dwarves


National Trait - Black Powder

Army Type - For King and Country!

Conscript Military Units - None

Professional Military Units
-Heavy Infantry
-Light Cavalry

Navy Type - Iron Waves

Navy Units

Flight Type - They Shall Fall

Flight Units

Military Traits
-Soldiers of the Line
-Smell of Sulfur
-Kill them from a distance(free-humans)
-Mithril Armour (free-dwarf racial)

Naval Traits
-Ship Building
-Ship Artillery

Flight Traits

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits

Elemental Magic Traits

Illusion Magic Traits

Technology Traits
-This is my Boomstick
-Steam Engine
-Controlled Flight

Racial Traits - Farming is in the Blood(humans)
Gems in the Rough(dwarves)

Nation History -
Originally independent clans with their own land and military power, the Confederation was created when the clans looked ready to be almost destroyed by a powerful foe. Throwing aside their differences they joined together in an alliance and managed to crush their enemies.

Since then, they have consolidated strength and trained a well drilled and tough army of pikemen and Arquebussers, as well as Mosstroopers and cannon to fight for them. In the field they tend to form ranks and engage the enemy head on, while the cavalry crush the flanks. Their cannon fire salvos of grape and round shot to crush through infantry and horse, as well as defences.

The main governing body is the Chief's council, where the 4 highest ranking chieftains vote on issues, in extreme times, they will elect a High Chief to rule over the confederation.


-30 units of Mosstroopers(Light Cav):
Lightly armoured horsemen, specialising in ambush and harrying tactics.
1'500 men
-70 units of Highland Clansmen(heavy infantry):
Highland soldiers armed with basket hilt broadswords, dirks and pike. Armoured in a heavy steel breastplate and wearing their kilts in clan tartan, they form the melee corp of the line infantry.
1'750 men
-20 units of Heavy Cannon(Artillery):
Heavy cannon used to punch holes in the lines of soldiers and in walls.
20 cannons
-80 units of Highland Foot(Arquebussers):
Men armed with guns, who form ranks and fire mass volley after mass volley into enemy ranks. Like clansmen, they wear kilts in the colours of their clan and weild a basket hilt broadsword, although they are not as proficient with it.
2'000 men

-50 units of Ironclads

-60 units of Interceptors

Full Strength of Military Force - 5'250 men, 20 cannons, 60 interceptors and 50 ironclads.

Romero's Own 10-01-14 05:48 PM

You know what GreenSkylord, just because I haven't updated yet, and I want more people with a navy, and you're of course a totally not obvious version of Scotland, I'll slip you in if I can!

To the rest of you, I should have an update ASAP now that everyone has gotten back to me regarding battles etc.

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