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Vaz 09-01-14 11:07 PM

I'm getting mine written up now. Seems kind of different, almost Total Warish.

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Krymson86 09-02-14 12:07 AM

Nation Name: Soverign Nation of Issyria

Chosen Colour for Nation: Teal

People of Importance:
The Council of Issyria- A council of 8, including at all times 4 members who are of Elven descent and 4 who are Human so that any issue may be discussed from all perspectives. These are elected members of council who decide on the internal matters of Issyria.

SunLord Daleros Iss’yrien – The position of SunLord is solely a military title. This is a title that is earned through extensive training and success in the field of battle and is only given at the behest of the Council of Issyria. During times of war, emergency powers can be granted to The SunLord, but he is only in charge of military decisions and is not a national leader outside of the field of war. Daleros is the eldest of three brothers to their father Nyluko who was in his time also The Sun Lord. Always striving to live up to his Father’s reputation, which is a near insurmountable task the weight of his Father’s expectations are heavy on his shoulders. A great leader of Elves and Men, though he can sometimes be too firm of hand when it comes to his opinions on Outsiders. 380 years old

Arch Magi Kyria Sa’vylia – The most powerful of the Magi in Issyria, Kyria is a War Magi, though still considered young for her station, her abilities are without equal. It is rumored that she is connected to the Earth in such harmony that she can raise new mountain ranges at her whim. The land, the air, the stars themselves are rumored to be at her beck and call. While this has not been fully proven (or disproven) it is without question that she is one of the most powerful Magi that Issyria has ever seen. 190 years old

Magister Troya Iss’yrien – The youngest brother of the Iss’Yrien heirs, the gift of strategy does not come as easily to him as to his two brothers. As the youngest he has always been somewhat prone to mischief, in spite of being the least similar to him, Nyluko his father always looked upon him with the warmest of smiles. Troya was the one who was most connected to the Earth and gifted a oneness with his surroundings that even his legendary father wished he could experience. 200 years old

Magister Eluna Zyrah – Eluna possesses a striking beauty that is foreign and otherworldly, though certainly not that of an elf. Her black hair stands in stark contrast to her bright blue eyes, which have been known to glow when she is focusing her energies. She has been gifted with the abilities to commune with the Earth and call upon it in times of need. She is one of the more powerful Magi within Issyria and is also noted to be one of the better horse riders as well, noted to be on par with some of the cavalrymen. 35 years old.

Sun Strider Captain Ayendyl Iss’yrien – The middle child of Lykuro, to the outsider looking in it would seem that he has been judged unfairly by his father. He has few if any equals in terms of riding ability and it is rumored that he is even better than his brother Daleros on horseback. A boast which he is quick to hush and quash, though any who have seen him ride would be hard pressed to believe he is not the best cavalryman in Issyria and maybe the world. His bond with his horse Kyuka is legendary, the horse who can read her masters mind so they say. Ayendyl is a well respected and revered leader of his men, an impeccable strategist and a fearsome warrior. Still, he is judged in comparison to Delaros and Lyuko, to whom he can never truly compare unless he were to become Sun Lord, a title he has no interest in carrying, especially as that mantle would mean the death of his eldest brother.

Sun Guard Thane Xatheros La’ryah – A grizzled veteran and extremely competent commander of the Sun Guard, Xatheros is old enough to have fought in the final years against the Warlord’s Hordes and in the aftermath skirmishes against the once allies of Issyria. He is distrusting of Outsiders, but cares greatly for all of the men who serve with him, knowing the names and ages of the family members of all those who serve beside him. A very compassionate and caring man outside of times of war, but a terrible force to be reckoned with in battle. 450 years old

Sun Guard Lancsour Kaleros La’Garro – The title of Lancsour is one given only to one in every Great Company of the Sun Guard. It is a title that does not guarantee any particular rank, rather he or she who carries the rank of Lancsour wields the responsibility of being the Champion of that Great Company. Kaleros is a swordsman gifted beyond his years and station, but his humility at such an honor is equally impressive. It is known to his friends that in some ways he wishes he had other gifts, for in his own words “There are times I wish that I could have been blessed with an innate prowess in something that was not so destructive as swordsmanship.” The response that was given to him by his Company Thane Xatheros La’Ryah is equally noted and sometimes recanted to inspire men as their resolve dwindles, “The Nation of Issyria is ever thankful for our gifts in the ways of destruction, for we are the protectors of those with the gifts of creation.” 240 years old.

Sun Guard Thane Veya Skyrla – Upon first meeting, few would suspect that Veya, fit as she is would be a commanding member of the Sun Guard. She has the respect and adoration of those who fight alongside her for her leadership and unflinching heart. Veya’s shocking mane of black hair flows behind her as she often dives head first into combat, her full plate following a more feminine curve to be wieldly for her frame. 29 years old

DuskGuard Captain Kreos Ulrath – A veteran Captain of the reserve army the Dusk Guard. He has only ever had to lead forest patrols and light skirmishes, as much of the major warfare involving Issyria happened before his time, and certainly nothing severe enough to warrant the rallying of the Dusk Guard. He is a competent officer who views what he does as necessary for the protection and safety of not just his own wife and child at home, but also for all of those making their home in Issyria. 50

DuskGuard Lona Terida – Lona is a member of the Dusk Guard and she is largely untested in her role, having only served in patrols but hardly having to fight. She is weary of the rampant death that is associated with war. 26

DuskGuard Thane Ilyria Ny’kalia – Ilyria is a professional soldier who operates with the Dusk Guard. She is a competent and courageous leader though she has not had to prove it in battle outside of poachers and the like. 205

Population: 5 Million
4 Million Elves, 1 Million Humans


National Traits

Army Type
--For King and Country!

Military Traits
-Superior Forging
-Mithril Armor
-Masterful Cavalry
-Soldiers of the Line
-Kill Them From a Distance (Free)

Military Units Traits
-Archers -40
-Heavy Infantry -75
-Heavy Cavalry -70
-Magi -10
-War Magi - 5

Naval Traits

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits
-Divine Energy
-Holy Wrath

Elemental Magic Traits
-Lesser Earth Magic (Free)
-Greater Earth Magic
-Lesser Fire Magic

Illusion Magic Traits
-Cloak of Invisibility
-Spectral Army
-Invisible Swords can Cut

Technology Traits

Racial Traits
-Born on Horses (Free Human Traits)
-Elven High Mages (Free ElvenTraits)


Navy: N/A

200 Units of Professional Soldiers, No Conscripts
SunGuard – Professional Military of military families and nobles
DuskGuard - Lightly Armored professional soldiers who make up a 'reserve' component of the army. Typically not of 'Noble' birth, but men and women who have chosen to be soldiers in the defense of their homeland.

Dusk Guard Archers: DuskGuard equipped with mithril mail and leather armor. Each member carries one compact recurve ideal for ambush tactics as well as a long recurve bow for field engagements. When not in use they are simply slung onto the warrior's back. Additionally they wield a river blade, a last line of defense should they somehow find themselves entrapped and forced to fight in melee. 40 units (4000)

Heavy Infantry: 75 Units Full plate armor with gorgets
Sun Swords: Heavy Infantry equipped with full plate armor, massive two handed curved swords. Their armor possesses an elongated, raised shield bar that is attached to their vambrace on either side for deflecting enemy attacks and quickly countering. In addition to their so called ‘sun swords’ each soldier is equipped with a medium sized River Saber designed more for thrusting at weak armor joints should they lose their main weapon and need to grapple with their enemies. 60 units (1500)

Sun Shields: Heavy Infantry equipped with full plate armor. Gaining their name from the massive tower style shields that they wield, their expert maneuvers and shieldwall formations are often what first greet an enemy. Sun Shields have the arduous task of leading the Issyrian Infantry into battle. Their massive shield wall formations are used to protect the Sun Swords who march behind them, utilizing their shields and mithril spears to drive deep into enemy lines before splitting open to deliver their Sun Sword companions into the fray. Equipped with Tower shield, mithril sun spear, and a medium sized blade colloquially called the River Saber due to its interesting curve for slashing while still possessing a sharp point for thrusting. 15 Units (375 Sun Shields)

Magi: The few of the Nation of Issyria who are so blessed to be interconnected with their world, as the Elves and Humans of Issyria belive the power of the Magi comes from the gifts of nature and the Gods only bestow them to those few who are truly worthy. Wielding great magic for both offensive and defensive capabilities, the Magi of Issyria are especially connected with the Earth and may call upon it to change its form at their beck and call, they may turn slung pebbles into boulders raining onto their foes, or alter the terrain around them as they fight. Flames whirl about them and can be unleashed upon foes or harnessed in minute forms to create campfires. The destruction that can be wrought be these marching and sometimes horse mounted has granted them the colloquialism “Mobile Artillery” within the army of Issyria. They wear leather and mithril armor and often wear flowing cloaks and don hoods to minimize their distractions on the battlefield. 10 Units (200 Magi)

War-Magi: These members of Issyrian society and even within the military structure are held with a certain grim respect. They are viewed as uncannily talented and powerful beings with a connection to the Gods that is touched with hints of malice. They excel in the destructive arts of war and carry with them the dire responsibility of carrying out wanton acts of mass destruction against the foes of Issyria. 5 War Magi (5)

Sun Striders: Renowned in tales abound the surrounding kingdoms, few if any have ever seen the Destriers of Issyria and lived to tell the tale. But the stories, far-fetched as they seem, do exist, of an army of horsemen, resplendent in pearlescent teal armor and gold helms, lead at the fore by a noble astride a horse that must be 18 hands high. The “Sun Lord” - or so the storyteller will claim his title is, which often draws laughs and mockery of those listening to the tale- rides as effortlessly as any mortal can run, as swiftly as a bird can fly, as surely as a fish can swim. His helm is gold and with wing embellishments on either side, a stark white crest running from front to back with a tail that intermingles with his flowing, straw blonde locks that swept out from under his helm. Like a tidal wave of teal and gold the “Sun Stride Destriers” would crash through their enemies, leaving nothing standing, like a cleansing sea of lances and blades. Equipped with full plate of the SunGuard, their weapons consist of a mithril lance, Sun Sword and a River Saber. Each Sun Strider carries a crescent shaped shield called a Moon Shield to use in their offhand as they ride. The Sun Sword can be used effectively with one hand while on horseback. In times of great need they are lead by the Sun Lord Delaros Iss’Yrien himself. 70 Units (700 Sun Striders)

Recent History:
Isolationists – The Nation of Issyria has long been weary and mistrusting of outside realms and have not sought to openly parlay or trade with their surrounding nations for at least a hundred years if not more. Still fresh in the minds of the Elves of Issyria the deep wounds of their last ‘unified stance’ with their neighboring nations saw them take grievous losses. Their lands have not seen Outsiders present in eons as a result of the Edict of the Sun Lord Nyluko Iss’Yrien the father of Delaros Iss’Yrien before his birth.

Older History: The Issyrians fought proudly beside their neighboring nations against the Hordes of a great warlord from the south, but with it came pestilence and famine on the front lines. The Elves, more resilient to the various ills and diseases that the war carried with it survived in good numbers, though they too lost many kin. Their human populace however was stricken with a grave contagion that culled nearly 80% of the humans living within Issyria.
For their efforts and their bloodshed the Issyrians were an afterthought as the larger kingdoms doled out the provinces that once belonged to The Warlord, as tithes were taken from his keeps of gold, the Issyrian blood that had been spilled was to be soothed with one simple caravan of ‘precious metals’. Caring little for things they did not need, they asked only that the forests and mountain ranges that surrounded their grand nation be left untouched and allowed to be curated by the Elves and Humans of Issyria who would strive to achieve a perfect balance with the land. However this request was thrown aside by their “allies”, Nations they had bled alongside cited that those forests did not belong to Issyria and were not theirs to make such determinations about. The Issyrian SunLord then issued a bold and grim edict, that any who would be caught ‘poaching or pillaging’ the forest of its resources would be captured and brought before a trial of Issyrians, or if they resisted, were to be killed. Unknown numbers of lumber workers were sent fleeing the forests bloodied, and countless more were simply never seen again. Not having the numbers necessary for another conflict so soon, the remaining Nations of the broken alliance redirected their efforts, seeking to rebuild elsewhere, away from the ‘Girded Forests’.

Ancient History:
In times unknown, before time had meaning in the sense of years the Elves of Issa heeding instruction from their Gods were sent to the lush and bountiful lands of Yrien. When they arrived, they encountered something that was wholly unexpected, they encountered a sect or tribe of humans who rode upon beasts, but did so not with the breaking of the animal’s spirit to follow commands, rather they seemed to have an innate ability almost to communicate with them. Likewise, these humans of Yrien shared a true love and kinship with the lands around them, and as such found a kinship with the similarly minded Elves of Issa. The Elves having never before encountered horses were shown in the ways of raising and caring for them and in return the Elves showed the Yriens additional medicines and how to be even more in tune with their surroundings. Together the Humans of Yrien and the Elves of Issa came to the conclusion that not only could they help one another and live in harmony, but they could together curate and protect the resource rich mountains and forests of their new nation, which they named Issyria. As a result the name Iss’Yrien is an Elven name of prestige and belongs to a great house with ties back to the founding of the nation.

Angel of Lies 09-02-14 01:13 AM


Nation Name: Gholgoth
Chosen Colour for Nation: Bronze
People of Importance: Supreme Warlord Durarkul, Master Logician Balgan, Arch-Reasonist Gnok
Races: Orc and Dwarves


National Trait
Metal Men

Army Type
For King and Country!

Conscript Military Units

Professional Military Units
Heavy Infantry, Heavy Cavalry, Arquebussers, Artillery (Cannon), Mechanical Walker, Mechanical Warriors

Navy Type

Navy Units

Flight Type
We shall fight them in the Skies!

Flight Units
Fighters, Bombers, Interceptors

Military Traits
Mithril Armor (Dwarf Racial), Superior Forging (Dwarf Racial), Fearless (Orc Racial), Whirling Cogs (Dwarf Racial)

Naval Traits

Flight Traits

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits

Elemental Magic Traits

Illusion Magic Traits

Technology Traits
This...is...my...BOOMSTICK, Flamethrowers, Alchemical Alloys, Cannons, Steam Engine, Mechanical Walkers, Mechanical Warriors, Controlled Flight

Racial Traits
War Chiefs (Orc)
Gems in the Rough (Dwarf)

Nation History
In the beginning there was the Plane and it encompassed all creation for it was both limitless and depthless. Within this realm there existed nothing for the longest time until the various energies which swirled within its boundaries coalesced together to form the very first beings. These beings were, by mortal standards, beyond simple comprehension for their commanded the purest energies -- those that spawned all of creation. Mortals would come to call these entities gods and for eons they thrived feeding upon the afterbirth energies of their own creation. After a time power began to become scarce and the gods, who had by now created a complex and degenerate society for themselves, began to go mad with hunger. They turned upon themselves and the Plane saw war for the first time. All deeds of this time have long since been lost to even the most ancient of histories (for even trying to describe them is beyond mortal ability). As these wars reached their zenith there was one amongst the gods who looked upon all their destruction and insatiable hunger and turned its back upon them.

This was the being known as Lo. He turned from his fellow gods and as they battled endless he sought to understand the Plane. For countless millennia he studied it harnessing something he called Knowledge and in due time he unlocked even the deepest mysteries of all creation. He reformed himself, not by magic (to use a crude mortal term), but by intelligence and wisdom. His body was wroth in beaten brass as he grew to defend himself from the jealousy of his fellow gods. Those who possessed power to threaten him were met by his mighty hammer called Reason. Eventually Lo grew to such monumental size that he actually took up a large portion of the Plane as he harnessed its innate laws to his advantage.

The gods were threatened, they screamed rage and envy as this titanic presence. The most powerful amongst them managed to forge an alliance and bring the countless lesser gods to their side. A titanic battle raged when the gods turned upon Lo. Their countless masses poured over his massive form as they rent, burnt, gnawed, and stabbed at him. With each swing of Reason the bronze being smite thousands of them. No being knows how long the battle raged, for minutes or millennia, all that can be certain was the result. Lo was slain.

Though the gods rejoiced they also despaired. Most of them had not survived with their celestial corpses floating in the now broken Plane. This of coarse brought the gods to their next issue -- the Plane was depleted. The energies which they had for so long fought over were gone, lost in their apocalyptic struggle. Starvation and war seemed imminent for the gods until the cruelest amongst them gave thought to the grimmest blasphemy. Their parasitic eyes turned upon the broken form of Lo.

Lo had been titanic in size, easily millions of times of the size of all the gods, for his mighty form had actually taken up space within the Plane. The gods made a pact that they would abandon the Plane until it could heal itself (if that were even possible) and would create a new home for themselves in the corpse of their greatest rival. They burrowed into the broken titan and found his still burning soul. They shattered it into countless tiny pieces and molded them into the stars. His flesh was abused and defiled until it took the shape of the planets themselves. Here the gods, callously, decided to do away with Reason, Lo's mighty hammer which was still stained with the life essence of lesser gods. They splintered the hammer and plunged a sliver of it into each planet (thereby gifting the mortal races with metals). Finally the gods knew that they could no survive forever upon the splinters of Lo's soul and so they took his still cooling blood and gave form to the mortal races of Ravari.

The gods, however, had not expected the innate defiance within the mortal races who rejected their prophets and powers. Callously the gods pulled Ravari away from its splinter of Lo's spirit (the sun) and a great coldness swept over the world. Quickly the mortal races fell to their knees and begged the gods for forgiveness for the cold withered their crops, froze their blood, and hurt their very bones. The parasites known as gods came amongst the mortals and gave them magical fire -- its blue flames would keep them warm and the mortal rejoiced. But the gods quickly took the fire away and told the mortals that comfort and life were not free -- they demanded worship. Cowardly, and filled with weakness, the mortals fell to their knees and offered praises to the gods begging them for their kindness and mercy. The gods gave them magical fire and mortals soon began little more than fat host for the parasites.

But something happened that the gods could never have thought. For while Lo was slain and gone, his soul lingered in millions of pieces. The shreds of his former self manifested for a short time and looked down upon the mortal races in disgust and rage. These creatures, born of his blood, knelt before the very mongrels which had slain him. Lucky for all mortals the Master of Reason held even greater hatred for the gods.

And so the first, and arguably last time, the dead god came to Ravari upon a charred steed of iron and extended his hand to the mortal races. In it he grasped the very essence of defiance.


(More to come later. Remember this is in no way canon or even real events. Its just the basis for a quasi-religion in Gholgoth.)


Army (200 professional units)
50 Heavy Infantry
50 Heavy Cavalry
30 Arquebussers
20 Cannons
25 Mechanical Walkers
25 Mechanical Warriors


40 Fighter Units
10 Bomber Units
10 Interceptor Units
10 Fast Units

Note to GM: I actually do have a interesting (to me) history lined up. I just wanted to get this posted before recruitment closed. Also got some cool ideas for units names and such.

Romero's Own 09-02-14 09:51 AM

@Krymson86 : You need to take a look at the Traits and use Darkness Reborn's Nation Sheet instead of the one from Darkness 1. Apart from that I really like it!

@Angel of Lies : All your Traits and Military are fine so you're good to go. I'm looking forward to seeing your history and I'm glad someone went down the technology route!

Bone2pick 09-02-14 12:14 PM


There are no known recordings of their Culture and Religion outside out the Dominion, and so there is little understanding besides the fear that they are all great and terrible Necromancers.

Little of the Cythrathi are known to outsiders as since their founding they have often kept to themselves

Isolationists The Nation of Issyria has long been weary and mistrusting of outside realms and have not sought to openly parlay or trade with their surrounding nations for at least a hundred years if not more.
For variety's sake, I'm hoping some of upcoming nations will be more open and less isolationists. :grin:

Romero's Own 09-02-14 12:22 PM

Don't worry! I'll make sure there are plenty of NPC's who want to be friends.

LordNecross 09-02-14 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by Bone2pick (Post 1877642)
For variety's sake, I'm hoping some of upcoming nations will be more open and less isolationists. :grin:

I done it first.

Y'all just posers. :P


Bone2pick 09-02-14 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by Romero's Own (Post 1877658)
Don't worry! I'll make sure there are plenty of NPC's who want to be friends.

Requesting an ale and wine trading NPC. I'm talking real craftsmen, the finest of brewers. I'm thinking dwarves. :grin:

Krymson86 09-03-14 04:09 AM

Romero, updated with changes to fit into the new stat sheet, I think. Let me know if anything else needs changing.

I'll be interested to see how this all plays out. Nations are looking pretty cool.

Oh, Romero, any chance there will be a character based RP to accompany this conquest campaign?

LordNecross 09-03-14 04:54 AM


Originally Posted by Krymson86 (Post 1878850)
Romero, updated with changes to fit into the new stat sheet, I think. Let me know if anything else needs changing.

I'll be interested to see how this all plays out. Nations are looking pretty cool.

Oh, Romero, any chance there will be a character based RP to accompany this conquest campaign?

I'm pretty sure you can only have one National Trait.

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