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LordNecross 09-01-14 08:36 AM

Nation Name: The Pale Dominion
Chosen Colour for Nation: White
People of Importance: High Warlock Urzeg the Perpetual
Dread Lord Gurush Tegul , Dread Lordess Husazza Emtyk
The Warlock Council ( Jerezul, Hyrtog, Kololk, Imbesha, Caranuk, Vertulk, Xyrtorg)
Population: 2,500,000
Orcs: 1,900,000 Ogres: 600,000


Death March Troops:

Silent Ones:

85 Death March Troopers Units(Heavy Inf) = 2125 Soldiers
30 Silent Ones Units(Crossbowmen) = 1500 Crossbowmen
25 Bone Ballista
40 Necro-Priest Units(Magi) = 800 Necro-Priests
20 Warlocks{War-Magi)

Navy: None, being a Land locked Nation

Airforce: None, But Soon the magicks to do so will be available

Okey doke, too tired to write more. Hope you like it, I tried to make it interesting. And added some Weapon, and armor fluff at the end for good measure. Other things I'll fluff out later.

Bone2pick 09-01-14 11:36 AM

@Rome ro

Ok I think I've spent my points correctly. Check out my traits and military units when you get a chance just to make sure there're no mistakes. I also dropped down to one racial as requested.

Romero's Own 09-01-14 12:59 PM

@LordNecross : I really like the Pale Dominion. I should point out that you actually have 2 more Trait Points, as while you have 21 now, 2 of those are free thanks to your Races. Apart from that it all looks good and I like all the fluff for it.

@Bone2pick : Your traits are good to go now! Thanks for fixing that. And the Military Units look good as well. My only point is if you could list the number of units as well as how many there are. I know you've already done it but it would make it easier for me to consult. Thanks!

revan4559 09-01-14 04:45 PM


Nation Name: The Cythrathi (Sith-Wrath-E)

Chosen Colour for Nation: Dark Purple trimmed with Black

People of Importance: Emperor Khyron Kalistarion (The Second)

The Loremasters: Grand-Geomancer Lucian Phrix, Dreadlord Xandrek Thrax, Master-Magus Azrayle Kealisar, Grand-Pyromancer Veptus Phrix.

The Hand: Mordred Lethis, Tyrion Armathis, Vardis Krom, Maelik Furion, Vladimir Corvis.

Races: Elves and Humans.


National Trait:
Masters of Magic: The Elves of the Cythrathi are masters of Magic, their Warlocks and Sorcerers drawing upon the knowledge of their forebears to resurrect the dead of the nation so they may fight again while raining down destruction upon their foes.

Army Type:
For the Emperor! (King and Country!): The humans and elves of the Cythrathi are proud citizens who yearn for the chance to serve in the military with humans joining the Black Guard and Elves joining the Reavers and Warlocks with the older Blood Knights and Sorcerers using their knowledge to force superior weapons and armour . As such they have a small, well trained, and superiorly equipped army to call upon.

Conscript Military Units - N/A

Professional Military Units:

The Black Guard (Heavy Infantry): These are the men marching in lockstep formations. Tall shields bearing the symbol of the Cythrathi nation, Black iron and Bronze heavy armour, with darkened steel blades and black-iron spears, these are the infantry that will eat through light infantry and are be able to hold their line against a cavalry charge. The Black Guard is comprised entirely of humans raised from ten years old until their dying day to fight and die for their Emperor in order to earn their place in the Black Mausoleum where they can be once again called to war, for: Even in Death they still serve. (1 Unit of Heavy Infantry = 25 men)

Reavers (Light Cavalry): Normally armed with a sword, a lance, and a horse bow, these Elves are armoured in light armour and meant to scout and harry the enemy and have yet to gain the age and experience needed to take the Blood Oath and become Blood Knights. Like the Black Guard they may earn their place in the Black Mausoleum however upon reaching 200 years of service they swear the Blood Oath directly to the Emperor and automatically earn a place to in the Twilight Halls upon their death. (1 Unit of Light Cavalry = 50 men)

Blood Knights (Heavy Cavalry): Knights in darkened steel plate arm, wielding dark steel blades and lances mounted upon midnight black chargers armoured in a similar fashion the Blood Knights are the core elite of the Cythrathi army. These are elves who have dedicated 200 years of service in the ranks of the Reavers and have so been tempered into warriors beyond compare in the Cythrathi nation. So named for the Blood Oath they personally take infront of the Emperor to become a Blood Knight shows dedication to their lord and master and so automatically earn a place within the Twilight Halls of the Black Mausoleum. (1 Unit of Heavy Cavalry = 10 men)

Warlocks (Magi): In the Cythrathi Elves are the ruling elite and it is to them that the nations magic falls as each elf is born with enough magic power to become great in their own right. For an elf to become a warlock is to start on a path of mastering first the magics of Necromancy upon which they can call forth their ancestors and those that dwell in the Black Mausoleum before then moving on to master one of the other three schools taught in the city: Illusion, Fire or Earth. Upon starting on the path of a Warlock they automatically earn a place within the Black Mausoleum deep inside of the Vaults where other arcane artefacts are stored to watch over them in death. These Warlocks stand with the nations troops raining devastation in their chosen school of magic across the battlefield though all Warlocks are proficient in Necromancy regardless of which school they choose. (1 Unit of Magi = 20 men)

Sorcerers (War-Magi): Sorcerers are to Warlocks, what Warlocks are to a normal men and elves. They are the physical embodiment of their chosen school and can unleash the most devastating skills single-handedly while calling forth those that dwell within the Black Mausoleum and like Blood Knights and Warlocks they automatically have a place set aside for them the bodies of all Sorcerer's are interred within the Ebon Tower rather than the Vaults which Warlocks are. While Sorcerer's are powerful in their own right there are four positions to which they all aspire too, becoming one of the Four: Grand-Pyromancer of Fire, Grand-Geomancer of Earth, Master-Magus of Illusion and Dreadlord of Death. (1 Unit of War-Magi = 1 man)

Navy Type: N/A

Navy Units: N/A

Flight Type - N/A

Flight Units - N/A

Military Traits:

Black Iron and Dark Steel Forging (Superior Forging): The Cythrathi weapons are forged in an extraordinary manner comprising of Black Iron found deep in the mountain upon which their city is build and then imbued with parts of all four schools of magic so that the weapons and armour forged are stronger and deadlier while also allowing the bodies of those interred with their wargear to retain memories of how to wield them.

Masterful Cavalry: The Reavers and Blood Knights of the Cythrathi work as a cohesive unit, riding to war and dispatching their enemies better than most can even dream of.

Soldiers of the Line: The Black Guard the core of Cythrathi army outnumbering other parts of the Cythrathi army at least two to one, their formations are flawless and their shield walls are effective at warding off enemy archers and cavalry with ease.

Wizardry: Centuries of delving into the schools of magic have granted the Cythrathi nation a deep understanding of how the winds of sorcery blow across the lands, and have adapted to channelling it allowing them to imbue each body of the deceased with enough magic to call them back when war calls. - Elven Free Trait

Naval Traits: N/A

Flight Traits - N/A

Necromancy Traits:

Grave Guard (Animate Dead): Cause the dead interred within the Black Mausoleum to stride forth to war once as skeletal counter parts of their former life with the ability to follow only simple instructions. They command some of their former skills from their life, and are armed only with what they died with all the wargear which they used in life. - Human Free Trait

Legions of the Past (The Spirits hear my Call) (Requires Animate Dead trait): With the Grave Guard marching forth from the normal halls of the Black Mausoleum, the Blood Knights, Warlocks, Sorcerers of old ride forth from the Twilight Halls and Ebon Tower in times of need to grind the enemies of the Cythrathi into the dust, and should they be required in then even the Dreaded Nine can be called to war once more.

Nightmares: Your Magi can reach into the deepest, darkest recesses of the enemies minds and pull forth their greatest fears, rendering them petrified with terror and useless (Just before a battle you can induce fear into the enemy when your Magi/War-Magi are present)

Negative Energy: You know how to manipulate the powers of darkness and bend them to your will. You can drain life from foes; leach away their strength, and other methods of negative energy. (Your Magi/War-Magi all have an advantage in combat)

The Deepest Black: (Requires 3 other Necromancy Traits) Even the brightest light can’t penetrate the darkness in your Magi’s souls. (Your Magi/War-Magi can effectively repel and negate any Divine Traits)

Divine Magic Traits - N/A

Elemental Magic Traits:

Lesser Earth Magic: The ground beneath your feet lends strength to you, you can reshape rock faces to a form more pleasing to you, raise small juts of earth in front of you to form small defensive emplacements or pick up and hurl a small rock and have it grow to a boulder in the course of its flight. (Your Magi/War-Magi all have an advantage in combat)

Greater Earth Magic: (Requires Lesser Earth Magic) The forest speaks to you, the ground beneath your feet informs you when someone treads upon it. You can rip asunder stone walls like it was made of paper, and can create earthquakes that sunder the homes of your foes. (Your soldiers all have an advantage in combat when your Magi/War-Magi are present and your Magi/War-Magi all have an advantage in combat)

Lesser Fire Magic: You can start even wet wood on fire and can propel jets of flame from your hands. (Your Magi/War-Magi all have an advantage in combat)

Greater Fire Magic: (Requires Lesser Fire Magic) Great balls of fire, that’s right, you sunder the earth and fill the air with the smell of burnt flesh. You make walls of flame to cordon off your foes and make people spontaneously combust. (Your Magi/War-Magi all have a large advantage in combat)

Illusion Magic Traits:

Master of disguise: Your magic allows you to alter your appearance, convincing those around you that you belong to a different race, or sex, then you really do. (Your mages can transform entire armies so that they can appear to hail from a different nation)

Spectral Army: You are capable of forming an entire army of imaginary soldiers from the stuff of your mind. Unfortunately at the slightest knick they poof out of existence. (Just before battle you can conjure 10 Professional/Conscript Units of your choice for every Unit of Magi/War-Magi present, but they cannot fight)

Imaginary Swords Cut Too: (Requires Spectral Army Trait) You are able to fabricate illusions so convincing that those pierced with the weapons of your imaginary attackers feel real pain, and can die from the assault. (Just before battle you can conjure up 1 Professional Units of your choice for every Unit of Magi/War-Magi present)

Technology Traits: N/A

Racial Traits:

Elves: Elven High Mages: Your Magi are exceedingly powerful, having studied for hundreds of years the arcane lore they have accumulated. They can weave powerful defensive enchantments over your lands, creating defences that will dazzle foes with their intricacies. (Your Magi/War-Magi all gain an advantage in combat) - Free Elven Racial Trait


Farming is in the Blood: Your people have tilled their fields for so long, that they ARE the land. Agriculture is an integral part of your nation, and you work hard at it. (Your nation will avoid any Disasters to do with starvation) - Free Human Racial Trait

Nation History:

Little of the Cythrathi are known to outsiders as since their founding they have often kept to themselves and trading with the near by nation of Esterwynne. What is known of this race of elves and men is that they leave on the furthest edge of the Kel'Karadorn mountains in their City-Fortress of Sorrowfall and that the nation itself was founded by Emperor Khyron Kalistarion the First the Grand-Father of the current Emperor: Khyron Kalistarion the Second, some two thousand years ago.

Sorrowfall is a place of dedicated to the dead that are interred deep within the mountain that it occupies with the halls and catacombs built within it known as the Black Mausoleum with the only buildings of this great burial ground that are not dug into the mountain being the Ebon Tower where all the nations great mages learn the necromantic arts and eventually are interred, and the Black Pyramid that forms the artificial peak of the mountain where only the royal family can be buried with their loyal retainers.

What is known of the Cythrathi is that the elves that life in Sorrowfall are very much the ruling class and elite troops of the nation with humans seemingly more content on farming what land there is outside of the Mountain-City and joining the Black Guard to earn their places in the Great Mausoleum to protect their homes even in death. The Cythrathi are some of the greatest practitioners of Death and Necromantic magic in the known world with their entire culture and religion based around calling back ancient warriors to fight once more for the Emperor and Sorrowfall.

More to come at later dates when I think of more to add.



110 Black Guard Units: 2750 Men
20 Reaver Units: 1000 Elves
20 Blood Knight Units: 200 Elves
20 Warlock Units: 400 Elves
21 Sorcerer Units: 21 Elves
The Loremasters: 4 Elves
The Hand: 5 Elves.
Total: 200 Professional Units (4580)

Navy: - N/A

Airforce: N/A

Romero's Own 09-01-14 05:07 PM

That all looks good Revan. It doesn't have any issues with it from what I can see.

LordNecross 09-01-14 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by Romero's Own (Post 1876306)
@LordNecross : I really like the Pale Dominion. I should point out that you actually have 2 more Trait Points, as while you have 21 now, 2 of those are free thanks to your Races. Apart from that it all looks good and I like all the fluff for it.

@Bone2pick : Your traits are good to go now! Thanks for fixing that. And the Military Units look good as well. My only point is if you could list the number of units as well as how many there are. I know you've already done it but it would make it easier for me to consult. Thanks!

I think you miscounted. I already marked the traits I added because of my Races. Also the Lesser and Greater Earth and Air Magic is written next to each other, that may have thrown off your count.

Romero's Own 09-01-14 05:15 PM

@LordNecross : Your'e right of course. I was thrown off by the Lesser and Greater being side by side. Apologies. Your'e good to go then!

LordNecross 09-01-14 08:42 PM

Strange. A Second Necromancer Civ so soon.

Kinda Sad your mages beat mine out :( Cause your Elven High Mages, giving you one more boost than mine.

revan4559 09-01-14 09:08 PM

I've been working on the idea's for this civ since before the recruitment thread went up, im still working on their overall lore but its taking awhile.

Romero's Own 09-01-14 09:39 PM

Well I guess two Necromancer Nations can slug it out! Anyone want to go all Divine and fight the bad dead things? :D

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