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Einherjar667 07-19-14 05:20 PM

Getting into Dystopian Wars!
Just got the rulebook and the Republique of France naval battle group box. Going up to my local place Tuesday to check out a few games.

Is this a good start or what?!

Haskanael 07-19-14 05:27 PM

sounds awesome, would love to hear how it was, pleaaase start a Plog for the painting of your naval battlegroup I would love to see it getting painted. especialy because I am interested in getting an army for Dystopian wars myself when I have some money for it.

Einherjar667 07-19-14 05:48 PM

I also got the prussian BG as it was on sale dirt cheap.

Will do!

Straken's_Fist 07-20-14 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by Einherjar667 (Post 1814658)
Just got the rulebook and the Republique of France naval battle group box. Going up to my local place Tuesday to check out a few games.

Is this a good start or what?!

I also collect RoF! I got the rulebook on launch day and have had 3 games so far. I love it so far, it's my new favourite tabletop game. All the new models Spartan Games are releasing are amazing in my opinion.

When you say the naval battle group do you mean the older box set or the new one below?


I traded away a lot of my 40k for some of the older box sets to get me started. However, I ordered the new naval one and it should be here tomorrow :) I can't wait to check out the Saint Malo, looks like a sweet model.

I'd recommend you try incorporating some Aerial units as you learn the game, just because they are a lot of fun. The Tourbillion Sky Fortress in combination with the Couronne carrier gives you a load of tiny flier tokens to support your naval fleet (22 altogether IIRC). Also, Voltaire interceptors are really cool, i'm trying them out in squadrons of 2. We seem to have quite a strong airforce to support our naval fleets.

Oh and my Vauban should arrive this week too! :)


Fun times :)

Einherjar667 07-20-14 08:03 PM

I got the older boxed sets. Just primed up my ships this morning!

The newer naval BG boxes look pretty useful. Not that the older ones are underwhelming or anything, looks like you get a solid force to start with (1 Large/1 Med/2 small + some aerial stuff). You ordered the newer naval BG? That was going to be my next step as well.

Honestly, I dove in for two reasons, the models are cool and remind me of Command and Conquer, Red Alert, and it's UBER popular at my LGS.

I'll be heading up Tuesday to get my feet wet. No pun intended.

Straken's_Fist 07-21-14 12:11 PM

Cool! Well, hope you enjoy it as much as I do...Take at least 2 models with a heat lance is my advice haha Those things are crazy good. Also, buy a big admiral chair for your battles lol
The new naval fleet is pretty useful: I ordered it mainly for the Saint Malo and the Cherbourg. You get x6 free submarines with the Saint Malo too.

Einherjar667 07-21-14 12:58 PM

I an loving the models! Probably going to order the new fleet box soon, though the Charlemagne looks absolutely epic.

Also going to add a Sky Fortress and Metzger to my PE Fleet.

What is the usual poimt size for games in your area? 1k?

Tawa 07-21-14 03:11 PM

I've gone for 1,500 lists for home games :)

Einherjar667 07-21-14 06:13 PM

I'll go for the newer fleet boxes then.

Straken's_Fist 07-21-14 10:29 PM

We are escalating it slowly as we all learn the new rules, as this seems the most logical thing to do: 750pts, last week 1000pts, this week 1250pts. Do whatever you are comfortable really. My first game was 750pts but we didnt finish within 3 hours, as obviously there was a lot to learn. Second game went a lot smoother though, and last week we almost finished a game at 1000pts within the 3 hours. The trouble is that we constantly have to refer to the download-only stats for the units that werent included in the rulebook (there are quite a lot), so that kind of bogged it down a bit until we started memorising them. I really need to print them out but my printer is broken so right now I have to sift through my ipod touch pdf reader to view them.

Well, I might be able to add my new goodies this week, if they arrive tomorrow. Will probably take the St. Malo and definitely the Cherbourg (all those heat lances). I think next week we will be doing 1500pts, so I will definitely be taking the Vauban then! :-)

Do you think a 300pt Sky Fortress is viable in a 1250pt game Tawa? It's so tempting...lol


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