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weasly 08-25-08 09:28 PM

Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings
Ive been reading the Vampire counts book and the tomb kings armybook. In the VC book it says nothing about Nagash casting a spell to kill everyone in nehekhara (and therefore the magic reawakening the now tomb kings) but in the TK book it says that this does happen. Due to the VC book being newer I would believe this one. This would mean that in the TK book, which I think is out next year, will have to include new reasons for the creation of the TKs.

Any thoughts?

Vaz 08-25-08 09:31 PM

There was nothing in the previous VC about Nagash. In the Liber Necris, it fully explains it all - I'd quote, but I can't find it.

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Cruor 09-02-08 05:01 PM

I was under the impression Nagash did the spell for the tomb kings and also made the elixer which created vampires, which would explain why the TK spell is not mentioned in the VC book, as it's not nessecerily relevant to the VC race. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but thats the impression I got. If this is the case I don't think they need to create a new reason.

quietviper 09-04-08 04:10 AM

Holy crap! There's a new tk army book next year? Or is this just wishful speculation?:shok:

Ancient Tiel' a fier 09-04-08 06:34 AM

The vampire book is concerned with far more recent vampire history and is largely foccussed on the vampire count wars with the empire. Basically Nagash conquered Nehekara through assasination and co-ersion, then he created the elixer of life and made the vampires. After he was toppled from power he fled north and built Naggashizzar and then worked the spell that destroyed Nehekara leaving them all dead. However due to the charms over the dead tomb kings they returned to unlife free of Nagash's power. They united and destroyed Nagash's forces again and the Lahmian court of vampires too causing them to flee north, hence vampires in the empire.

son_of_a_horus 10-11-08 04:47 PM

Read Nagash The Sorcerer by Mike Lee, explains a lot

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