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The Son of Horus 08-23-08 02:44 AM

Major Price Increases
The local store is what Games Workshop calls a partner-level independent retailer. That means they recieve the same information at the same time as a GW store. The store was notified that prices were going up across the board between 6 and 50%. Plastic items and codecies are on the 6% end of things, paint and supplies are in the 15-20% increase range, while metal models are going up between 35% and 50%-- the price tag for a box of Sisters of Battle, for example, is set at 60.00 USD. According to the memo, this price change was not supposed to be announced, and has been enacted to cover rising shipping and manufacturing costs, and take effect in September. Might want to do some shopping if you have an army that has a lot of metal models... Whether this pricing change is limited to the United States is totally beyond me, though-- a lot of other countries have had price hikes that the US market has avoided in recent years, so it may just be evening the field, so to speak. Either way, it's a major increase.

Djinn24 08-23-08 02:48 AM

Crap! I hope this is not true.

officer kerky 08-23-08 03:20 AM

games workshop minitures are already expensive enough hope to the emperor that it doesn't go up more.
hope this isnt true

Judas Masias 08-23-08 03:30 AM

This FUCKING SUCKS!!!:angry::ireful2::headbutt:

pixelgeek 08-23-08 03:37 AM

Untitled401 08-23-08 03:41 AM

you think you have it bad? canada's prices have always been higher than in the US. Its $45 CAD for a box of CSM and down there its $35 USD i believe?

Captain Galus 08-23-08 05:50 AM


bl0203 08-23-08 06:05 AM

The hobby is already expensive this isn't the best news...but without the price hike we would probably lose GW. Then we would probably have to find something half as fun to kill all our spare time. :dunno:

EndangeredHuman 08-23-08 06:36 AM

"For the Empor.. what? We're charged for saying that now? Dammit!"

Though seriously, increased manufactuirng costs is rubbish. They're making up for 2.3 million in lost profits to appease shareholders.

Eh, it's a luxury. Their own deathbed.

PieMan 08-23-08 06:40 AM

this sucks

hopefully it stays away from australia

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