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elmir 05-21-14 07:14 PM

[Commission] Cygnar army.
Hello all

I was given the confidence of my client to paint up his warmachine cygnar army. It'll be a whole army, so updates will follow...

But I'm the kind of guy who likes to start by eating dessert. So I did this nifty "little guy" first. Enjoy!





It was an utter joy to paint. A pain to assemble though...


Dakingofchaos 05-21-14 09:15 PM

That is beautiful!

Tawa 05-21-14 10:07 PM

Hot diggedy dawg! :shok:

That is one wonderful piece of work right there! Have a cookie mate :good:

Moriouce 05-25-14 05:38 PM


Don't be rude Tawa, offer the man a whole box!

elmir 05-29-14 09:36 PM

Archon Grimherald 05-29-14 11:54 PM

sweet jebus thats gorgeous and so very sexy too

elmir 07-01-14 12:21 PM



Some new models added to the army. Picking it up again now that the exams are over (luckily, I didn't have to take them, but I did have to grade all of them! ;) )

Tawa 07-01-14 09:32 PM

Lovely, lovely work! :good:

elmir 07-12-14 02:59 PM

Almost there. The client will pick them up in a few days, but here's an overview of what was done before the propper pics are taking in the lightbox. Only 4 more warcasters to go now:



elmir 07-15-14 02:04 PM

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