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DaisyDuke 06-12-14 05:54 PM

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Made and sprayed this bad boy over yesterday and today, if I get it done in time it will be my june entry to the yearly army comp
Attachment 959954322

venomlust 06-12-14 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by DaisyDuke (Post 1758090)
Finished the brute so here is the poor bastard.
Attachment 959953954
Going for the army challenge this year so the decimator will be up soon.:angel:
Peace out heretics.

I really like this guy. Well done.

DaisyDuke 06-12-14 09:49 PM

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Thanks venomlust
After that as a warm up I'm looking forward to the decimator. Primed and waiting for next months painting challenge.
Attachment 959954330
Have base coated this dude now, will put up more progress tomorrow and some wip of the hell drake.
Peace out heretics

DaisyDuke 06-12-14 10:02 PM

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Well as you liked him so much here's a slightly different angle
Attachment 959954338

DaisyDuke 06-13-14 01:16 PM

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Here is some wip of the fisty claw lord/ possessed champion
Not much done, its to nice a day and my daughter is not a fan of the heat.
Attachment 959954402

DaisyDuke 06-18-14 02:54 PM

Man, hell drake's are a bitch to paint. :threaten:

DaisyDuke 06-27-14 11:11 AM

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Got some update pics of the helldrake, still some to go but I am happy.
This is it base coated
Attachment 959954722
Just waiting for the washes to dry then in to the gold..

Nordicus 06-27-14 11:15 AM

Oh god painting the Heldrake. My sympathies!

Looking good so far though :good:

CLT40k 06-27-14 04:31 PM

really well done, I'm not a huge fan of chaos, but I really like the job you did on them

DaisyDuke 06-27-14 07:59 PM

Thanks for the comments guys, so far one claw wing down.

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