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DaisyDuke 05-04-16 11:58 AM

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Well I nearly have enough souls to reanimate the log (just need to finish my work bench in the workshop and unpack the compressor)
So had this little lot arrive this morning.
Attachment 959976634
So looks like I will also have to find my bits box, get them looking like a pair of true renegades.

DaisyDuke 07-15-16 07:03 AM

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Hi all this is my first post in my plug for a while that involves modelling
So I took off my procrastination mask and threw another cultist on the bbq, and this is what I came out with. After seeing the new cabal formation I thought I need to make some sorcerers up! This is what I came up with.

Attachment 959977730

Hope you like them

neferhet 07-15-16 07:12 AM

Nice decimator! could use some battle damage on the blue armour, i guess, to help give him depth

DaisyDuke 07-15-16 07:37 AM

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Also started painting this pack of hounds. But then my airbrush decided to clog so not much done.

Attachment 959977738

DaisyDuke 08-02-16 08:54 PM

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Well got a new actual branded airbrush (Iwata) so have been busy putting base colour on some of my pre move backlog, it just sucks it's taken me 10 months to get to a position where I can get some hobby on.
Anyway this is what I have been up to this last week or so.
Attachment 959977946

DaisyDuke 08-02-16 08:57 PM

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Attachment 959977954
2 sorcerers on bikes

DaisyDuke 08-02-16 09:01 PM

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Attachment 959977962
Night lords contemptor dread

DaisyDuke 08-02-16 09:06 PM

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Attachment 959977970
The Lightning claw guy is magnetised

DaisyDuke 08-02-16 09:15 PM

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Attachment 959977978
Finally the dogs. Managed to find 3 of my old hounds of khorne for the pack 13.
expect more updates soon.

Svartmetall 08-03-16 01:09 AM

Looking forwards to seeing how the Contemptor turns out; by the way, is just me or is there a rather nasty mould line on the topmost barrel of his Gatling cannon?

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