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cooldudeskillz 08-13-08 06:47 PM

2000 points of daemon madness
so heres my list.
unholy might,blessing of blood god-275 points

keep of secerts
soporific mask, pavane of slannesh-245 points

2 bloodcrushers-80 points

2 bloodcrushres-80 points

6 flamers-210 points

10 bloodletters-160 points

10 horrors
changeling,icon-200 points

10 daemonettes-140 points

10 plaguebeaers
icon-175 points

daemon prince
MoN,noxious touch,aura of decay, cloud of flies-140 points

tongue-160 points

phlegm-160 points

What you guys think. it's a hard hitting army which will kill lots of things fast.

phatmatt1991 08-14-08 10:46 AM

looks like an awesome list man, very nasty

cooldudeskillz 08-27-08 10:40 AM

any more comments??:(

Hailo-15 08-27-08 10:44 AM

it's a direct line of hard hitting Chaotic madness you must of studied this for a while because i see its balanced for CC, ranged Combat, most notible is that you have 6 flamers agaisnst and Ork army you would sweep off the front runners and definately would whipe out a group of Nobs in a split of a second.

Stick with that list, its very solid and flexible

cooldudeskillz 08-27-08 10:47 AM

nice to you halio-15 commenting on my lists:victory: really i just picked out what i liked from the codex and then made a competitive list out of these units

Hailo-15 08-27-08 10:54 AM

Do me a huge favour cooldudeskillz if you dont want anyone to know your strategy can you tell me the two groups you will use for the 1st and 2nd deepstrike phase (your first choice if you win the roll and second choice if you lose the deepstrike roll at the start)
just send a private message i am very interested in your list and strategy choice :)

cooldudeskillz 08-27-08 11:03 AM

i'll just tell you here.

First wave
daemon prince
plague beaers

second wave
keeper of secerts
both blood crushers

now if all goes well the daemonettes will try and hide behind the soulgrinder or take cover behind a building, same with the bloodthirster. The rest is quite obvious really plague beaers on objective DP to back them up.

if the second wave comes then basically same tatics, bloodletter will hind behind soulgrinder or take cover behind building, same with flamers.

but when it come down to it its the battle feild your playing on which should determine how you deep strike, you may not use the same waves all the time, i don't i change it depending on the battlefeild and maybe opponent. But most of the time it stays the same.

Hailo-15 08-27-08 11:50 AM

sounds like a plan mate, all that is needed now is that you gotta play a few test games and mix and match your army list mate :) goodluck and may the Chaotic Powers be with you in this journey!

cooldudeskillz 08-27-08 05:39 PM

i have already played some games with just more than half the army and have won all the games with them so far, its either my amazing tatics:wink: or the army list.

Hailo-15 08-28-08 01:45 AM

i think it would be both considering you have delivered your soul without reserve to the Chaos Gods so in return they give you undivided attention to your game and rolls ;)

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