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Phoebus 05-11-14 05:15 PM

I really want to give Haley a chance, but Pandorax was so disappointing that I just don't want to risk any more money on the (Apocalypse) format. I don't want to read any more books where pushing models is a higher priority than writing a good story... or, at any rate, featuring said models in a way that makes sense.

Brother Lucian 05-11-14 05:18 PM

People is drooling over Valedor over at Warseer.

Absolutely glowing words about it here http://www.warseer.com/forums/showth...nded&p=7156608

I can echo the sentiments, Guy Haley have the Eldar done just right.

Phoebus 05-11-14 05:46 PM

My fondness for the Dark Angels means that I'll give Master of Sanctity a chance. Ravenwing was decent, I thought, so I hope this one will be an improvement.

One thought I had:

One of the potentially less sensible things about the Dark Angels was the induction of individuals who had accidentally been exposed to the Chapter's secret into the Deathwing. For (almost?) every other Chapter, induction in the First company is a Pretty Big Deal, and their ranks are usually made up of the most proven veterans of the other other companies. With that in mind, I sincerely hope that the Dark Angels have some sort of Emergency Induction Training Montage, where they kick an emergency inductee's training into overdrive, to get him to Deathwing Standard.

You know, like:

Vitarus 05-11-14 10:39 PM

Ezekiel is supposed to be among the most powerful Librarians of all. Up there with Mephiston and Tigurius. But he has yet to make an appearance in any story, from novel to short story. Any chance he's showing up?

Anakwanar 05-12-14 08:51 AM

Valedor and The Last day of Ector - are the best book from BL - for the last 3 months (Not counting Vengeful Spirit - i get it at Weekender)

Also, the research done by Guy Haley, to write eldar story for Valedor (with deep immersion in culture, background and hierarchy) is just amazing and groundbreaking. It is a must have for Eldar fanclub

Death Nikorps 05-12-14 05:01 PM

There is a review about The Last Days of Ector here:


(you can use "Select your language" in the top left corner to translate into english)

Guy Haley seems to be a good writer.

Brother Lucian 06-06-14 11:38 AM

Master of Sanctity Ive just finished, and its a thrilling epic read. I found it a real pageturner as the continuing scheme of the Legacy of Caliban kept unfolding.

A certain recuring person from the series takes a startling starring role, as the Dark Angels continue their task and new revelations pours in and more questions. Though the ending.....what a monumental lead up for the final book. Unforgiven. To see 'him' finally face the Dark Angels? Intrigue upon intrigue.

Anakwanar 06-06-14 01:30 PM

Brother Lucian - 'and its a thrilling epic read'.
I hope it's better than 'Ravenwing' - one of the worst BL books, ever written?

Gret79 06-06-14 01:56 PM

I really enjoyed Valedor. Although it ends weird

Brother Lucian 06-06-14 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by Anakwanar (Post 1760026)
Brother Lucian - 'and its a thrilling epic read'.
I hope it's better than 'Ravenwing' - one of the worst BL books, ever written?

I found Master of Sanctity a notable step up from Ravenwing for several reasons:

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