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Tyreal Ardeus 05-02-14 10:41 PM

Tactical Squad Usefulness
Hey everyone!

I'd like to clarify that I have browsed about the internet and these forums and all advice and tacticas on these guys are rather old, generally before the marines got their latest codex. I'd also like to add that I'm far from a competitive player so please keep that in mind if I ask any questions on what I should field. But by all means any opinion from any player, competitive or no, feel free to post. It would be very appreciated.

Been some time since I've been on heresy and I thought I'd drop by and get a little more involved. Wanted to ask everyone here about their thoughts on the usefulness of C:SM Tacticals. How do you take them or see them taken? Do you feel they should they be focused on eliminating a single type of target or many? How well have you seen them work as compared to other troops? Trying to get as much info and collective experience as I can draw upon from this great community as I myself haven't played a huge amount of games like I assume most here have. Keep in mind this can be answered even if you don't play Marines and have just played against them or even seen them played.

I ask because I myself have really only ever disliked them. Compared to other troops in the game they seem very lackluster. Everyone praises their durability on an objective but I've only ever seen them flee from their quickly-scrapped MEHTUL BOCKSES and be cut down (not a particularly inspiring sight). Compared to the Necrons, mobs of Boyz or Venomthrope(d) swarms of gaunts to name a few marines pale in comparison to their survivability (opinion). They also don't seem to have anywhere enough firepower to be good offensively unlike many other troops such as Tau Fire Warriors or Shoota Boyz, even Termagaunts. I know that they are supposed to be the balanced version of all of these but it either doesn't seem to have worked or they didn't do a very good job of it to me.

Also everyone says that they pretty much must be taken in a Rhino or Razorback for a multitude of reasons I don't agree with but, at risk of all of them being bad reasons, I'll withhold them. Do you agree with this? Why? Which one? Is taking one or both in Drop Pods in an otherwise Drop Pod-less army viable? How about that Deathwind Missile Launcher? (Actually a big fan)

Thank all of you in advance and I'm very eager to hear some people redeem the marine troops or prove my suspicions correct.

Great to be back!

maximus2467 05-02-14 11:08 PM

Hi, I've played sm on and off for over 20 years, granted it's either been sw or BA but the basic stats are more or less the same, I find tactical squads, in my case grey hunters are very useful, they won't slaughter your opponent but like you say stick them on an objective with a vet sgt leading with a missile launcher and plasma gun and they should hold it especially if they're backed up with a similar squad nearby to assist if the first squad gets tied up in cc, my only provisor though is take them in large numbers, the full ten, that's 16 st 4 ap5, 2 st7 ap2 and 1 st8 ap3 shots per turn, should be able to hold their own add that to their decent ld and 3+ save and they're a solid unit. And with ATSKNF they will never be cut down if they lose combat. You just need some more elite squads to take the fight to the enemy while your tac and dev squads hold your own line

maximus2467 05-02-14 11:10 PM

Also before anyone points it out I'm aware grey hunters can't take missile launchers I'm talking about tac squads on general

Tyreal Ardeus 05-02-14 11:15 PM

Neat advice and setup. Any transport options?

maximus2467 05-02-14 11:23 PM

Nope, if you've got the points then maybe a razor back and deploy it separately, just to provide some anti tank/AA

maximus2467 05-02-14 11:25 PM

If you really want to get them up the field then drop pods but be aware that if you use drop pods then you need a few units in them as half of them will arrive on turn one, meaning you may find them rather isolated in the middle of the enemies deployment zone

Tyreal Ardeus 05-02-14 11:33 PM

I see, thanks a bunch.

ntaw 05-03-14 12:16 AM

Have you given any thought to what Chapter Tactics you will be using with your army?

Tyreal Ardeus 05-03-14 12:56 AM

Likely Iron Hands, seems to fit my playstyle pretty well. Although there is a chance I might use the Ultramarines' as well.

ntaw 05-03-14 01:14 AM

If you use lots of vehicles/like the idea of a Master of the Forge HQ then I'd go nuts on the Iron Hands one, thought I think I'd be more inclined to take scouts for troops in that army myself to free up points for vehicles. I find the Ultramarine ones kinda lame, but I guess it would depend on the list. My favourite for keeping Tactical squads awesome is Imperial Fists; you just can't go wrong with Bolter Drill.

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