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kiro the avenger! 04-29-14 03:02 PM

Flames of war any good?
Okay I've toyed this twice already but my iPad keeps pissing on it so I'll be quick cos I'm bored

My gaming club is short for time so full games don't work...
It's why BFG worked so well... One ship each was quick and fun, you could give as good as you got and it was challenging

So I was thinking is flames of war any good for the same reason?
I was thinking maybe one tank each, 3v3 most of the time?
Is the air combat any good? Warthunder makes me wanna play WW2 aviation even more I did, but if FoW doesn't support aerial dogfights we can stick to the computer screen.
Is it easy to pick up? The website doesn't do it any favours so I'm not sure

Would you even recommend it? Or are alternatives better for any/all of the above?
Have I missed any questions you feel should be answered?

Thanks for your help :D

Creon 04-29-14 03:06 PM

The rules are fairly easy, some complications with HTH and such. There are excellent online youtube tutorials to take care of that. The base box set will get you running with full rules and two playable armies for the level you're talking. 1000 points will get you done in about 2 hours. Even 2000 points can get there, depends on how fast you play. Very enjoyable system. Rewards aggression in a lot of situations

Tawa 04-29-14 03:08 PM

@Logaan . You're up bro! :good:

kiro the avenger! 04-29-14 08:24 PM

On time, my group has 45mins about to play, and a very slow pace... Keeping a bunch of year 7s (age 11-12) playing with plastic figures is hard as soon as someone brings up skyrim or something

But 3v3 one tank/plane each work?

Amd something I missed out was what are the models like?
This whole idea came when I was looking for a 1:144 model of various WW2 planes, I looked every where and flames of war was the only one that had it, it set a light bulb off
I'll check YouTube for sure... Didn't even think of that :P

Creon 04-29-14 08:30 PM

Models are going to plastic models of tanks and such and 15mm people. The base rules set has several tanks/planes, some scenery, and plenty of infantry, which go on five-figure or four-figure bases.

Mdauben 05-26-14 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! (Post 1699977)
I was thinking maybe one tank each, 3v3 most of the time?

Do you mean on tank per player, period? If so then no. FOW is designed around playing with reinforced companions. Armored forces would typically consist of 6-12 or more tanks, with infantry, artillery, etc. support. If you ignored the legal lists I suppose you could play with just one tank but it's likely to be very unsatisfying and over very quickly.


Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! (Post 1699977)
Is the air combat any good?

The main purpose of airplanes in FOW is as ground support for strafing and bombing ground targets. The air to air combat is very abstract die roll based.

I really like FOW for what it is. It's easy to play, quickly learn, and has enough color to satisfy me. If you are looking for a way to game one on one tank duels, it's not the way to go. I'm not as familiar with them as I am with FOW, but you might look at one of the skirmish level games like Bolt Action or Nuts! instead.

Hope that helps.

Khorne's Fist 05-27-14 05:31 PM

Flames of War would not fit into 45 mins. It's a good system, but the rules mean that it leans heavily in favour of dug in infantry, which basically means that the game takes forever if one player is running a list of German sturmkompanie or US 2ID packed full of panzerfausts or bazookas. This means that a mechanised or armoured list finds it practically impossible to winkle them out. The prospect of massed tank battles is what got me into the game in the first place, but the endless boredom and futility of trying to winkle out said infantry has meant I haven't played a game since before christmas. "Codex creep", as 40k gamers would know it, has also become a problem, with each new book brining in lists more powerful than the last.

I think something like Bolt Action might suit your needs more. One tank is one unit, so 4 or 5 tanks a side would mean the game would move along pretty quick. Even though it is written as a 28mm system it also works as well at 15mm without adjusting anything, and if you look at the Plastic Soldier Company boxes, you could get a full force for 20. Watch out for the Tank Battle supplement due out over the summer.

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