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alex_mac47 03-25-17 06:45 AM


Thanks for the support I have been receiving. It has been really rewarding to make progress through the backlog and get some really good looking pieces of Imperial equipment ready for war!

Here is my work from the last week...

Three new armoured sentinels:
These three are also completely magnetised but I have only painted up the Plasma cannons as they will only be used if I am already running my other three (which have all their upgrades magnetised and painted).

https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...12923432_n.jpg https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/..._7210818_n.jpg


The LRBT is completely magnetised, including the antennas and search light (for ease of transport).

I tend to run LRBT Executioners so this will be my normal setup.


The Valk was my first time attempting selective recess washes. The sentinels and LRBT have reaffirmed to me that using recess washes when working with light colours like Fenrisian (Space Wolf) Grey is definitely the better option compared to an overall wash - even when highlighting after the wash is complete. Careful recess washing brings out the detail without dulling the colours so much that they need another coat.

Next on the list is two Wyverns and a Vulture, which will likely painted at the same time as some terrain. Check out my other blog if you are interested in monitoring my terrain progress. https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ml#post1907601

alex_mac47 04-01-17 10:42 AM


I decided to take a slightly different tack this week and have worked on my veteran squads. I have themed them on independant planetary forces from the Corona system:

I am progressing with the undercoating process and will start painting soon!

Noble Korhedron 04-04-17 06:12 PM

@alex_mac47: In the third or fourth picture from today's(April 4th) upload, where do you get the light that is on the base of the guy with the mask, carrying his las-rifle with bayonet fixed?

alex_mac47 04-06-17 09:57 AM

Greetings Noble Korhedron.
I took the flying buttress from the GW Administratum terrain kit and removed most of the top section.

alex_mac47 04-10-17 10:46 AM

Priestly completion


I see the priest as a cross between raw close combat power (wielding an evisorator) and a zealot. Looking at the GW parts market I selected the Empire flagellants (a popular choice) as the base for my conversion. Whilst many other modellers have taken SoB components to make their eviscerator I opted for the chain-sword weapon from the IG Senintal. One didn’t have the impact I wanted so I made it with two and then integrated the components into the Empire flagellants two handed shaft with 1mm brass wire. For added an added ‘wild man’ effect I used the Empire flagellants head with shaggy beard and also utilised the 1mm brass wire to link the iron strapping around the head into the collar. I then added some shock trooper pouches to the back from a more 40k feel. The parts I used this model were:
- Torso/legs, arms, head from the GW WFB empire flagellants box
- 2x chain-swords from the GW IG sentinel box
Three years and six days later, Brother Gadd is finally ready to take to the field.


I have also had some improved success with press moulding. Here are a few scenic effects I have been able to recreate using greenstuff and MODFX press-mould medium.


I am having a lot of fun making progress on the Coronan 51st! A few special characters at the moment to break up all the INF building and painting, but will need to get into the backlog of INF shortly:


alex_mac47 04-17-17 11:38 AM

Barrage weapons ready to fire!

This week has been a little slow, even over the longer weekend. I have made some good progress on two Wyverns, the first of which is now finished.

I had some fun playing with the new GW Glazes and have tried them on dials and also the goggles for the guardsmen. I have also played around with layering washes including selectively applying Agrax prior to using the Nuln oil coat over the whole model - this was specifically for mechanical parts that see a lot of wear and discolouration of metallic parts under heat stress such as the end of the barrels.


The Gunslinger 04-17-17 12:25 PM

Really like the camo on your tanks and sentinels. Great work!

alex_mac47 04-18-17 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by The Gunslinger (Post 2399873)
Really like the camo on your tanks and sentinels. Great work!

Thanks mate! Appreciate the feedback

Brother Dextus 04-18-17 09:08 AM

These look great, the conversion work really makes them stand out from being 'cadians in urban outfits'.
Also like the fluff you've built around them - its important to have a story for the plastic toy soldiers!

humakt 04-18-17 02:25 PM

A really impressive thread all round. Just spent some time reading through it.

I look forward to seeing this army develop.

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