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alex_mac47 08-30-14 11:52 AM


I am back to it after many months of working a little too hard. Tonight, I decided to do a stocktake of what I have ordered since April. I am amazed at what I have found and that my bank doesn't seem to be showing where it all came from - double win!

I bought a random 'bits' lot off ebay some months back and forgot about it. Here is what I have found (after much sorting and sprue snipping)!

http://i.imgur.com/pYhPKYD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/cjjirLF.jpg

The first image is the most exciting with forgeworld bits, old valhallan vehicle crew, enough non-GW stowage to sink a battleship and enough LR sponsors to fit out a division! The second pic shows a number of IG hulls which unfortunately I don't have enough pieces to finish - but not hard to get and will also make good wrecks for terrain if I feel so inclined. I also now have a basilisk (will take some TLC to get up to scratch) but the parts are there! The stack of sprues in the second image are ALL LR/Chim accessories with almost no parts missing - WIN!

I also found:

http://i.imgur.com/yzc83I4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mPSA5PZ.jpg

These will complete my vendetta SQN of 3 and that will be my first commissar (who seems to be a favourite since the AM codex was released). On that note, since AM was released during my 'hobby holiday', I am also working on a new list for the 4Bde formation to play with.

I also found:


I will be opening a terrain log separately, but thought I should add the new bits here in the interim:

I have also got a long list of old things that aren't constructed, including:
- 3x sentinels
- 40x guardman
- 3x HWT
- 2x PCS

I think I have my construction work set out for the next few months, but the 51st Coronan are taking form again!

93rdSaphraDarkGuard 08-30-14 01:21 PM

Ooooh I look forward to seeing those Battle Tanks restored to glory. And I must say those FW Commissars have always been particularly badass in my book.

Tawa 08-30-14 01:58 PM

That's a lot of crack....

I must admit, I always had aspirations of being a (40k) tank restorer by purchasing chassis' like that off eBay etc and then getting parts in with a small budget in order to complete them :)
I look forward to seeing your progress! :good:

alex_mac47 09-12-14 01:12 PM

Alright team,

So with a little extra time on my plate this evening I have commenced the LRBT reconstruction project. With a spare turret dragged out of a bulk deal I picked up last week and a dig in my overly large bits box I give you the first restored LRBT to add to my collection.


The hull mounted weapon is exchangeable for any of the new-gen weapons and I will be adding some stowage/antennas and making a magnetised barrel for use as a regular LRBT. The FW turret does have its own charm so will ensure any modifications do not impede its natural beauty!

Thoughts? Ideas?

alex_mac47 09-13-14 05:53 AM

...and here is this morning's effort. Recovery of the chimera chassis in my early post into a functioning basilisk. A lot of destruction had to take place first with all the old style track system being taken apart, cleaned/trimmed modified and put back together correctly. I am particularly happy with how the loader and comms relay came out in this one.


As always, more stowage will be added and I will post the final product.

alex_mac47 03-03-17 10:15 AM

6 Attachment(s)

I am back at it again. With the Fall of Cadia and integral role of the Coronan fleet in its defence, the 51st are back into notoriety!


I have done a stock-take again and the mountain of painting ahead of me is almost drawing a man-tear, luckily I have "inspiration " from a number of Inquisitors to guide me.



I have been working on getting my Inquisitorial force some transport and body guards and as you can see in the 'to do' pile, I have a long way to go. In my former style, lots of vehicle mods - including Taurox wheel mods from Blood and Skull Industries, multi-kit crews and Baneblade (the biggest) cupolas on the Taurox (the smallest) AM vehicle. Great fun!



I have also started playing around with press moulds with limited success, but great for replicating simple but desirable pieces.

alex_mac47 03-04-17 11:25 AM

Getting back into painting

Today's efforts have been fruitful with Iraqiel assisting in motivating me to paint again. Works include a number of sentinals (images to be posted on completion) and my Valkyrie, which has taken me far far far far far far far too long! Here's hoping the remaining 4 are a little faster...



I also managed to complete a few more little modelling projects, including Inquisitor Greyfax


alex_mac47 03-11-17 03:33 AM


As I mentioned in one of my last posts, the Sentinels are coming along. The first six have now been built and magnetised - time consuming and I will be selective with the next few to just the weapon types I will be using when I field them all at once.

The first three are now painted. I have had a great time working with GW Dry and Texture paints for the first time and found them to really make things easier!

Let me know what you think:

DaisyDuke 03-12-17 08:33 AM

Dude I am loving your camouflage pattern. The Valkyrie and sentinels are looking great. Keep up the good work and you'll be through your sea 🌊 of grey in no time.

Khorne's Fist 03-12-17 10:22 AM

That Valkyrie is excellent.

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