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mahavira 04-18-14 03:20 AM

Wyverns - OP?
I've been looking at the new IG codex, and trying to wrap my mind around the points cost of a wyvern. The cost is very similar to a heavy weapons squad with mortars (which may itself be overpriced, I suppose, never used one), but by any measure I can think of a wyvern is head, shoulders and belly button superior, and to be honest I'm not really coming up with much that is a similar point cost that has anything like the same effect. Is it just that I play against Orks a lot that makes the point cost look insanely low?

ThePorcupine 04-18-14 07:17 AM

I think the wyvern is overhyped. It's better than the mortal team, of course. But it also eats up a heavy slot, which is infinitely more valuable. It's good against exactly one thing, masses of low armor infantry. You put that infantry in transports and you're golden. The wyvern is extremely specialized, and I dislike it for that reason. If you're not facing hordes of low armor infantry, it doesn't do jack ****. The manticore, in comparison, can fill multiple roles. It threatens higher armor, it instakills just about anything it hits due to ridiculous strength, and it's very good anti-vehicle as well as being anti-horde.

Ravner298 04-18-14 12:21 PM

It will eat guardsman, cultists, orks, gaunts, guardians, kabilites and plaguebearers alive. Since these are all fairly common scoring units, why would you not take a minimal investment to ruin their day? My two biggest backfield scoring units are cultists and plaguebearers, so I already hate this thing. Ludicrous damage (when firing at its preferred targets) for its cost.

neferhet 04-18-14 01:46 PM

Honestly, 2 wyverns should be autoincluded in every AM army. 130 pts for 8 mothafuking rerolling scatter, shredding, frag templates... specialized it is, yes, but so cheap that you laugh at your opponent longfangs. It will also eat alive MEQ due to ridiculous hits amount inflicted. An average 8 wyvern blasts on top of ten marines (considering the average scatter) will end with the superhumans losing 6-8 models. Brutal. Squadroning here is your friend. 2 wyvern, 2 russes/demolishers, a manticore. Heavy slots filled and yes, shit just hit the fan.
It's not op, its underpriced. And it becomes nobrainer for this simple reason.
This my take on it.

Khorne's Fist 04-18-14 03:57 PM

You may as well take 3 for that price. 12 blasts in a barrage? Hell yeah. As Nef said, the sheer number of armour saves MEQ units will have to take will do for them in the end.

venomlust 04-18-14 04:00 PM

Yeah I definitely agree with the fear for cultists. I usually try to split up troops between cultists and marines in rhinos, though.

For a future AM army, can't wait to use this.

MidnightSun 04-18-14 05:42 PM

317 Attachment(s)
If they were even vaguely survivable, they'd be good, but as it is I don't think they're that great. You still can't target out of Line of Sight, you still can't deal with re-rollable 2++s, and they're on incredibly fragile platforms. They're nice, but only about *as* nice as the Griffon was.

mahavira 04-18-14 10:29 PM

Has anyone actually used one yet (a bit early still, I know)? In terms of the troops slot/heavy slot issue, with Tank Commanders you can free up a heavy slot if you really want to.

An interesting comparison would be 2 Wyverns vs 1 LR Eradicator, which is another dedicated anti infantry tank.

Vaz 04-19-14 08:41 AM

You shouldn't ever really be using Tank Commanders. They can only issue orders to their squadron, IIRC, and cost so damn much. They're only there for rule of cool, but anything attempting competitiveness shouldn't really be concerned with that.

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Sethis 04-19-14 10:26 AM

Depends how many Russes you feel like fielding. An AV14 wall actually looks pretty feasible with the right supporting units.

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